New Names of Metro Station in Dubai

A list of all the New names of metro station in Dubai was released by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for the public to see. As the second-largest city in the UAE, Dubai has many famous names. One of these is its transportation system. As the city expands and people move to different parts of Dubai, the transport systems have to evolve accordingly. The town has its version of London’s Underground network, and you can now find several stations bearing unusual names.

However, today I will introduce you to those names and some relevant information. If you’re planning a trip to Dubai soon, this is a must-read.

How Many Metro Stations Are in Dubai?

There are mainly 53 stations in Dubai. The metro system in Dubai is made up of at-grade, elevated, and subterranean stations of various kinds and underground transfer station types (T1, T2, and T3, accordingly). Terminal stations of the first two types are at ground level, while those of the third kind are raised specialty track stations with a fourth rail to store non-operational trains. Both the Red and Green lines include underground interchange stops. 

Other Than That, the Stations’ Interiors Are Based on Five Distinct Themes. Such As:

  • A relatively simple design scheme has been applied to most surfaces with straight lines that emphasize architectural features such as columns or doors. 
  • A Green and light-colored color scheme with large windows and glass facades reflects natural light into the station. 
  • Soft muted colors for ceilings, walls, and flooring to reduce visual noise or stimulation 
  • White surfaces for greater visibility of signage and easy identification of a destination from a distance. 
  • Red-colored seats that contrast the white to provide visual interest on their own as well as to enhance passengers’ sense of safety when sitting down or waiting for trains to arrive at platforms or stations 

Where Can I Find a List of All New Names of Metro Station in Dubai?

Finding a list of all new names for metro stations in Dubai is not easy. This is because Dubai Metro was opened many years ago, and only a few stations have been named so far.

However, if you would like to find out more about the names of some of the metro stations in Dubai, then follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Maps and search for “Dubai Metro” on the map to see where each station is. 
  2. Now go back and click on one of the metro stations on the map (for example, Al Quoz Station) and scroll down until you see “Station Names. This will lead you to a website that lists all of the station names.
  3. Once you are at this page, select one or two of them to see what they are called as well as their location on Google Maps!

If you think the above steps are hard to follow, I have a better solution. Do you know about RTA? This is called The Roads And Transport Authority website of Dubai. You can find any related answer queries there. Before we reveal the new names of the metro station in Dubai, let’s know some information about

The Roads and Transport Authority Website of Dubai:

The Roads and Transport Authority website is a well-designed site with all the information needed for travelers.

It provides up-to-date news, information on the latest services and tools, details of the public transport routes in Dubai, contact details for different departments, and much more. The site also includes safety tips for motorists to ensure they are aware of any road closures or events that may impact their journey.

Some of the objectives of RTA Dubai-

  1. Provide information about Dubai’s roads and transport systems.
  2. Help users plan their trips by providing links to maps, route planners, and other tools.
  3. Offer a range of resources on the latest developments in Dubai’s transport sector. 
  4. Provide information about road safety.
  5. To help tourists and residents alike find out about the different ways they can travel around Dubai, be it by car, public transport or on foot. 

Which metro station name changed in Dubai?

What Is an Interchange Station?

An interchange station is a place where two or more railway lines meet. 

It is typically used by passengers traveling from one railway line to another, who change trains at the station. 

There are many different types of interchange stations depending on their location and how they were designed. However, there are two sorts of interchanges:

  1. A terminal station is the end of one line and the beginning of another, typically with a concourse that allows passengers to transfer between trains or other modes of transportation like buses or ferries. 
  2. A through the station is a junction where the trains change direction but don’t stop at all; passengers must get off the train at this point and walk to another nearby station to continue their journey.

New Route for Red Line:

The Red Line has a new path. The Red Line of the Metro System is one of two lines on the Dubai Metro network and is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When the first segment opened, it was on September 9. On April 28, 2010, the project was declared finished.

From 2009 to 2011, the line’s 29 stations, covering 52.1 kilometers (32.4 miles), were gradually inaugurated. The majority of the way, from Al Rashidiya to UAE Exchange (Jebel Ali), follows Sheikh Zayed Road. The Red Line, the Expo 2020 map, and the stations are all available here.

New Names of Metro Station in Dubai

Al-Rashidi Metro Station New Name:

On November 24, 2020, Al Fahidi DG station changed its name to Sharaf DG station. Until May 18, 2020, Mashreq station was known as Sharaf DG. Sharaf DG station was inaugurated on September 9, 2011, simultaneously with the first section of the Green Line, which ran from Creek to Etisalat.

First Gulf Bank Metro Station New Name

In the United Arab Emirates, private companies and organizations in many commercial, financial, and service industries may take advantage of the metro station naming rights program. The RTA’s Rail Agency CEO stated, “It allows investors to promote their brands and businesses in a thriving metropolis like Dubai with such a high status in the business, service, finance and tourism sectors.”

n 2018, the station was changed First Abu Dhabi Bank Metro Terminal as a consequence of First Gulf Bank’s merger with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. The station was renamed Umm Al Sheif Metro Station in November 2020.

What Is Your Opinion About Dubai Metro?

People depend on it daily. There are just two lines, and their coverage area is quite restricted. However, I’d say it’s world-class for a system that just debuted in 2009. They continuously modify the station’s names to the terms of the corporations who support them, which confuses everyone. They should have a standard location name that the name of the charitable company may append. It is new (just a few years old) and exceptionally clean. 

This is accomplished by imposing a slew of penalties, so we’re not even permitted to drink water or eat sweets. It’s seldom too terrible since food merchants and dining spaces are on the ground level. Overall, you must do your research before traveling to Dubai. 

Metro Station Names in Dubai:

With effect from June 1, the Red Line will provide a continuous route from Centrepoint station to the Expo 2020 station, eliminating the requirements for passengers to transfer platforms at an interchange stop.

As a result, the route of the old Red Line, which ran from Abu Dhabi International Airport to the UAE Exchange Station, has been altered. The Jabal Ali station will serve as a transfer point for those wishing to go towards the UAE Exchange station. 

Metro Station New Names:

Dubai Metro Station names were something that came up in the recent past. And to be honest, it is a huge deal! We all had been waiting for them, and once they were revealed, people went crazy over it. However, Dubai Metro has now announced the names of all its new stations.

Final Thoughts

I hope after a brief discussion above about the new names of Metro stations in Dubai, you are no more confused about them. We have talked about some related information here as well. If you think that information was difficult to understand, then reread it. Otherwise, you will have to suffer if you are new in Dubai and want to travel take metro pass via the Dubai metro station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the names of the metro stations in Dubai?

There is a total of 53 stations in Dubai. Each of them is located in a different zone. Also, their names are foreign to remember. To know more, you can check out our previous article.

Q: What is the new name for Nakheel Metro station?

The name of Nakheel Metro station is “Al Khail.”

Q: What is the new name of Damac Metro station?

Dubai Marina is the new name of Damac Metro station.