Moi Traffic Violation Check And Pay Fine Online Qatar

Do you know what your traffic violation is? Or, do you want to know but are not sure where to find out? If the answer is a “Yes,” then you are in luck. This article will provide you with all the information on Moi Qatar traffic violation checks online.

There is no need to worry if you have been caught by the Moi Qatar traffic violation check system. The Ministry of Interior of Qatar is committed to updating its systems and streamlining the process to reduce any unnecessary obstacles that may keep citizens from entering their country. For more details, let’s get started.

Are Traffic Violations Crimes?

Over the past decade, new technologies have been developed to help people stay connected. One of these tools is the GPS tracking device, which has been a staple in cars for more than two decades. Traffic violations are common yet still remain a big debate in the public and academic spheres. But how do you define a traffic violation? Are they crimes? Should they be treated as such?

Well, In Qatar, traffic violations are not crimes. Qatar’s government claims that it has jurisdiction over traffic violations in its country and has recently announced plans to build several new laws in order to better enforce its traffic laws.

In other words, if you do not pay a fine for a traffic violation, it will not be considered as a criminal offense in Qatar. However, the police will detain you if they catch you driving illegally or driving on the wrong side of the road.

How much is a traffic violation in Qatar?

A traffic violation in Qatar is an infraction that usually results in a fine. Some violations may result in the immediate arrest of the driver. The question that arises is How much is a traffic violation in Qatar? You may be surprised to know that even the smallest offenses can lead to large fines. 

Traffic tickets in Qatar are relatively expensive for traffic violation payment Qatar.

If you’re caught breaking a traffic law, expect to pay anywhere from QR50-200 or up to QR100,000, depending on the infraction. You will also have to pay fines if you don’t have a valid driver’s license with you.

Qatar traffic fines are set to increase for all violations in the coming months. In order to keep roads and highways safe, Doha Traffic Police will be enforcing the new system day by day.

Two Ways Moi Qatar Traffic Violation Check Online:

  1. Traffic violation check with Moi website.
  2. Traffic violation check with Metrash2 application.

1. How To Moi Traffic violations Check Online Qatar:

Paying the violation fees is very easy in Qatar.

Step 1:First of all, Portal Moi. And Click Inquires.

Step 2: Click Traffic Inquires. Step 3: Click Here Traffic Violation. Step 4: Here Traffic Violation Inquiry you can see Put your plate number and submit Captcha Number. You Also Select Types Of Vehicle.

  1. Private Vehicle.
  2. Government Vehicle.
  3. Diplomatic Vehicle.
  4. Police Vehicle.
  5. Police Motorcycle.
  6. Private Motorcycle.
  7. Taxi.
  8. Commercial Vehicle.
  9. Private Transporation.
  10. Heavy Equipment.

Step 5:Than Here A Report. How To Check Moi Traffic Violations Online In Qatar [Step By Step]

2. How to Check Traffic Violation in Qatar Through Metrash2:

Play store link of metrash application links- Android Apple Here are the detailed steps of metrash traffic violation check with pictures:

Step 1: Log into your Metrash application from your mobile phone. How to Check Traffic Violation in Qatar Through Metrash2 Step 2: Click on the “Traffic” option with the traffic signal option.

Step 3: Then click on the “Violation Service” from the next page.   metrash traffic violation check   Step 4: Click on “Query/ Traffic Violation”.metrash traffic violation check   Step 5: Now provide your Qatar ID number or Vehicle Palet Number to check your traffic violation. If you don’t have any violations, you will only see the expiry date of the vehicle registration card. If you have any violation, you can click on the violation and pay the fine using your master card or visa card.

How To Pay Traffic Violation Online In Qatar:

Traffic violations can easily be checked and paid through the Moi website. Here are the detailed steps,

Step 1: At first visit the Ministry of Interior (Moi) website. you can see arabic home page make it english. Step 2: After that click on the “E-Services” icon and choose your prefered language on the top of the page. How to check and pay traffic violation in Qatar   Step 3: In the next step you will have to authenticate with your identity card. Enter your ID number and continue.

Step 4: After that, a login page will appear, just check “Establishment” and then click Log in.  

Step 5: Another menu type page will appear. Click on the “Traffic Section”  

Step 6: On the next page click on “Traffic violation and accidents” and then click on “Traffic violation.”  

