Online Residence Renewal In Kuwait (Step By Step)

A residence permit is a document that proves you are a legal expatriate of the country. It allows a foreign person to stay in the country for a fixed or indefinite length of time. More then 1.2 million expatriate lives in Kuwait, which is approximately 64% of its population. Kuwait resides worlds one of the most numbers of the expatriate.

As residence have an expiry date, one has to renew residence after a fixed period. The time of residency validity depends on the visa type. To make the process simple Ministry of Interior provided a pretty straightforward way to renew residence online. Here are the steps of online residence renewal in Kuwait and essential information.

Eligibility For Renewing Residency Visa Online:

You can request for residency renewal kuwait only if,

  • You do not have any pending judicial judgement.
  • You have no residency violations.
  • You have no pending traffic violations.
  • You must be inside Kuwait.
  • Your health insurance is equivalent to the number of years you are renewing.
  • You passed medical tests.
  • Your passport validity should be more than one year.
  • Your fingerprint exists in documents.

How To Check The Validity Of Kuwait Residence?

You can quickly check your residence validity from the following Website

Visit the website and provide necessary information to check.

What Is Residency Number Kuwait?

Residency number is a nine-digit number. It’s essential to renew your residency. So if you forgot it, no worries, a sticker of residency number should be on your passport. If you don’t have that, open MOI website, scroll down the page, you will find an option to convert MOI number to residence number or vice versa.

Steps To Renew Residency Visa Online:

Step 1: Visit the MOI website and find E-Services.

Step 2: Then click on the General Department of Residency and select individuals. Or directly visit renewal page here-  Click here

Step 3: Enter your username and password, if you didn’t register yet, you have to register first. After logging in, you will find all the information about your residence. Your renewal option will appear if the validity is less then two months.

Step 4: Click on renew option, if you are eligible for renewal you have to make payments.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and click continue. (Read the term and conditions)

Step 6: On the next page, they will ask you to preview all the details of yours. If everything is okay, proceed.

This is how you can renew your residency.


When can I renew my residence in Kuwait?

You can renew your residence when your residence visa validity is less than two months.

Can unmarried couples live in Kuwait?

No, you can’t, as Kuwait follows Islamic Sariah law.

What happens if my visa expires in Kuwait?

If you overstay in Kuwait, you will have to face fines.