Manpower Supply Companies In Qatar [25 Best Supply Company]

Last year my friend Mr. John wanted to come to Qatar for work. But he did not know where to go, who to go to and what to do. So he contacted me on this matter. I advised him what I knew about the supply of Qatari manpower. But Manpower companies in qatar will learn more about it than I do.

However, he doesn’t make up his mind as he’s getting confused about manpower supply companies in Qatar. Like Mr. John, maybe you’re getting anxious about the facts. So, read these articles below to disappear your anxiety and pick how to do it.

List Of Recruitment & Manpower Supply Companies In Qatar:

 Finding a person who will help you to search job is never easy, regardless Of location. So It’s better to visit agencies of manpower supply in Qatar.

Finding a person who will help you to search job is never easy, regardless Of location. So It’s better to visit agencies of manpower supply in Qatar.

What Does Manpower Supply Mean?

Manpower supply means providing services indirectly or directly, in any manner for supply manpower and recruitment, temporarily or 00long-term, to any person to work under a person or company control.

Manpower Companies In Qatar:

You can get any job with the help of a Manpower supply company. The following addresses of the companies provided for your convenience.

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1. Ahlan Hospitality & Cleaning

Location: Al Aziziyah Commercial Street, Al Aziziyah, Doha, Qatar

Contact information : 

Tel:(00974) 44663876Fax:(00974) 44685207Mob:(00974) 50456655

PO Box:201636, Doha

Services : 

Manpower Supplier for Cleaning Hospitality Services Manpower After Construction Debri cleaners House & Office Cleaners

2. Abdali General Contracting

Location:Near Marmara Istanbul, Azziziya

Contact information :

Tel:(00974) 44663876Fax:(00974) 44685207 Mob:(00974) 50138272

PO Box:44098, Qatar


Skilled Manpower Supplier Manpower Outsourcing Supply Semi-Skilled Manpower SupplierPersonnel& Manpower Supply Solution

3. Al Austral Engineering & Technical Services

Location: Near Civil Defense Aziziya

Contact information :

Tel:(00974) 44881617Fax:(00974) 44519648Mob:(00974) 66018977

PO Box:202283, Qatar


QA & QC Engineers, Foreman Plumbers, Technician, ElectriciansSteel Fixers, Welders, PaintersCapenters, Masons, Helpers

4. Delwan Qatar WLL

Location:Othman Bin Affwan Street, Near Fire Station, Azeeziya, Qatar

Contact information:

Tel:(00974) 44936174Fax:(00974) 44519648Mob:(00974) 66018977

PO Box:96395, Qatar


Skilled/Unskilled Manpower SupplierManpower Outsourcing CompanyWorkforce SuppliersManpower Support Supplier

5. Al Sial Manpower & Recruitment

Location: Office 5, Near Marmara Istanbul Restaurant, Azziziya

Contact information:

Tel:(00974) 44476467Fax:(00974) 44685207Mob:(00974) 66901654

PO Box:201636, Qatar


Local Manpower SupplierSupplier of Professional ManpowerConstruction Manpower SupportHighly Trained Skilled Personnel

6. Helmi Trading & Contracting WLL

Location:Doha, Qatar

Contact information: 

Tel:(00974) 44178201Fax:(00974) 44178201

PO Box:31165, Doha


Construction Workers Skilled & Unskilled ManpowerPlumber, Electrician Pipe Fitter Manpower Supplier.

7. Indo Gulf Trading & Contracting WLL

Location: Al Saad Signal, Back of TGIF, 2nd Fl, C-Ring Rd, Qatar

Contact information:

Tel:(00974) 44352554Fax:(00974) 44359158Mob:(00974) 55819341

PO Box:37723, Qatar


Workforce Services & RecruitmentSupply of Staff in Oil & GasAdministration PersonnelGeneral Services & Maintenance

8. Top Builders international Wll

Location: Office 5, Near Marmara Istanbul Restaurant, Azziziya

Contact information:

Tel:(00974) 44212668Fax:(00974) 44685207Mob:(00974) 66874431

PO Box:201636, Qatar


Electricians, Plumbers & HelpersManpower Suppliers, DriversSkilled/Unskilled Manpower SupplierSteel Fixers, Carpenters, Mason

9. Qatar Gate Hospitality

Location:Building #394, D-Ring Road, Zone #40, Service Road #250

Contact information:

Tel:(00974) 44666645Fax:(00974) 44551177Mob:(00974) 55487133

PO Box:22747, Doha


Hospitality Support ServicesCasual Staff ServicesManpower Supply for Special EventsSupport Staff for Commercial Office

10. Access Gulf Trading & Contracting WLL

Tel:(00974) 44817686

PO Box:21445, Qatar

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

11.  Access Serk Engineering

Tel:(00974) 44601255

PO Box:16504, Qatar

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

12. AIMS Trading & Contracting

PO Box:13288, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44919261

13. Air energi

PO Box: 2953, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44432180

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

14. Al Ahmadi Group

PO Box:37977, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44414610

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

15. Al Alee Group

PO Box:24225, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44669901

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

16. Al Amirya

PO Box:3305, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44980440

17. Almostashar Manpower Solution

PO Box: 24266, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44884055

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

18. Always Trading & Contracting Co.W.L.L

PO Box:20477, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44800522

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

19. Amara International Trading & Contracting W.L.L

PO Box:82535, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44099816

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

20. Amco Establishment

PO Box:5410, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44324545

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

21. Aquatic Engineering & Construction

PO Box:37601, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44135751

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

22. Atlantis International Trading & Contracting Co.

PO Box:20660, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44126094

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

23. Banyan Qatar Engineering & Contracting Company

PO Box:200235, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 44647195

Classification:Recruitment – Manpower Supplies

24. Barwyn Trading & Contracting WLL

PO Box:201858, Qatar

Tel:(00974) 40061724

In addition to these, there are many more manpower companies in qatar available. So research about Manpower supply in qatar and choose the best company for you.

Things To Note Down While Choosing A Manpower Supply Company:

  • When you take the Manpower supply company’s help, your focus should be on choosing the right one for you.
  • It is essential to know that the manpower company you are working with can give you the position you are looking for.
  • It’s better to discuss costs before starting working with them.
  • Gather clear information about their screening, sourcing, and selection processes.

Final Words:

Good manpower service gives room to agencies to deliver promises made. It helps to keep the flow of production going. Companies who involve in these manpower services can establish and maintain good client relationships. When agencies keep their promises, they can gain customer’s trust. Manpower supply companies in Qatar  service is much better, so choose the best company to seek help.