Step 7: A form like a page will appear. Check the “Specific vehicle violation” and fill up the vehicle type and plate number then proceed.  

Step 8: On the next page one can see all the violation list and fine information occurred by his car.

Step 9: Click on a violation, and you will get the payment option on the below part of the page. You can pay the fine through a credit card, debit card or account to account.  

Step 10: Payment. After choosing the card option, a new form will appear. Enter the card number and the expiry date and proceed.  

Step 11: You will get an OTP message on your phone, fill the OTP and proceed. On the next page enter your card number and password and choose the payment option. After completing the payment, you will get a payment receipt. You can keep the receipt for further use.

How to Pay Traffic Violation in Metrash 2:

Getting a traffic violation ticket for the first time must be a confusing and overwhelming feeling. Well, you can check and pay the fine easily with online services. In the first section, we explained how to check and pay traffic violation fees online with the Moi website. But checking and paying the fine with Metrash 2 application is even more straightforward. You can also report and appeal violations using the app.

Traffic violation checking process with Metrash 2 app

Step 1: Log into your Metrash account from your mobile phone. you use android phone install metresh 2 app playstore. Traffic violation checking process with Metrash 2 app Step 2: After login, you will be able to see some icons, click on the “Traffic” with traffic light icon.

Step 3: A new page will appear, click on the “Violation Service” there.

Step 4: Now click on the “Query/Traffic violation” icon. Traffic violation checking process with Metrash 2 app Step 5: A form-like page will appear where you will have to provide your QID number and Vehicle Plate Number. Then click on search. If you have no violation, only the expiry date and vehicle registration card will appear. If you have one or more violations, you can see the violation list. Traffic violation checking process with Metrash 2 app

Traffic Violation Paying Process with Metrash 2 App:

After checking the violation, click on a violation and you will get a pay button. Choose your payment option and provide all the card information correctly to complete the payment. Those were all about the moi traffic violation online payment qatar checking and paying process of the Metrash 2 app.

Metrash Traffic Violation:

A traffic violation is a civil offense under the law of Qatar. It involves a police officer directing an individual to stop for questioning and/or giving an order to move on. Such directives are commonly given by an officer who is on foot or in a vehicle, often in response to some suspicious activity or conduct. The driver of the vehicle must comply with such orders and must follow the officer’s directions.

Qatar Police has revealed a traffic violation service for citizens to report traffic violations and also crackdown on traffic violators. In the age of smartphones, mobile apps have become the easiest way to keep informed and make transactions. Metrash follows suit by facilitating reporting of all traffic-related offenses such as overspeeding, jaywalking, parking violations,s, etc.

MOI Qatar Traffic:

The most discussed topic in the world of startups is also the most talked about topic in our region. Qatar has a long-standing reputation for having one of the best places to live, but it’s also an extremely congested city with traffic that is constantly at capacity.

Most of them are in a desolate location, and if your vehicle is confiscated, you’ll notice a few limousines there. Additionally, you’ll be given the choice of leaving your car or paying the fee on-site, which will erase your wanted status. and the greatest part? Worst of all, when you’re called to a police station, it’s usually because of a little infraction that you’ve done but that other drivers are committing every day. Of course, no one has ever given you an opportunity to explain your predicament.

The process outlined herein might help you determine whether or not you have received a traffic infringement ticket in Qatar. By utilizing the legal Hakoomi e-service provided by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Qatar, you may verify your mistake and pay your transportation fee online. You don’t have to pay for these facilities given by the Qatari authorities. They also offer you a sense of how the Qatari officials are updating their system to guarantee that all forms of fines paid via Hakomi are paid without difficulty.

In order to make a payment in person, you must go either to the Madinat Khalifa or the Airport management departments. It was more reasonable and less time-consuming to go to the airport’s traffic police station. Check MOI e-services for vehicle infractions for additional information about MOI Qatar’s transportation activities.

Metrash2 traffic violation

Now let’s see what Metrash2 traffic violation meant to. A written statement from a funder or firm (individual sponsor money) or proof of the leadership’s ID should be provided by citizens who the administration does not pay.


There is a cost of QR100 for enrollment. For an extra cost, you may have the plate number personalized as a traffic violation Qatar payment. Customers with smart ID cards may transmit property and make payments digitally using the Department of Interior’s Office of Interior official portal.

