Metrash 2 Registration In Qatar 2023

Metrash 2 is an e-service providing app or free online mobile app from the MOI (ministry of interior). It was introduced in 2006 for mobile users. It provides many facilities to residents and patriates of scaled online services and becomes more convenient to enjoy mobile benefits.

The app offers the complete Information of the resident about his own and his dependents with just one click. Metrash 2 registration is essential to avail the e-services.

This app offers more than 150 services which include some basic services:

  • Resident permit services.
  • Traffic services.
  • Citizen services.
  • Exit permit services.
  • Visa entry services.
  • Communication services.
  • Queries.
  • General services.

Different categories of given services provided by Metrash 2 app:

Resident permit services: Residency Renewal, Residency Cancellation, Issue Residence Permit (RP), Re-Issue RP, Sponsorship Approval, Change Passport Details, Certificates, Sponsored Names Report, Replace Damaged/Lost ID and Automatic RP Renewal.

Traffic services: Traffic violations, Renew driving license, Issue replacement for damaged driving license, Travel exit permit, Display significant plates, Release vehicle mortgage, Transfer vehicle ownership, Transfer ownership of necessary number plate, Traffic certificates,

NOC to obtain a driving license, Inquire about the car with chassis number, and significant plates auction.

Citizen services: apply report for lost documents, passport and ID services, instant approvals, exit permits for citizens, and cancel exit permits.

Exit permit services: Residents Leave Notification, Visa Holders Leave Notification, Return Permit, and Travel Transactions.

Visa entry services: Apply for issuing the visa, Renew visa validity, Extend visa, Pay visa fines, Issue return visit visa, Instant approvals, Visa holders list, and Family Visa Applications.

Communication services: Community Police, CID Service, Contact Us, and Important Locations.

Queries: Visas, Sponsored persons, vehicles, entry and exit transactions, and companies.

General services: Absconding Complaint, Report Lost the document, Delegate Services, Address Query, and Metrash SMS.

Step By Step Procedure For Metrash 2 Registration On Mobile:

Step 1- Search for the Metrash 2 app on the iPhone user apple store android user play store on mobile.

Step 2- As you get an option of the Metrash app, click on the Install and open it.

metrash registration

Step 3- The Metrash two apps are available in a different language. It is open in the Arabic language by default. You can select the preferred language bottom right option.

metrash registration

Step 4- On the newly opened page, fill in the required ID number and click next.

metrash registration

Step 5- Now you have entered the expiry date of Qatar ID.

metrash registration

Step 6- You will see the message “Are you sure your phone number is under your QID. Then select “yes”.

Step 7- In this step, the automatic SMS is generated by the Metrash 2 app. Send to 92992 by clicking on “send”. Wait for the activation code.

Step 8- Now, enter the activation code.

Step 9- Set a pin code for security purposes which is at least six digits. Enter only numeric digits and reconfirm the pin and then click on the “next”.

metrash registration

Step 10- You may receive a confirmation message finally.

Start using the app by accepting terms and conditions after login in through ID number and pin code.

The page of the Metrash 2 app includes two top tabs.

My info: This tab has Information about the official documents like Qatar ID, passport, driving license, and the last date of Qatar entry.

Services: This tab has the details of a family member under residence services.

How to get activation code in Metrash 2 for Metrash 2 registration:

During Metrash 2 registration, the app will generate an SMS automatically. You have to send this SMS to 92992 only by clicking on “send”. Then you will receive an activation code quickly. This code is applicable only for one time to activate the Metrash 2.

Metrash 2 website:

Metrash 2 app and MOI website facilitate residents and citizens with an easy way to online services. Many online services provided by the Expatriate affair department can be provided through Metrash 2 conveniently without visiting the MOI services centre.

Metrash 2 forgot the password:

If you forgot your Metrash 2 password, there is no need to worry because it can easily be reset by following easy steps;

  • When you open the login, Metrash 2
  • Click on the “forgot password”.
  • Enter the expiry date and press next.
  • You received an activation code.
  • Enter the activation code and reset the password.

Metrash 2 national address:

The national discourse is a legal person’s specified data, and all his transactions are based on this data. The national address is beneficial in regards to providing services by identifying the address of the individual. It facilitates to access various types of services from different providers. According to national address law, every person must register their national address for six months. The national address registration can either precede using the Metrash 2 app on mobile or the MOI website using the ID card number.

How to deactivate Metrash 2:

For the deactivation process of Metrash 2, open the Metrash app. Then click on the top-right icon. Then scroll down and select the option of setting. Here you see the possibility of deactivation. Click the “deactivate” and enter the pin code. Following these simple steps, Metrash 2 can easily be deactivated.

Metrash 2 mobile number or change the mobile number:

Metrash 2 can be activated by the mobile number owned by your ID. But in any case, if your mobile number is not secured and you need to change it, it can be changed by visiting the MOI website.

Metrash 2 reactivation by SMS:

We have to register for the Metrash SMS services before we install and register Metrash 2 app on mobile. To get the SMS Metrash 2 benefits to go to Moi Website. Open the webpage of a website, so here we have to select the inquiries.

Now you have to mention your id number or your mobile number. Your mobile number should be registered under your provider service provider. You can select the option of language, either English or Arabic and capture code. If you are new in Qatar or register the first time, then choose the option of subscription.

How to send reactivation SMS to Metrash 2:

If you want to activate Metrash 2 using a mobile phone, then send an SMS to 92992. The format is like that M2R<QatariID><ID

expirydate>. Then we will receive an activation code along with the link to download the application.

Metrash 2 registration on PC:

Before you may set up Metrash 2 registration for pc, you may deliver the Blue Stacks emulator with a Google account. As you put in the Android emulator, you may even use the APK report to set up Metrash2 for PC correctly, both through honestly clicking on APK.

The Blue Stacks software program was given that some of your chosen Android video games or apps are not observed in the Google play store because they no longer stay with Policies. If you want to use Andy emulator rather than Blue Stacks, or if you need to download lose Metrash2 for MAC, you may nevertheless observe the exact precise process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1- How can I get my Metrash 2 activation code?

You will get hold of a textual content message containing a URL to download the carrier and the 2 component activation codes. Use your mobile browser to open the Metrash2 URL.

Q 2- How to renew my Metrash 2 registration?

Log in with your QID number to the e-services portal of MOI. Select “Traffic Services” from the list, and then click on “Renew Vehicle Registration”. Identify the search method for the vehicle.

Q 3- How am I able to activate my Metrash2? 

Metrash2 services will be activated on two devices to start the second device. Transfer metrash2 application on the second device.

Enter QID and pin code used for the previous device. The system can send OTP (one-time-password) valid for ten minutes to the machine that won’t activate Metrash2 antecedently.

Q 4- How can I reset my Metrash2 pin?

To change the pin code, click the upper right button on your Metrash2 app. Select Settings (on the bottom). Click “Change PIN Code”. Enter Current Pin Code. Enter New PIN Code. Reconfirm PIN Code and save it.

Q 5- On how many devices you can activate Metrash 2?

You can start Metrash 2 on two devices by entering the pin code and password generated during login.

Q 6- How can I sign up my cell number with QID? 

Register now through definitely dialling *140# out of your cell phone; follow the on-screen commands to go into your QID Number, Accept the T&C and subsequently create your secured 4-digit pin.

Q 7- How to renew Metrash 2 registration?

The Metrash 2 can be registered by login into MOI with an ID card number. Then select the Traffic services and click on the renew vehicle registration.