Petrol Pumps Nearby In Kuwait [Address ll Contact Number ll Petrol Price]

Are you searching for the petrol pumps nearby you in Kuwait? Whether you travel a lot or not, the fuel level in your vehicle can run out anytime and give you the signal. However, in this article, you can find your nearest petrol filling stations’ exact location and contact info right away. So without any further delay, let’s move on to the main topic.

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How Many Petrol Stations Are There in Kuwait?

There is about one hundred twenty-five gas or petrol stations in Kuwait. The number of gas stations in Kuwait is pretty low compared to its visitors. That’s why the stations here remain busy all day. Almost 18,000 tourists and visitors are counted for each petrol station in Kuwait per day. And this leads to the traffic problem in the country. However, You can easily check if the petrol pump nearby open now or not from the chart above.

Petrol Pumps Nearby:

Here’s a table below showing the addresses and contact numbers of different petrol pumps nearby my location

Name of the petrol pumpsAddressPhone number
Alfa petrol station – mansouriyaBlock #2, Mansouriya Co-op, Mansouriya, Capital Governorate, Kuwait+965 248 15385
Alfa petrol station – sulaibiyaKabd Road, Sulaibiyah, Al Jahra Governorate, Kuwait+965 246 77194
KNPC Petrol Filling Station No 18Block #4, Street 105, Magwa Rd, Kuwait
Alfa Petrol Station – hawally 1Beside Hawally Co-op,Tunisia Street, Hawally, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait
Specto – east ahmadiBlock D, #99 parcel, 400 street, Al Ahmadi block-7, Al Ahmadi G.+965 239 81283
Oula Fuel Station salmiya 2#5th Ring Road, Abdul Karim Al Khattabi Street, Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait
Oula Fuel Station Qurtoba#4th Ring Road, Qurtuba, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa Fuel Station – RawdaBlock #2, Street 80, Near Rawda Co-op, Rawda, Capital Governorate, Kuwait+965 225 63983
Alfa Fuel Station, Hawally 2Beside National Bank Of Kuwait,Tunis Street, Hawally-Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait+965 184 1010
Oula Fuel Station JabriyaBlock #5, Street 11, Jabriya, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa Petrol Station, MagnafBlock #3, Megnaf, Kuwait+965 184 1010
Alfa Fuel Station ArdiyaMohammmad Bin Al Qaseem St at Ardiya, Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa Petrol Station Jleeb al shuyoukh 1Block #1, 75 Street, Jleeb Al Shuyoukh, Kuwait+965 184 1010
Alfa  Petrol Station SalwaKing Fahed Expressway, Behind Bayan Palace, Salwa, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait+965 184 1010
Alfa Gas Station, Fahad Al Ahmad#204 St, Fahad Al Ahmad, Kuwait+965 186 6444
Oula Gas Station, Fintas ParkFintas Park, Fintas, Al Ahamdi governorate, Kuwait.
Alfa Fuel Station FahaheelBeside Fahaheel Fire Brigade, Fahaheel, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa Gas Station, Ahmadi7th Ring Road, Al Ahmadi, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa Petrol Station – Mina AbdullahFahaheel expressway, Ali Al Salem, Mins Abdullah, Al Ahmadi governorate, Kuwait+965 232 60917
Alfa Gas Station, AndalousClose to Safir hotel rouandabout, st 101, block 12, Andalus, Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait+965 2488 1676
Alfa Gas Station, RabiaRabia Block #5, Al-Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa Petrol Station, Al MagwaEast Bound, #7th Ring Road, Magwa, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait+965 662 15205
Alfa Petrol Station, DaharRoad 20, Block #1,Near Co-op, Daher, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait+965 238 42355
Alfa Petrol Station FaihaNear Faiha Co-op, Block #5,  Faiha, Capital Governorate, Kuwait+965 239 50629
Alfa  Petrol Station SharqJamal Abdul Naser Street,Block #8,  Sharq, Capital Governorate, Kuwait+965 248 15385
Alfa  Petrol Station – south JahraBlock #2, Saad Al Abdulla District, Jahra, Al Jahra Governorate, Kuwait+965 245 36009
Alfa  Petrol Station – south SurraBlock #4, Near Partys Mall, Al-Surra, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait+965 252 26450
Alfa  Petrol Station – HadiyaKind Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz Road, Hadyia, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa  Petrol Station – west Jleeb Al ShyoukhBlock #8, Abdullah Al Mubarak, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait
Oula Petrol pump Dasman Kuwait cityAl soor street, Dasman, Capital Governorate, Kuwait+965 223 21111
Alfa  Petrol Station – KhaitanBlock #6, King Faisal Expressway, South Khaitan, Al-Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait+965 247 18858
Alfa  Petrol Station, Mishref 1Behind Bayan Palace,King Fahed Expressway, Mishref, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait+965 253 82998
Alfa  Petrol Station – Jahra ExpresswayJahra Road, Towards Jahra, Jahra, Al-Jahra Governorate, Kuwait+965 245 72346
Alfa  Petrol Station Jleeb Al Shuyoukh 2Block #2, 200 Street, Near Bus Stop, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Al-Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa  Petrol Station Adan 2Block #3, 101 Street, Beside Al Qurain Sports Club,

