Petrol Price In Dubai Major Factors That Determine Oil

As Dubai has a huge resource of oil, it is one of the richest countries in the world. Dubai mostly depends on its oil resources, so oil price greatly effects on its economy. There is almost one car for two people in Dubai, so petrol price difference also impacts on ordinary peoples of Dubai. In the article, you will be able to find out the recent petrol price in dubai, oil price change background and bit background.

Petrol Price In Dubai Today:

There is a few different types of petrol in Dubai. They are Super 98, Special 95, Diesel and E-plus 91. All types are for different uses and unique in quality.

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Super 98 Price:

Super 98 petrol is more stable and good quality oil. 98 petrol is known for its engine protection characteristics. It can generate more power so, high-performance engines use Super 98 petrol. Its environment friendly and also gives you more mileage and wastage become lower.

In December the price is AED 1.91 per litter.

Super 98 Price for November was AED 1.91 per litter.

Super 98 Price for October was AED 1.91 per litter.

Special 95 price:

Special 95 is regular petrol and costs less than Special 98. Although 95 is less friendly for engine and environment it still works well. Super 98 is also suitable for high-performance motor vehicles.

Special 95 Price for December is AED 1.80 per litter.

Special 95 Price for November was AED 1.80 per litter

Special 95 Price for October was AED 1.80 per litter.

Diesel Price In Dubai:

Diesel is commonly used petroleum refined oil. Diesel is usually used in a diesel engine. It has higher thermodynamic efficiency and fuel efficiency. Transportation truck and train use a diesel engine. Diesel is also widely used in construction, agriculture and military vehicles.

Diesel Price for December is AED 2.06 per litter.

Diesel Price for November was AED 2.06 per litter.

Diesel Price for October was AED 2.06 per litter.

E-plus 91:

Low compression engines use E-plus 91. It is widely available in the UAE. The main customer of E-plus 91 is commercial fleets; such as taxi companies, bus fleets, and car rentals.

E-plus 91 Price for December is AED 1.72 per litter.

E-plus 91 Price for November was AED 1.72 per litter.

E-plus 91 Price for October was AED 1.72 per litter.

Those were dubai petrol price per litre today.

What Determines The Petrol Price?

Changes in international benchmark prices affect oil price greatly. The price also depends on the competition level among petroleum producer countries and companies. Wholesalers and retailers can also decide the oil price.

Petrol price is dropping over the years. But in 2020, the price fluctuated the most for the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to the global pandemic, there are fewer people on the road so fewer cars are being used. As a result, the demand for oil drops dramatically.

Oil price drop hit a historical anomaly on April 20, 2020. But in recent months the price is rising slightly. There is a lot of resources of oil in the world, but because of low demand, the oil price fluctuates. Petroleum rich countries can not stop mining oil because if the machinery that is used for oil mining can not be stopped.

Stopping oil mining can highly damage the machines. So countries have to keep mining oil. Another factor of petroleum fluctuation is storage. The storage of oil is limited, but oil is continuously producing. Worlds biggest oil consumers are the United States and China. They use almost 30% of the worlds total produced oil every year. They are shifting from oil and planning to use electricity more.


Which country has the cheapest petrol?

In Venezuela, you can get the cheapest petrol in the world. Venezuela is the home of the biggest oil reserves in the world so that you can buy petrol for less than 1 pence per litter.

Which petrol is the best?

It depends on you and your vehicle. Super 98 is good for vehicle engine and Super 95 is good for your pocket.