Nol Card Balance Check Online [Mobile ll Apps]

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Nol Card Balance Check Online

One of the most common questions we get asked at NOL is, “Can I check my NOL card balance online?” The answer to this question is YES! You can now do your NOL card balance check online by logging into your account with the same credentials to access your account. To find out some simple steps, check out this article.

NOL cards have a balance facility that enables you to check your card balance. This feature helps the cardholders to manage their monthly expenses, including the payment of bills, electricity, and other utilities. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you make a nol card balance check inquiry. Let’s take a look at these things to make sure you get the best experience possible with your card check balance. Nol card balance transfer helps some users they are used more nol card.

How Can I Check My Nol Card Balance Online?

Nol Card is a prepaid smart card that provides financial benefits to the cardholder. The card can be used to pay for almost all types of transactions. However, there are certain instances when you cannot use the card, and you have to visit the nearest Nol office. Every month, the amount of money you withdraw from your Nol card increases. But do you know when your next Nol payment is due? Here’s how to check the balance on your online banking account or mobile app.

Three easy ways to nol card balance check online.

Nol Card Balance Check App:

Step 1: Go to the play store Or Apple Store.

Step 2: Give your NOL card credentials and log in.

Step 3: You will see your current balance at the top.

NOL card balance check online

Step 4: Click on Check your NOL Balance option.

Step 5: Now enter your Tag id no.

NOL card balance check online

Step 6: After then click on view balance.

NOL card balance check online

Step 7: Here, you will see the actual proportion of your nol card via mobile online.

How to Check Nol Card Balance Online in Mobile:

Step 1: First, you have to follow the link below- RTA

Step 2: Click on Check nol Balance. You can see the below image for more help.

Nol Card Balance Check Online

Step 3: In your card, you will see a tag id. Now enter this tag id in the box.

Nol Card Balance Check Online

Step 4: Click on enter option to see your nol card balance inquiry.

Step 5: Here you go! You will now easily see the balance.

Third way:

Step 1: It would be best if you traveled to the closest Dubai Metro Terminal with a Card Printer.

Step 2: On the device, there is a holder in which you must tap your NOL Card.

Step 3: After touching your NOL card, you’ll see what’s on it.

Step 4: As this is challenging to perform, you better choose an option from the above two.

Types of Nol Card:

NOL card is a debit card issued by some banks in Dubai to NRIs who wish to stay connected with their country. The NOL card can be used at the place of purchase as well as at a range of merchant outlets across the globe. It also provides cashback on shopping online, and it’s free from foreign exchange fees too. Now tell me, Are you confused about the types of NOL cards? Well, we have come up with a list of different kinds of NOL cards to help you understand all the benefits and limitations.

NOL Cards are available in four different colors: red, blue, silver, and gold. Here’s a brief summary of each kind to help you decide which one is ideal for you.

Metro Gold Card:

What exactly is a Metro Gold Card? If you have a UAE Country Granted Rail Pass (CT Pass), you may purchase a Metro Gold Card, which allows you to commute on Metro, the Shields Ferry, and Northern Rail services across Newcastle and Sunderland for a year. The Gold Nol card is excellent for customers who wish to sit in gold class on any RTA public transportation.

The card is valid on all RTA-registered forms of transportation, including bus ferries, buses, trams, and metros, to mention a few. The Nol Gold card costs AED 25 and comes with a credit of AED 19. The Gold Nol Card costs 25 AED up front, with a 19 AED e-purse value included. Key elements of the Gold Nol Card: On the Metro and Tram, you’ll have access to Gold Class compartments.

Metro Blue Nol Card:

If your card is swiped, you may secure the amount. Calculates and deducts the cost of your journey straight from your credit. Valid on all forms of transportation, Dubai city parks, the Etihad Museum, and over 2000 stores in Dubai. The blue card offers several benefits. 

You may seek continuous residence in three years if you hold an NOL Blue Card, which is not feasible otherwise. The blue card grants many benefits, including preferential family reunion regulations. For people who have been awarded a blue card, the idea also promotes geographic movement inside the UAE between different member states.

It also eliminates many limits on changing employment in UAE nations. You have a better chance of getting chosen for a position you apply for since you are a highly qualified worker.

I understand that if you are committed, your partner may join you in Germany even if they do not speak German. Otherwise, if the spouse does not have an EU Blue Card, it is necessary to obtain at least an A1 Certificate to join them in Germany.