Adan , Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, Kuwait

SOOR Fuel Marketing CompanyBlock No. #3, Omar Ben Alkhatab Street, KBT Tower, Mirqab, Capital Governorate, Kuwait+965 229 16114
Oula Fuel station – Qurain (Mubarak Al Kabeer)Mubarak Al Kabeer,Block No. #3, Al-Qurain District, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa  Petrol Station – west HadiyaKing Fahed Expressway #40,Travelling Way #40, Hadyia, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait+965 677 98692
Alfa Petrol station – ShuwaikhJamal Abdul Nasser Street, Shuwaikh Administrative, Shuwaikh, Capital Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa  Petrol Station – Jaber Al AliBlock No. #8,  Road 103, Near Co-op #8, Beside Ahli United Bank, Jaber Al Ali, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait+965 238 32074
Alfa  Petrol Station – Abu Halifa 1Fahaheel Expressway No.30, Towards Kuwait City, Abu Halifa, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait+965 237 14644
Oula Fuel station – OmariyaAirport Road No. 55, Omariya, Al-Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait
Oula Fuel station – sabah Al SalemBlock #4, Near Partys Hall, Sabah Al-Salem, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, Kuwait+965 255 29149
Kgl Petroleum1st floort Ghazali Bridge, Shuwaikh, Capital Governorate, Kuwait+965 222 45168
Alfa Petrol Station – West SabahiyaKing Fahed Expressway #40, Block #3, Beside McDonalds, North Bound, Sabahiya, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait+965 236 11903
Oula Fuel station – Mishref 2Beside Mishref Palace,King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz St, Mishref, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait
Oula Fuel station – west mishrefNear the Kuwait International Fair Ground-Mishref, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait
Oula Fuel station – daiyaBlock #2, Rashid Bin Ahmad Al Roumi Street, Daiya, Capital Governorate, Kuwait
Oula Fuel station – khaldiyaBlock #2, Street 22, Behind Co-op, Khaldiya, Capital Governorate, Kuwait
Alfa Petrol Station – Al ZourKing Fahed Expressway #40, Towards Kuwait City, Al Zour, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait+965 239 50629

Final Verdict:

That was all about the petrol pumps in Kuwait. These gas stations are widely spread across Kuwait divided into different governorates. Both government and private gas station companies give fuel services in Kuwait.

Frequently asked questions

How many petrol stations are there in Kuwait?

There are about 125 petrol stations in Kuwait.

How much is fuel in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, 1 liter of fuel (gasoline) costs 0.11 KWD.

Is the gas free in Kuwait?

No, it will cost you 0.11 Kuwaiti dinar per litre of gasoline in Kuwait.