Moi Qatar [Ministry Of Interior Qatar All Services]

The Ministry Of Interior, also known as moi qatar, is the immigration Department of Qatar run by the government of Qatar. Tourists or expatriates from different nations need some official documents such as residence permits and visas to stay in the state of Qatar.

These official documents are issued and checked by the qatar moi. This immigration department has made it even easier for the newcomers by their online services. They have a website named ” State of Qatar – Ministry Of Interior.” This government e-portal of www moi qatar is here to inform and update you about the Traffic inquiries, visa services, exit & entry permits, residency permits. Qpost services, PCC inquiries, council elections, and many more.

MOI.Qatar traffic:

MOI, or the Ministry Of Interior of Qatar, is very conscious and strict about the traffic management of the country. Every citizen living in Qatar should know the moi qatar traffic rules and regulations. If you have achieved your driving license already, then congratulations. It would help if you focused on driving safely, ensuring your own and others’ safety. However, to check the traffic inquiries.

The traffic service portal includes the traffic violation inquiry and traffic reports. You can check the violation rules to avoid further inconveniences and fines for violating traffic rules. However, anybody can report any issue regarding the traffic law in the Traffic Report section.

MOI Qatar ID Check:

Every residence permitted immigrant of Qatar has a unique Qatar ID given by moi.qatar. This MOI Qatar ID is essential for the expatriate’s application process. Along with opening a bank account, issuing the driving license, and other official purposes in Qatar. Usually, Every Qatar ID holder must regularly check their ID’s validation and cancellation to prevent any complications. To check your MOI ID, visit the ministry of interior’s official website. Then go to ‘MOI Services’ and select the ‘Inquiries’ option.

In this segment, you’ll find an option named ‘Other Services.’ Click on the ‘Other services’ and choose ‘Official Document’ to your Qatar ID status.

You’ll need to input your QID number or password number and nationality to check your ID status. You can reset your search if you have inputted the wrong data. Now check your QID status, including the expiry dates of residency and passport.

MOI Qatar Visa Check:

Visitors International Stay Admission or VISA is a must-need document for every visitor or immigrant travelling or staying in Qatar or any other country. This visa has its validation for a particular period, which means if it’s expired, you can’t visit or reside in that country anymore. To stay longer, you need to renew your visa. On the other hand, if you plan to visit Qatar and get your visa from any agent’s office, you are unsure of its authenticity. Thus, it would be best to evaluate whether it’s original or a scam.

To check your Moi Qatar visa check status regularly, visit the moi.qatar website first. Then, select ‘MOI Services.’ You’ll find an option saying ‘Inquiries.’ The visa services are provided under the Inquiries section. Furthermore, choose ‘Visa Inquiry & Printing’ to inquire about your visit Qatar visa. Now input your necessary info they ask for and submit to check.

MOI Qatar Visa Services:

You’ll find the Visa services option provided in the following path- Home > MOI services > Inquiries, just below the traffic inquiries. There are two sections, ‘Visa Inquiry’ and ‘Description.’ The description describes what you can inquire about in the visa inquiry service option. However, you’ll find four different tabs under Visa Inquiry: Visa approval Tracking; Visa Inquiry and Printing; Visit Visa Extension; & Track Application Status ( Qatar Visa Centre). Now choose any option according to your interest, and you’ll get further instructions in each section.

MOi.qatar Visa Approval Tracking:

Visa approval tracking refers to tracking your visa’s approval process online. You can follow the approval status of your Qatar visa with the help of MOI Visa services. Go to the Ministry of Interior webpage. Then follow this given pathway to track your visa approval process, Homepage > MOI Services > Inquiries > visa services > Visa Approval Tracking. After that, you have opened the approval tracking online form; you will need some primary data to input. Write your Application Number in the empty boxes. Then choose your Qatar Visa type – Residency or visit (choose one). Now input your application date according to this manner: year/month/date.

Write your Qatar ID sponsor or the person in charge. Input your nationality (where you are from). Now enter the verification code according to the instructions and submit the form. If you put any wrong information by mistake, there is also a reset option.

wps Qatar Visa Inquiry and Printing:

If you want to print your Qatar Visa online, visit the ‘Visa inquiry and printing section’ from the Ministry of Interior e- services. You can also inquire about your visa status from it. Open your browser and visit the website first. Then go through the moi services and visa services to find out the inquiry and printing option. The option has a binocular icon in the front. Click on the tab and input your visa number, passport number, and nationality. Also, enter the verification code from the picture below ( you can also hear the audio) and then click on the submit button.

Visit Visa Extension:

The Visa extension process is a ubiquitous procedure that every international tourist or traveller has to go through. In many countries, it’s quite a complicated process to extend one’s tourist visa validation. But in Qatar, it’s precisely the opposite. The Ministry of Interior (MOI), which is the immigration department of Qatar, has made this process even more accessible. You can apply for an extended visa online without visiting the MOI headquarters. Qatar has allowed people from almost 80 countries to travel without a visa, and they are allowed to stay for six months in the country.

