Love Lake Dubai [Time II Cost II Know Everythings]

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with no shortage of attractive places. There are unlimited places for every taste and mood. You can’t truly visit all the places of Dubai if you don’t live there. Well, every day we have some different moods. If you are into visiting romantic places today love lake Dubai is the right choice for you.

Apart from sky-touching towers, malls, restaurants, Dubai has also some beautiful natural attractions. But dubai love lake is one of the best for many reasons.

The place was pretty underrated at first. But when the crown prince of Dubai posted an amazing picture of love lake on Instagram, the world came to know about the places. From then, the park never faced a lack of visitors.

Love Lake Dubai, A Place Dedicated To Love:

 Love lake Dubai is an artificial lake in the middle of the desert. The lake area is full of trees and amazing structures. The lake is a bit far from the city. But what’s special about love lake?

To answer the question, you will have to go 500 meters up. The lake is 2 interlocked heart-shaped over an area of 550000 meters. The lake is so big that you can see it in satellite images. You can perform a Google map search and observe the place now. That just the tip of the iceberg, there are countless things to see in love lake.

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What To See In Love Lakes Dubai?

The park is also known as Al Qudra lake of Dubai. Anyone who loves to travel and has a romantic soul will find this place unavoidable. You will start to enjoy the tour from the moment you leave the city. The amazing desert road with deep blue sky and fluffy clouds will make a remarkable memory.

As long as you come closer to the park, you will start noticing heart-shaped structures around the road. After reaching the park, you will see a wooden gate with heart-shaped sculptures on it.  When you enter the park you will notice everything in the Park has a love shape. Trees, stones, water, air everything is dedicated to love here. There are different kinds of flowers that make a love shape. Small trees also shape love.

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The park is full of trees. It has 1600 trees of different kinds. There is a loved-shaped sitting place under most of the big trees. Those trees will save you from the afternoon sun. There are countless structures that you have never seen before. You can roam around and click photos of them. There is a nice photo frame where you can click family photos. It also has some photogenic walls, where you must want to take a picture with your living one.

The good thing is the park is made of everything biodegradable. All the structures and gates are made of wood and environment-friendly material. Even the basins are made of wood and bamboo. It’s a good example of creating fantastic things that can be possible without harming the environment.

Trees and cute structures look amazing around the lake. The lake contains crystal clear water. Under the blue sky, Des desert breeze and small waves of the lake will take you and your loved one to the fantasy world of love. There are walkways around the lake, you can enjoy walking with your lover here. Some signs indicate the swallow parts of the lake, you can cross the lake walking through the swallow water path. However, you can’t swim in the lake. The love shape of the lake can be visible with a drone camera or helicopter. Now helicopter service is not available and you must have needed permission and papers to fly a drone.

There is part of the lake where you can see a lot of colorful carps and goldfish. The fish are so friendly that you can also touch them. The fish may kiss you but don’t be scared, they don’t bite. But don’t feed any kind of animal in the park. You will also see a herd of goose around the lake. Did you know gooses don’t change their partner for a lifetime? Can that be the reason they are kept in the park?

There are spots where you can make a barbecue with your friends and family. Keep in mind that you can only barbeque with charcoal, burning woods is not allowed. Leftover charcoal can be harmful to the park environment. Barry the leftover after the party.

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There are no shops or restaurants [Royal Food Al Quoz] in the park, so you should bring food and water from home. The nearest restaurant is 18 kilometers away.

The best time to visit the park is one hour before the sunset. You can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset scenarios in Love Lake. There are two jogging routes in the park totaling 7 kilometers. It’s an ideal place to jog as not many joggers come here. You can jog even after the sunset, as the jogging route is indicated with love-shaped stones. Easily spot the route at night time.

Desert nights are way cooler than city temperature. So make sure you pick your jacket while packing. There are no short parking spots in the park. The desert sun can easily make you dehydrated. To avoid afternoon times and stay hydrated and make sure kids are hydrated, else you can become sick.

Important Things To Remember At Love Lake:

  • Flying a drone to take some cool photos is surely fun. But you need permission and proper documents to be able to do that.
  • Don’t ever feed the fishes and birds.
  • Love Lake is not a wheelchair-accessible place.
  • Dress properly as the night can be colder than you imagine.
  • Barbeque in the demarcated place.
  • Bury the barbecue leftovers.
  • High heels can be a pain to walk as you are in a desert.
  • You can be fined if you litter inside the Park. There are enough toilets and washrooms in the park.

Love Lake Dubai Location:

Love lake is situated in the Al Salam desert area. The lake is 10 mins driving distance from the last lake in Al Qudra [just off Umm Suqeim-Al Ain road. Finding the lake will be easy as many road signs indicate the direction of the Love Lake. Google map is another good tool that will help you to reach the park.

Love Lake Dubai Ticket Price

love lake dubai entry fee is free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is barbecuing allowed in Love lake dubai?

 Yes, barbeque is allowed in Love Lake. But you will have to barbeque in the designated area. Only charcoal can be used for a barbeque.

Are dogs allowed in Love Lake?

Yeah, you can bring your dog to the park.