Postal Code Kuwait Sabah Al-Salem [Zip Codes II Post Code]

Usually, we often do not pay attention to the postal code of a place. In this modern world, we seldom remember the postal code of a certain place. Well, there is an easy solution to this problem. We can search google for the postal code. But most of the website provides the full list of Kuwait zip code and it’s pretty irritating to find a code from that big list. So we are providing the same code in a smaller list, so you can find it easily. In this article, you will find, postal code Kuwait Sabah Al-Salam.

Before jumping on the postal codes, you can read the introduction of Subah Al-Salam. Maybe you can find some useful information. If you are in a hurry, just skip.

Some Things Of Sabah Al-Salam And Zip Codes List:

Sabah Al-Salam is a place located in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate. Mishref Is on the Northside of the area. Adan is in the South part of Subah Al-Salamu. Sabhan is located in the west and Messila is located in the East part of the area. In 2009, about 78,872 people lived in the Sabah Al-Salam area. A’takamul International School is one of the most popular schools in Kuwait. The school is located in Sabah Al-Salam. Now let’s talk about where to stay, what to do, and where to eat in Sabah Al Salam.

Postal Code Kuwait Sabah Al-Salem

Crowne Plaza Kuwait al Thuraya City is a 5-star hotel in the area. It provides upmarket rooms and suites in a sleek business hotel. The hotel offers 9 different restaurants, an outdoor pool & a spa.

If you want to stay in cheap hotels, Magic Suite Hotel Sabah Al Salem, Delta Hotel Apartments, Grand Dahlia Hotel Apartments, and Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa will be great option for you

High-end beachfront property featuring dining, plus a spa, an outdoor pool & a kids’ club.

There are so many restaurants that provide quality food in Sabah Al Salam. If You want Japanese Food, Benihana Sabah Al Salem will be a great option for you. Complex Restaurants is a popular place to eat among the locals and the visitors.

Messilah Beach is a great tourist spot near Sabah Al Salam. If you want to enjoy the sea and the sunset, Messilah beach is an amazing place for you. Messilah Water village is another beautiful place where you can visit with your family.

Postal Code Kuwait Sabah Al-Salam:

Here are all the postal codes of Mubarak Al Kabeer And Sabah Al Salem. Check Out the list to find out your desired code.

Sabah Al Salam Main Postal Codes 44000

Postal Codes Block Postal Codes Box To Box From
44000 1 44001 100 1
44001 2 44002 200 101
44002 3 44003 300 102
44003 4 44004 400 103
44004 5 44005 500 104
44005 6 44006 600 105
44006 7 44007 700 106
44007 8
44008 9
44009 10
44010 11
44012 12
44013 13

Those were all about, Postal code Kuwait Sabah Al-Salem. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the postal code of Subhan?

The postal code is 16000.

What is the postal Code of Sabah Al Salem?

The postal code of Sabah Al Salem is 44000.