Ooredoo internet pack monthly II Prepaid

Ooredoo arranges lots of beneficial offers for customers. So if you are looking for ooredoo internet pack monthly details, read it thoroughly. It will help you to choose the best offer.

Prepaid Ooredoo internet pack monthly:

Ooreedoo brands offer various kinds of internet packages. If you are a user and want the best offer, then check all the information and check number codes. Ooredoo is always ready to serve their best service to their customers. They have multiple Ooredoo monthly mobile internet packages

Ooredoo Minute And Internet Bundle at 5 kd :

  • 60 International Minutes
  • Activation Code-i3
  • 4G network
  • 30 days of validity

Follow These Steps to Avail Ooredoo 5kd Offer

  • Go to ooredoo app
  • Check Add-ons
  • Finally, just selects your desire offer.
  • Tap activate to avail this offer

Starter pack at 5KD:

  • 45 fils Ooredoo/Local Minutes Rate
  • 20 fils local SMS rate
  • 100 MB internet
  • Validity 30 days
  • At 5kd

Go to Official website. Check starter pack then tap “buy” to activate this offer at 5Kd and enjoy!

Ooredoo 3kd bundle or minute offer: This is a fantastic offer for users.

  • 30 International Minutes
  • Activation Code-i2
  • 4G network
  • At 3kd to active
  • 30 days of validity

To activate this offer follow below options:

  • Go to ooredoo apps
  • Check Addons
  • Select this offer
  • Tap activate to avail this offer

Or you can enjoy the Ooredoo internet addon 15gb for 30days at 3kd. 60 days validity at 3kd.

Ooredoo always tries to give new offers to the customer at a reasonable price. If you are looking for exclusive offers at 2kd, 3kd, or 5kd, check out their website or “my ooredoo Kuwait” app. But right now, ooredoo 2 kd offer is not available.

Note: You can choose internat packages before check your internet settings.

To avail of these exclusive offers, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the “play store.”
  • Install “my ooredoo Kuwait” app
  • Choose language
  • Go to ooredoo select offer/Addons
  • Tap “subscribe” or “buy” to continue any offer

Ooredoo monthly mobile internet package and minutes bundle offers:

Some best monthly internet packages and minute bundle users can avail it. You can find the best offers on the “my ooredoo Kuwait “app. 500 GB internet bundle for 30 days at 5kd.

From their official website, you can check their monthly internet packages. 30 Gb pack-

  • At 7KD
  • Validity 30 days
  • To avail, this offer go to.
  • Go to the “Starter Pack.”
  • And tap “buy” to continue.

You can choose one or more of our bundles to add later on

15 Gb data pack-

  • At 3KD
  • Validity 30 days
  • For this offer go to their website
  • Go to Add ons
  • And tap “buy” to continue

You can check all offers in “my ooredoo Kuwait” app

5 GB data pack-

  • 100 Local minutes
  • At 5 KD
  • Activation keyword – B2 to 500
  • Validity 30 days

25 Gb data pack –

  • 150 Local minutes
  • At 8KD
  • Activation keyword – B3 to 500
  • Validity 30 days

50 GB data pack-

  • Unlimited Ooredoo minutes
  • 300 Local minutes
  • Activation keyword – B4 to 500
  • At 12KD
  • Validity 30 days

100 GB data pack-

  • 3000 local minutes
  • Unlimited ooredoo minutes
  • Activation keyword- B5 to 500
  • At 16 KD
  • Validity 30 days

200 Gb data pack-

  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • Activation code- B8 to 500
  • At 18KD
  • Validity 30 days

we are try our article cover ooredoo all internet monthly packages. If You want Call direct help center easily know more internet services and other information.

Some frequently asked questions:

How can I get an ooredoo data package?

Ans- From my ooredoo app user can get an ooredoo data package.

How can I, mine ooredoo offer in Kuwait?

Ans- From my ooredoo Kuwait app, you can check offers.

How can I check my data balance in ooredoo Kuwait?

Ans- Go to my ooredoo Kuwait app, then you can find your data balance details and validity.

How can I use an ooredoo internet package?

Ans- Go to my ooredoo app and subscribe to any internet package, then you can use internet offers.


Ooredoo telecommunication brands always there for their customers. From their website, customers can check valid offers. From my ooredoo app, users can activate internet packages.

Whatever we tried to point all the details about the Ooredoo internet pack monthly. So it easy to choose the best options for you.