Metro Red Nol Card:

The Dubai Metro Red Card is mainly intended for individuals who need a short pass. It is the most incredible Nol card in Dubai for visitors to the city. The Red Nol card is suitable for guests and travelers residing in the town for more than three days. The card is valid for consumption on the Metro, vehicles, and trams. You may purchase the Red NOL card if you wish to restrict your journeys to 5 or the Gold NOL card if you want to enjoy the Gold Class on the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. In addition, the Silver NOL Card and Gold NOL Card are only valid for five years.

Metro Silver NOL card:

The Silver Nol Card charges 25 AED in front, which contains a 19 AED e-purse worth, and the attendee is private, which means you do not require to verify your card. Determines and deducts the expense of your journey instantly from your e-purse. This offer is available on all means of transportation. The Nol gold card has the same benefits as the silver card, but it grants you access to Metro’s gold class seats for a premium cost. Experience the simplicity of acquiring this card right away from any ticket counter for just AED 25. 

Some Common Uses of Nol Card:

Since it was launched, Dubai Metro has been an integral part of Dubai’s transport system. The metro system is a crucial feature of the city and provides easy access to Dubai’s major attractions and landmarks. It has made commuting easy for millions of people who use it every day.

You can use your NOL card at various locations across Dubai, including malls, hotels, restaurants, shops, fuel stations, and more.

Some common uses of the Dubai NOL card are:

  1. In case of lost or stolen cards, they can be used to replace the card without the need for a new one. 
  2. It can be used as a backup in case you forget your password. 
  3. The card can be used to pay for products and services online without any additional cost if the company accepts Dubai NOL Cards as a form of payment.
  4. It can also be used as a payment method for online shopping or in-store transactions at certain retailers such as Macy’s or Amazon. 
  5. It can be used as a claim for your lost or stolen property at Metro and taxi stands, or you can submit it to them after purchase of such items from the e-commerce sites in Dubai like
  6. The card is accepted by many branches of Western Union, including Al Ghurair Centre, JLT Mall, Katara Cultural Village, etc., among other locations across Dubai while shopping online.

This card is helpful for travelers on business (essential) and comes in handy during trips to Dubai as well. It’s also sold at all tourist attractions across the city, including Jumeirah Beach and Emirates Towers, which are both among my favourite places that I’ve visited so far in this beautiful country! If a traveler wants to purchase an item from one of these outlets using their NOL Card, they will need to do so at least a few minutes in advance of the purchase.

Where to Buy Nol Card in Dubai:

There are several ways to buy Nol Card in Dubai. The most popular is via the telephone, and you can call at any time of the day or night to speak with one of their customer service representatives. You can also visit their website, RTA, where you will find all information about Nol Card, such as how to get it and what it’s used for.

Nol Card Showing Pending Credit:

In order to get your Nol Card showing pending credit, you need to have a valid form of identification. This means that you will have to prove your identity. Contact all your suppliers (the company who sent the order) and see if they can help by either reducing the amount or placing a hold on the payment until further notice. You should also let them know that you are experiencing difficulty getting their costs through, but hopefully, they will be able to sort it out for you soon!

Can I Use a Check to Transfer My Balance From One Nol Card to Another?

Whether you are an individual or a business, it is essential to maintain a healthy financial position. But it is also necessary to be prepared for any eventuality. To achieve this, each and every one of us needs a savings account. However, the good news is that now you can use your check book balance to pay off debt! If you want to transfer your balance from one NOL card to another, then there are a few things that you need to know. Our previously published article will help you find out if you can transfer your nol card balance or not.

What Is the Difference Between a New Metro Nol Card User and an Existing User?

A new Dubai metro nol card user is someone who has never had a Dubai metro nol card before. An existing user is someone who already has a Dubai metro nol card and can use it without any additional fees.

The difference between the two groups is that with an existing user, they will be able to use their cards on all public transport services, including the Metro, buses, trams, and water taxis. With a new user, however, they will only be able to use their cards on public transport services in Dubai.

New Dubai metro nol card users can make unlimited trips for the first three months after activation. Existing users can only make seven free trips in the first month and then must pay $0.33 per trip for subsequent trips. Another difference between these two groups is that the new Dubai metro nol card users need to register their cards at one of the service centers in order to use them. In contrast, the existing users do not need to register their cards because they are already registered.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, many people have forgotten their NOL card, and they need to check the balance online to know their present status. This article is designed for those who want to do NOL card balance check online without wasting any time. Online NOL card balance check will help you to know your NOL card balance status in a straightforward way. You can also check the payment history of your NOL card by logging into the above-given steps.

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