Ooredoo Prepaid Recharge Step By Step

Thinking of Ooredoo Prepaid Recharge? 

We are here to help you. You can have both prepaid and postpaid Ooredoo SIM card with you. As you need to pay the bill monthly, then you need not have many tensions about the postpaid recharge. But recharging the prepared bill is the most annoying subject to us.

So, you can choose the online way for recharging. Thus you need to install the app of the Ooredoo SIM company. But you may not have the Internet connection with you always. Thus you also need to know all the ways. That’s what we are showing you in our content.

Ooredoo Kuwait Recharge:

Being busy is very common for us in our everyday life. We may not get the time to go to a shop and buy a scratch card and then recharge our SIM cards.

We need a fast and secure way for us at that time. Do, recharging by online is the best way for that. You just need to have an Internet connection to recharge online.

Here we are giving you the procedures to recharge your Ooredoo Kuwait SIM card online. You recharge 2 way Online System.

  • Quick Pay
  • Voucher System
  • App System
  • Recharge by Balance Transfer

OOredoo Online Recharge Quick PAY:

Ooredoo prepaid recharge
  • Enter mobile number.
  • Select your amount.
  • If you want to recharge more number.
  • Click add another number.
  • Enter Your number.
  • Than click procced.
  • Here Option.
  • Fill Up All requirements.

Note: knet payment way accept all Kuwait bank amount.

Recharge Online Kuwait Voucher System:

Your prepaid Line Easily recharges online Voucher system follow below step by step.

Ooredoo prepaid recharge
  1. Enter Mobile number
  2. Enter Voucher number
  3. Then Click Proceed

App System:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and then install My Ooredoo App.
  2. Now first open an account for you with your phone number and an anonymous password.
  3. If you had an account before then log in through that account.
  4. You’ll find a homepage now. Select the Recharge Button and click.
  5. Now click Select Number or Add Number and submit your Zain number you want to recharge.
  6. Now select KWD and Validity and click on Pay Now.
  7. Now put the choice via which card you want to recharge. 
  8. In this page, select your bank, credit number, expiration date and your PIN of the card. Then press Submit and then Confirm.
  9. Now your recharge is complete. You’ll see a Transaction Details in this page.

Ooredoo Kuwait Recharge by Scratch System:

You can easily buy the Ooredoo recharge vouchers from almost all the stores. After buying the recharge vouchers or scratch cards follow these steps below.You recharge line Voucher Off Line System.

  • Open the dialling pad of your phone.
  • Now scratch the card you bought.
  • Now type *111*(Recharge Code of card)#
  • Now make a call from your Ooredoo SIM card. You’ll get the confirmation. 

Ooredoo Prepaid Recharge by balance Transfer:

Well, it’s not the proper way to recharge. But you can transfer the balance from your one Ooredoo SIM card to the other. For this, you can take the help of the following app and then can transfer a balance by the balance transfer option of the app. Or any of your friends can also transfer you Ooredoo balance.

Ooredoo Postpaid Recharge:

Usually, you can take the first procedure in our article. You just need to select the Pay Bill option and then have to recharge your postpaid bills. You also can recharge your postpaid bills going the stores where to pay your postpaid bills.

Note: Voucher System And Online recharge way available this link.

Some FAQs

How can I check my Ooredoo bill in Kuwait?

Dial *555# and you’ll get the balance notification.

What is the minimum Validity of Ooredoo Recharge?

It’s for about seven days. You need to choose at least a seven days minimum. recharge via My Ooredoo KW app.

It’s all for now. We tried to show you all the ways for both prepaid and postpaid Ooredoo recharge. You can choose the one you need. May you don’t have Internet connection all the time, then the other options are suitable. It’s your choice.