Al Ahmadi And Postal Code Kuwait Mahboula [Zip Codes II Post Code]

Postal codes are very essential when you want to send mail within Kuwait. There are many huge lists of postal codes where you can find all the postal codes of Kuwait in one list. But finding a code from a big list is pretty confusing. But nothing to worry about as we made a short list so you can find postal codes easily. Here is the article about postal code kuwait mahboula. Check out the list and find out the postal code you are looking for. Let’s start with the short description of Mahboula, in case you want the besic info.

Some Things Of Mahboula:

Mahboula is a district of kuwait. It is located in the Persian Gulf. The district is not so far from Kuwait city. The district is about 22 mile (36 km) south of the kuwait city. An interesting fact about the district name is the word Mahboula means “mad woman” in Arabic. The district is located in the Al-Ahmadi governorate. Fintas and Abu Hanifa are the nearest districts of Mahboula.

Mahboula used to be a very undeveloped place even in the 2000s. The place was essentially uninhabited with some broken roads and few old buildings. But in 2013 the Kuwait Oil Company decided to start oil exploration in rural areas including Mahboula. They furthermore started to bring rapid developments to the city. In 2016, Kuwait Oil Company built tens of buildings and roads.

postal code kuwait mahboula

There are many beautiful places you can visit in Mahboula. Dome Center is one of the popular shopping malls among the local people. Sarda complex is another visit-worthy place in the city. If you are looking for nature, Petzone Mahboula Seaside is a good choice for you. Even though the Mahboula district is not so popular among the travelers, sometimes that curtain thing makes it special. Best Western PLUS Mahboula, Wahaj Boulevard Hotel and Leaders Plaza Suites are some hotels where you can stay in Mahboula.

Postal Code Kuwait Mahboula And Al-Ahamedi:

Here are the postal codes of Mahboula and Al-Ahmadi. Check out the list to find your desired postal code.

Area Postal Code
Mahboula 054000, 054001, 054002, 054003, 054004, 054005, 054006, 054007, 054008, 054009, 054010
Al-Fintas 50000
Fnaitees 52400
Hadiya 52700
Al-Manqaf 53700
Al-Eqaila 54200
Abu Halifa 54600
Al Ahmadi 60000
Magwa 60200
Al Fahaiheel 63000
Ali Al Salem Al Sabah 65000
Al-Nuwaiseb 65500
Al Wafra 65700
Az Zawr 65900
Al-Kout 66100
Kubbar Island 66301
Qārūh Island 66302
Al-Julaia’a 66304
Alillaih 66305


Bnaider 66306
Dahar, Block 51251
Dahar, Block 251252
Dahar, Block 351253
Dahar, Block 451254
Dahar, Block 551255
Dahar, Block 651256
Al-Riqqa, Block 1 53301
Al-Riqqa, Block 2 53302
Al-Riqqa, Block 3 53303
Al-Riqqa, Block 4 53304
Al-Riqqa, Block 5 53305
Al-Riqqa, Block 6 53306
Al-Riqqa, Block 7 53307
Al-Sabahiya, Block 1 54401
Al-Sabahiya, Block 2 54402
Al-Sabahiya, Block 3 54403
Al-Sabahiya, Block 4 54404
Al-Sabahiya, Block 554405
Burgan, Burgan Oil Field 60100

Those were all the, postal code kuwait mahboula. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions,

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top attractions of Mahboula?

If you are visiting Mahboula, there are some places you can visit.

  • Petzone Mahboula Seaside
  • Sedra Complex
  • Dome Center

What are the postal codes of Mahboula?

The postal codes are,

054000, 054001, 054002, 054003, 054004, 054005, 054006, 054007, 054008, 054009, 054010.