For further details, see:

  1. As a corporation, you must verify the transporter permission and add the business identification certificate in a sealed envelope.
  2. Property transfer of a pledged vehicle may be accomplished only once the mortgagee has given their consent.
  3. Only a vehicle company’s mark and signature are acceptable if they match the organization license document, and a secured duplicate of the care institution’s approval card, together with the signatures of both parties, must accompany the completed form.
  4. It’s possible to exchange property of vehicles sold at auction or by judicial order, with or without notifying the previous owners.
  5. Those who do not work for a government agency in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) must bring a letter from their sponsor and be present to sign the form.

Qatar Traffic Violation Message:

Drivers can get automatic violation messages on their phones by registering in Metrash SMS service alert. After registering you will get a message from 2992 whenever you violate the traffic rule. Metrash registration must be done with your phone number. However, the violation message can take 3-8 days; there is no way you can know the penalty instantly. It’s important to keep track of your violations as you will have to pay half of the fine if you pay it within 1 month.

Moi Qatar Other Services Traffic Violation:

Qatar is doing all it can to reduce the number of traffic mishaps by educating the public and executing the country’s rigorous traffic rules. Punishments and even jail may be imposed for breaking these restrictions. You may lose your driving privileges if you get too many points on your license.

Points of Interest:

Each time a motorist commits an offense, they are awarded a number on their driving registration. Drivers with 14 or more points on their record face a 3-month license suspension. They may experience lower point thresholds and lengthier suspension periods for repeat offenses until their license is eventually canceled outright.

Violation of Traffic Laws:

Between QR 300 to QR 6,000, fines for traffic offenses in Qatar are levied. Fines and penalties for the most common driving violations in Qatar include:

  • A total of 6,000 Riyals
  • Taking a bad turn when driving (6 Points)
  • Parking on the highway in an undeclared place, going backward or left, doing a U-Turn, or driving on the traffic island are all examples of reckless driving.

If the driver fails to obey the traffic officer’s visual warnings, the vehicle will be impounded. (7 out of 10). It is estimated to be about $3,000. Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Two points.

Cars with no license plates on them (3 points).

Commercial vehicles (bus services, vans, cargo vehicles, trucks, or semi-trailers), if the drivers don’t stick to the correct line of the street, or if they surpass other vehicles.All examples of reckless operation are disturbing people or the atmosphere, damaging the road, or producing loud noise or thick fumes that cause foul smoke. So is operating a vehicle without a suitable silencer. 

Rs. 1,500- Operating a car without a valid driver’s license is against the law (points-NIL)

It is illegal to make alterations to a vehicle’s license plate, such as modifying the color, shape, or information on it. 

Load, transport, drag or pull things that might hinder traffic or risk oneself. Or someone else on the road if a motorcycle or biker doesn’t really hold on to the handlebar among both hands except when needed to indicate signs properly.

Driving License: Ministry of Interior Qatar provides facilities related to Driving licenses. One can apply for a new driving license, renew the license, track the licensing process on the Moi official website.

Vehicles Registration: All the new vehicles of Qatar must be registered. The registration process can be done through the Moi official website.

Traffic Violations and accident: Ministry of Interior Qatar strictly monitors all traffic violations and accidents. One can get information about the accident or violation that occurred by his vehicle from the Moi website.

Request and certificate: One can request various types of certificates like Residency Status Certificate, Visitor Status Certificate, Family Residency Status Certificate, Change of Name Certificate, and many more from the Moi website. There are various ways of contacting the ministry of interior of Qatar.

Some Common Traffic Violations:

A traffic violation is any action that obstructs traffic flow or otherwise interferes with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. A simple speeding ticket may seem like a minor offense, but it can be costly to a driver’s wallet and a point on his/her license. 

When driving on the road, you have to obey a lot of rules. While some of them may seem simple and obvious, others may go unnoticed and therefore be interpreted as a violation. Traffic Violations are not always what they seem. In some cases, it is a very small mistake that can be cleared easily, and sometimes it is a deliberate action. The following is a list of common traffic violations that may happen when you are driving your car.

