Ooredoo Internet Settings

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Ooredoo Internet Settings

You may be using the Ooredoo Kuwait SIM card and want to know the Internet settings of it. However, our Ooredoo Internet Settings article will help you find it. 

You may have an Ooredoo Kuwait 4G or a 5G SIM card. And you want to use the Internet via this SIM card. All the procedure you need to know for this is given here below.

Ooredoo Internet Settings Kuwait

Here’s the Ooredoo Kuwait 4G Internet Settings is given.

Ooredoo 4G Apn Settings Kuwait Setting On Iphone

  • First, go to Settings then General Settings then Network then Turn ON Cellular Data then Cellular Network then Apn. 
  • For cellular data, type action.wataniya.com in the Apn button. 
  • Username & Password will be blank. 
  • For MMS, Apn: blank.
  • Username & Password: blank
  • MMSC &M MSC Proxy will be empty. 
  • MMSC Message Size: 1048576
  • MMS UA Prof URL: Leave blank. 

For Ooredoo Kuwait Internet Settings Android: 

  1. First, go to Menu then Settings then Wireless & networks then Mobile networks then Access Point Names then New Apn. 
  2. Now type “Internet Action” in Name. 
  3. Apn: action.wataniya.com 
  4. Proxy And port will no use. 
  5. Username & Password: No use. 
  6. Server & MMSC & MMS Port & MMS Proxy: Not Use. 
  7. MCC: 419
  8. MNC: 03
  9. Authentication Type: PAP
  10. Apn-type: Internet/Defult. 

Apn protocol: 

  • IPv4/IPv6. 
  • Apn roaming protocol: IPv4-IPv6.
  • Bearer: unspecified. 
  • MVNO Type: None 
  • Now, press Save and reboot your phone. You’ll get Internet Services. 

Set ooredoo Internet setting Configure your: phone:


This system you set internet quickly you configure your phone internet setting. You can update your net setting WAP MMS
android, ios another platform

  1. Go to this link to our website.
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Receive your configuration SMS.

Ooredoo Kuwait 5G Internet Settings

For 5G internet support both in iPhone & Android, you need to follow:

  • dial 114 and send “5G” SMS.  
  • You’ll get a 5G request confirmation via SMS. 
  • Your 5G Internet access will start within 24 hours. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I find my Apn settings?

Go to Settings then General Settings to Network to Turn ON Cellular Data to Cellular Network to Apn. 

How can I get Internet settings through SMS?

Type “5G” and send it to 114 by SMS for 5G services. For 4G, follow our steps above. 

Sometimes it may happen. We buy a new phone, but don’t let the seller do all the settings. Even we may change SIM cards or install the same SIM card for too many times in the same device. Thus, our phone needs Apn or Internet settings again.

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