Whether to attract more visitors worldwide or to lessen tourists’ complications, MOI has made a tremendous move with their moi.qatar e-services. However, to extend your visit visa, go to the MOI website and open the tab for the Visit extension service. Following this pathway: Home > MOI services > Inquiries > Visa Services > Visa Visit Extension. Now fill-up the form inputting your Visa number, passport number, nationality, and the verification code given on the following page. Then click on the Extend button to extend your visa for the next 30 days.

For the offline process, visit the ministry of interior service centre or office with your passport. Pay necessary fees if required.

Track Application Status (Qatar Visa Center):

Once your visa is approved and is out for further process, you need to complete your biometrics and medical from your nation. The Qatar Visa Center or QVC takes care of these procedures in selected countries. The QVC is located in Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. When your visa is out for process, track your visa application process by visiting the Qatar visa center in your host country to complete the other essential tasks. You can track the application process from the QVC website, which is connected with the MOI website. It will need about 10 to 15 working days in total to approve your visa for Qatar.

However, to track your visa application status, visit the MOI Qatar -Visa services web portal to track your visa application status. Select the ‘Track Application Status (Qatar Visa Centre)’ tab with the QVC logo. Then choose the applicant’s language and country of residence for Appointment booking.

The main webpage of QVC will appear on your screen. There are three options on the front portal ‘How To Book,’ ‘Book Appointment,’ and ‘Track Application. Now, if you scroll down the page, you will find Visa center, Amenities, Manage appointment and Contact Us sections. Then if you scroll a little bit more, you will get to see the steps at QVC. The first step of the QVC task is to Book Appointment & Visit QVC. The second one is Biometric Enrollment. And the next one is Medical Test.

Qatar Moi E-Services:

Visit the official Ministry of Interior website to view and avail of the electronic services. The ‘E-Service’ option is right beside the ‘Inquiry’ Tab. Click on the following tab to open it. The MOI Qatar has launched a mobile app providing e-services for the people. Now the public can effortlessly go paperless and enjoy government services online. You can get hundreds of services, including traffic, residency cards, visas, passports, electronic wallets, and many more on the MOI Qatar portal. The Ministry Of Interior is continuously developing its e-services to improve the digitalisation approaches. These are also less time consuming and effortless.

Moi.Qatar Other Services:

The ‘Other Services’ Includes ‘Smart card activation form’, ‘Official Documents’, ‘Smart card application form’, ‘Charge Employer Application Enquiry’ & ‘Inquiry on Company’s ID Particulars’. You can inquire about the expiry dates of your QID, RP, passport, driving licence like official documents.

Please fill up the ‘smart card application form’ and print it out for residents. You can also query the details of your establishment registration using your authorised personal and establishment ID number. To activate electronic services on your smart card, fill out and print the smart card application. You can find this service by the following path: Home> MOI Services > Inquiries> Other Services.

MOI.Qatar ID Renewal:

You can renew your Qatar ID 90 days before the expiry date. Visit the MOI website and select ‘Residency Services’ to renew your QID online. Then click on ‘renew residency. The renewal of each QID should be done separately. Enter your ID number, which you are working on, and click on the add button. In the case of individual Qatar ID renewal, you can add a maximum of 5 ID numbers at a while. On the contrary, one can renew a maximum of twenty QID at a time for company renewal.

However, you can choose the method of receiving your new RP. Renewing the residence permit for individuals over 18 years will cost QR 500. One should regularly check his Qatar ID status for the renewal process and avoid any inconveniences. Check your QID status through the MOI web portal.

Metrash2 Apps:

The Ministry of Interior of Qatar has brought the Metrash2 app to make the services more accessible than ever. People can avail themselves of the electronic services of MOI through their Mobile phones. The app is very easy to use, and the user-friendly interface will also save your time.

The residents and citizens of Qatar can get over two hundred electronic services, including traffic, residency permit, Smart card, visa, passport, national address, and many other inquiries. Download the metrash2 app on your device from Google playstore. You’ll need your QID number and expiry date to activate your account. Then input the activation code and set a pin code. A confirmation text will be sent to you on your device, and you are ready to use the app.

MOI Qatar Exit Permit:

The exit and entry permit services are combined in one segment provided in the ‘Inquiries’ section. You need to fill up the leave notification application form for an exit permit and print it out. A

You can also inquire about the expiry date of your leave notification. To reach the MOI Qatar exit permit portal, visit the website, then click MOI services. Now choose inquiries, and you will see an option named ‘Exit & Entry Permits’.

Www Moi Qatar Entry Permit:

There are various tabs for you in the MOI Entry permit section with the exit permits. The options are ‘Print Entry Permit’, Entry Permits for Rowais, Hamad, Doha ports, Airport, Diplomatic Area, Qatar Media Corporation, and Abu Samrah Border.

MOI Qatar Post Services:

The Qatar Moi QPost services offer you the QPost Request Tracking option. Using this service, one can inquire about the residency permit status, license renewal status ( personal or company), and official documents status.