In Qatar, all drivers must follow over 50 traffic laws. The main reason why they exist is to protect both the people and vehicles on the road. Some of these traffic laws include:

  • When you’re driving in a car, driving with your headlight on is illegal unless you’re driving on a highway at night or during bad weather conditions.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal in almost every state and can result in serious consequences. Such as fines, license suspension, jail time, and even death.
  • Talking on a cell phone while driving is also illegal. Because it distracts you from being able to focus on your driving task.
  • If someone drives too close to another vehicle when their signals aren’t working properly, then they could get into an accident. This may result in severe injuries or even death for one of them.
  • If you speed more than 10 mph over the limit, your vehicle may be impounded or towed away by police. A secondary offense occurs when you are convicted of speeding at least once within six months.
  • There are many other traffic laws that vary from state to state, but this should give you an idea of what to expect if you get pulled over by law enforcement.
  • All drivers must obey traffic signals, whether they are turning left or right. The same applies to stop signs and red lights, except that a driver turning left does not have to stop when he sees a red light ahead (unless there is no other way through).
  • Drivers must use their turn signals whenever they intend to change lanes or directions of travel, turn right or left, or exit from a highway. They also need to activate their hazard lights when changing lanes on highways where it is required.
  • When approaching intersections with an intersection ahead of you, you should give way to traffic already on the road. This has the right of way until you reach the intersection (except if you are turning left into an alley). This is called “right of way.”
  • Be careful about who turns off at intersections; drivers may think that it’s okay for them just because they don’t see any traffic coming up behind them yet. But this isn’t always true! Also, make sure that you only use your blinkers after stopping completely, as this can cause confusion between other drivers and pedestrians. As well as increasing your chances of being involved in an accident. 

Traffic violation Inquiry:

It is common for a police officer to be a regular at your doorstep, but it does not have to be that way. Technology can solve this problem. Police officers can now tap into mobile technology and access the location of every vehicle on the road from their phones. This gives them more control over traffic congestion and helps them make better judgments while issuing fines or warnings.

“Generally, the public is aware of traffic violation inquiries only in cases where there has been a conviction. There are usually no consequences for those who have committed a minor traffic violation, such as speeding or making an illegal turn. Most often, the public is unaware that their actions were investigated by law enforcement.

Whether you have been given a ticket for speeding, driving under the influence, or any other traffic violation, it is always important to understand the consequences of your actions. Look at the various consequences and options that are available to you if you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with a traffic violation.

Ministry of Interior – Qatar Building, Corniche Road 8895.

Qatar Al Rayyan.

Or you can also contact Moi Qatar, By this…

Tel: +974 236-7111

Fax: +974 4-432-3339

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the traffic violation process in Qatar?

There are two ways to check traffic violations online in Qatar. You can either use the Moi website or the Metrash 2 app. Both are very straightforward but the Metrash 2 app has some extra traffic services. 

How to pay the fine for a traffic violation in Qatar?

After checking from the Metrash traffic qatar app or Moi website you will get the payment option. One can easily pay the fine with any kind of credit or debit card.

Is there a discount on traffic fines?

Yes, there is a 50% discount if you pay the fine within 1 month. So it is important to pay the fine within one month.  

What happens if I don’t pay the traffic violation fine?

You cant renew the Vehicle Registration if you have any traffic violation fees unpaid.

how to pay traffic violation online in qatar?

After completing the login and violation checking process on the moi portal website you will get a payment option if you have any traffic violations.

how many days to know traffic violation in qatar?

The traffic violation takes about 1-3 days to appear on the website. So if you have any dought about the traffic violation, you should check the website within the time.

how can i check my traffic fine in qatar?

You can check your traffic fine from the Moi qatar traffic portal website or Metrash mobile application.

where to pay traffic violation in qatar?

There are few different ways to pay the traffic violation fine in Qatar. You can pay the fees online from Metrash mobile app or Moi portal website. It’s also possible to pay the fees physically by visiting the nearby traffic office.

How do I complain about traffic violations in Qatar?
You can complain about moi qatar traffic violations by calling the Consumer Protection Department.
WhatsApp: +974 +974 6611 1400
Call: 16001
You can also place a complaint from outside of Qatar by calling +974 4494 5555 / 4494 5001. It is also possible to visit the Consumer Protection Department located in West Bay on Omar Al Mukhtar Street and place your complaint.

How to check traffic violation check by vehicle number Qatar?

Ans: Once you have entered all the necessary information, the website will provide you with a list of violations that the vehicle has been involved.

How to pay traffic violations in Qatar through Metrash2?

Ans: Search for information about paying traffic violations in Qatar through metrash2 on the metrash2 website. Make a cash payment at a metrash2 office or any licensed financial institution.