How To Check Moi Traffic Violations Online In Qatar [Step By Step]

Traffic violation happens when a driver or who operates the vehicle breaks the traffic rules. In Qatar, traffic rules are strictly monitored, and there is no escape if you violate any traffic rules. So if you drive a vehicle in Qatar, you must know all the traffic rules and how to check and the fines. Here we are providing every necessary information about Moi Traffic violations qatar

There is some crucial information about the past. I have demonstrated some significant incidents here. We can see that applying traffic rules has shown a positive influence on violations dropped by a massive number of 31.7% in September 2017 compared to the previous year.

Two Ways Moi Qatar Traffic Violation Checking:

  1. Traffic violation check with Moi website.
  2. Traffic violation check with Metrash2 application

1. How To Moi Traffic violations Check Online Qatar: 

Paying the violation fees is very easy in Qatar.

Step 1:First of all, Portal Moi. And Click Inquires.

Step 2: Click Traffic Inquires.

Step 3: Click Here Traffic Violation.

Step 4: Here Traffic Violation Inquiry you can see Put your plate number and submit Captcha Number.

You Also Select Types Of Vehicle.

  1. Private Vehicle.
  2. Government Vehicle.
  3. Diplomatic Vehicle.
  4. Police Vehicle.
  5. Police Motorcycle.
  6. Private Motorcycle.
  7. Taxi.
  8. Commercial Vehicle.
  9. Private Transporation.
  10. Heavy Equipment.

Step 5:Than Here A Report.

How To Check Moi Traffic Violations Online In Qatar [Step By Step]

2. How to Check Traffic Violation in Qatar Through Metrash2:

Play store link of metrash application links-



Here are the detailed steps of metrash traffic violation check with pictures:

Step 1: Log into your Metrash application from your mobile phone.

How to Check Traffic Violation in Qatar Through Metrash2

Step 2: Click on the “Traffic” option with the traffic signal option.

Step 3: Then click on the “Violation Service” from the next page.


metrash traffic violation check


Step 4: Click on “Query/ Traffic Violation” 

metrash traffic violation check


Step 5: Now provide your Qatar ID number or Vehicle Palet Number to check your traffic violation. If you don’t have any violations, you will only see the expiry date of the vehicle registration card. If you have any violation, you can click on the violation and pay the fine using your master card or visa card.

Qatar Traffic Violation Message:

Drivers can get automatic violation messages on their phones by registering in Metrash SMS service alert. After registering you will get a message from 2992 whenever you violate the traffic rule. Metrash registration must be done with your phone number. However, the violation message can take 3-8 days; there is no way you can know the penalty instantly. It’s important to keep track of your violations as you will have to pay half of the fine if you pay it within 1 month.

Moi Qatar Other Services Traffic Violation:

Driving License:

Ministry of Interior Qatar provides facilities related to Driving licenses. One can apply for a new driving license, renew the license, track the licensing process on the Moi official website.

Vehicles Registration:

All the new vehicles of Qatar must be registered. The registration process can be done through the Moi official website.

Traffic Violations and accident:

Ministry of Interior Qatar strictly monitors all traffic violations and accidents. One can get information about the accident or violation that occurred by his vehicle from the Moi website.

Request and certificate:

One can request various types of certificates like Residency Status Certificate, Visitor Status Certificate, Family Residency Status Certificate, Change of Name Certificate, and many more from the Moi website.

There are various ways of contacting the ministry of interior of Qatar. Some People Search Traffic Offices opening hours.

Ministry of Interior – Qatar Building, Corniche Road 8895. 

Qatar Al Rayyan.

Or you can also contact Moi Qatar, By this…

  • Tel: +974 236-7111
  • Fax: +974 4-432-3339
  • Email:

Frequently Asked Questions

how to pay traffic violation online in qatar?

After completing the login and violation checking process on the moi portal website you will get a payment option if you have any traffic violations.

how many days to know traffic violation in qatar?

The traffic violation takes about 1-3 days to appear on the website. So if you have any dought about the traffic violation, you should check the website within the time.

how can i check my traffic fine in qatar?

You can check your traffic fine from the Moi portal website or Metrash mobile application.

where to pay traffic violation in qatar?

There are few different ways to pay the traffic violation fine in Qatar. You can pay the fees online from Metrash mobile app or Moi portal website. It’s also possible to pay the fees physically by visiting the nearby traffic office.

How do I complain about traffic violations in Qatar?
You can complain about traffic violations by calling the Consumer Protection Department.
WhatsApp: +974 +974 6611 1400
Call: 16001
You can also place a complaint from outside of Qatar by calling +974 4494 5555 / 4494 5001. It is also possible to visit the Consumer Protection Department located in West Bay on Omar Al Mukhtar Street and place your complaint.