Minimum Salary for Family Visa in Kuwait: Everything you need to know

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Minimum Salary for Family Visa in Kuwait

Are you relocating to Kuwait with your family? Do you know What is the minimum salary for a family visa in Kuwait? Well. Read on. First of all, Obtaining a family visa is crucial. For instance, Kuwait has rules that expats must follow to sponsor family members. One main requirement is a minimum salary.

Generally, The visas of families in the Kuwait category include spouse visas, child visas, and dependent visas. To get it, the process has strict regulations. The minimum salary for a family visa is the key requirement.

To sponsor dependents, sufficient income to support them. The exact minimum salary depends on their relationship to the applicant & the number of dependents. 

However, let’s dive & discover the minimum salary key requirement, the application process for a family visa in Kuwait & everything you need to know.

Minimum Salary Requirement for Family Visa in Kuwait

What is the minimum salary for a family visa in Kuwait? The minimum income family visa Kuwait requirement can vary. 

Like, sponsoring a salary requirement spouse visa, the minimum wage family visa is KD 500 per month. At the same time To sponsor children of salary requirement child visa, an additional KD 100 per child per month.

For sponsoring family visas, the minimum wage family visa can be higher, around KD 600-800 per dependent. From my experience in Kuwait this system, the exact amount will be KD 800 ($2600). 

If you come from an Asian country, the amount is good enough for you.

Also, The exact minimum income family visa in Kuwait amount depends on various factors. Those are your nationality, profession, and company size. Lastly, for a successful application, the salary requirement is important.

Factors Affecting Minimum Salary Requirement

As I mentioned, the minimum salary can differ based on your nationality. Interestingly, Citizens of Gulf nations may have lower requirements than other nationalities.

Your running profession also impacts the key requirement. There are many factors like Doctors, engineers, and teachers who could have different minimum salary requirements.

The last one is the size of the company you are working for. Larger companies require higher minimum salaries and for smaller firms, the minimum salary will be lower than for larger 

You will be wondering to know that there are more exceptions to the standard minimum too. Like for widows, divorced men/women & special dependents.

Documents Required for Proving Minimum Salary

At this point, you need salary documents to prove you meet the income minimum. Like your recent payslips of 6-12 months and bank statements showing your monthly salary being credited.

Note: If you’re self-employed or a business owner, for instance, you need more documents. Like your company registration date and financial statements Later, you have to submit the payslips and bank statement.

When submitting, you must use your original stamped copies. Then Organize and label everything clearly. Also, try to Highlight or mark the salary amounts.

Application Process for Family Visa in Kuwait

Applying for a family visa in Kuwait you need to go through some process. Maybe that seems to be challenging, but I am here for you to make it easier. Let’s see the step-by-step guide of the application process:

  • First, take the form and fill it up according to their needs. Also, the forms for each dependent.
  • Next, gather all the papers & documents. Like salary slips, bank statements, marriage/birth certificates, etc. These above things will prove your eligibility. 
  • Then, pay the family visa fees to Kuwait at the same authorities. Since the fees can vary based on the number of dependents, and visa duration, you will know the exact amount from the authorities.
  • When you submit the forms and fees, your application goes through a process. Keep patience that time. Maybe you need to wait 2-4 weeks typically.

When it once approved, next tell your dependents to proceed to get the visa stamped. And complete any remaining medical or other formalities.

Renewing a Family Visa in Kuwait

Family visas in Kuwait need to be renewed every year. The good news is that the family visa renewal process is the same as before you did.

Keep in mind, try to submit renewal application forms well before the expiration date. To submit the renewed form with updated supporting documents like salary slips, etc.

The family visa renewal fees are typically lower than before you paid. But you should be paid before your renewal can be processed. Processing for renewals is generally faster, despite it taking around 1-2 weeks. But must meet all renewal requirements and criteria.

In this way, you will get the approval, & your family’s residency will be extended for another year. Ensure to renew on time to avoid overstay penalties and stay strong.

FAQs about Family Visa in Kuwait

What is the new family visa rule in Kuwait?

The new rule in Kuwait- an expat can earn at least KD 500 per month to sponsor a spouse. In the same way, KD 100 more per child is required on top of the spouse minimum. As a result, every expat can financially support their family.

How much is a 1-year visa in Kuwait?

The cost is between KD 30 to KD 100 or more. The exact fee can vary & has some factors. like several dependents and visa duration. However, only Immigration authorities determine the final fees based on your recent situation.

What is the salary range for a family visa in Dubai?

For a family visa, the minimum salary is AED 4,000 per month. In the same way, each dependent you want to sponsor is AED 3,000 more per month. But the range can vary based on your number of dependents, profession & employer.

How much is a housemaid visa in Kuwait?

A housemaid visa in Kuwait typically costs KD 400 to KD 800 or more KD. Fees include those charged by recruitment agencies, medical tests, and government charges. Check with authorized agencies for the latest accurate housemaid visa costs.

Who is eligible for the Kuwait Family visa?

Expat residents with a valid work permit or residency can apply for a Kuwait family visa. You must also meet the minimum salary set by Kuwait to sponsor dependents.

How much is a family visa in Kuwait?

Family visa fees range from around KD 30 to KD 100 or higher depending on the facility. The cost generally depends on factors of visa durations, visa quality, and additional fees. Immigration authorities determine the accurate fees for your specific incidents.

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