Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price [How To Apply]

Visa is an official document that allows the holder to enter a foreign nation legally. The visa is usually a sticker glued or stamped into the holder’s passport. There are many types of visas, each allowing various rights in the host nation. To issue a visa or permit, one has to pay some fees. That is why we will talk about qatar 3 months visit visa price in this content. Besides, A visa has a validity period.

Validity of a visa refers to the period that the visa holder is allowed to enter a foreign nation. However, to obtain a Qatar visit visa, one needs to spend 100 QR or 27 US dollars for the main application. This visa application is applicable for one month of staying in Qatar. Besides, One can extend this time limit for another 30 days. Otherwise, the overstay fine will charge 200 QAR.

Qatar 3 Month Visit Visa Price:

To visit Qatar, you’ll be required to get a one-month visa. A one-month visiting visa in Qatar costs QR100. One can extend the visa validation for a few more months. For prolonging your visa period, you’ll have to pay an additional extension fee of QR100 for each month.

Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price


If you want to extend your visa for three months, your visit visa will charge an additional QR100. To pay the qatar visit visa 90 days price, you have to fill out the online application form first. The fees containing 100 Qatari money is equivalent to twenty-seven USD. If any companion visits Qatar with you, they will be charged 50 QAR or 13.50 US dollars for a visit visa.

Qatar Visa:

To visit Qatar, you’ll also need a valid visa. Generally, your visa permit will be legal for one month to stay in Qatar and can be renewed for a further two months. A one-month visa is required for visiting Qatar and can be extended for additional three months by providing an extension fee of QR100 by credit card for each month. When requesting a Qatar tourist visa, visitors must submit an online form. The Ministry of Interior of Qatar is the immigration department of the Qatar Government. The MOI official website has all the online services related to visit visa qatar 2022. To check visa passports status visit the MOI website.

Qatar Visit Visa Requirements :

Before applying for one must know the requirements needed for the visit visa Qatar 2021. One must follow all the visa rules given by the Qatar immigration department. The requirements are given below-

  • A complete online form.
  • Passport with a minimum six months validity.
  • Visa applicant’s picture.
  • An airline ticket.
  • A confirmed hotel booking documents or elsewhere you are going to stay in Qatar.
  • Online payment (visit visa fee QAR 100) using Mastercard or Visa card..

How To Apply Qatar Visit Visa Online:

Here’s how to apply for a Qatar visit online visa step by step-

Step-1: Visit the Tourist Visa online website from your browser.

Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price

Step-2: Select your host country in the ‘Country Citizenship’ of and ‘country Living In’. Select Qatar in the ‘Country Visa For’.

Step-3: Click on the ‘Apply Visa’ button and then ‘Proceed To Apply’.

Step-4: Now fill up the Qatar Visa Application form with the required details. (‘Personal details’, ‘Passport & Travel Information’ and ‘Permanent Address’)

Step-5: Upload your necessary documents such as passport, picture, flight ticket etc. To upload flight tickets and hotel booking documents, click on ‘Upload More Files’.

Step-6: Now click on the ‘Submit & Proceed To Pay’ button.

Qatar Visa On Arrival:

Visa on arrival or visa-free entry to Qatar is the way to issue your visa after arriving at the Qatar airport. To get this Qatar Visa on arrival service, one needs to be a citizen or national of the eligible countries. Not only that, the one who wants to issue an ETA or VOA needs to meet all the requirements and documents required by the Qatar government.

Such as, the visitor must have a minimum passport validity of six months. The visitor must also complete the vaccine dose according to the Qatar public health ministry and have a negative PCR test result certificate. Moreover, visitors can apply for a qatar visit visa 90 days to stay in Qatar and avoid the penalty charges for overstaying.

Qatar Visit Visa For India:

Indians or other nationals from different countries holding a Qatar green card can issue a visit visa in Qatar. This visa process will be more straightforward with the help of any relative or friend residing in Qatar. The visit visa process will require copies of your passport or green card if you have one. The qatar visa price for indian is QAR 100 for 30 days.

Qatar visits visa price for India:

The qatar 3 months visit visa price for Indian is 18,500RS. And the visa process might take 7-10 working days.On the other hand, qatar 6 month visit visa price for indian is not declared due to corona. Nationals from India can stay up to three months with a visit visa in Qatar.

Qatar 3 Month Visit Visa Price In Pakistan

Similarly, the qatar 3 month visit visa price in pakistan is 100 QAR per month. And due to Covid 19 travel restrictions, visitors from Pakistan can stay a maximum of one month in Qatar. The visa will expire in 6 months.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I get a 3 month visit visa in Qatar?

To get a 3-month visit visa in Qatar, visit Qatar visa online form. Fill out all the information and pay the fees.

How much is Qatar visit visa fee?

The Qatar visit visa fee is QAR 100, equivalent to twenty-seven USD. If any companion visits Qatar with you, they will be charged 50 QAR or 13.50 US dollars for a visit visa.

How can I get a visit visa from Qatar?

To get a Qatar visit visa, visit Qatar visa online form and fill-up the form with all the required data. Pay your fees.

How do I pay for a Qatar visa?

You can pay your Qatar visa fee by yourself at any branch of the commercial bank of Qatar. Or you can also log in to the online visa service portal and pay the fees through VisaCard or MasterCard.

How can I apply for a Qatar visit visa online?

Visit the moi services online and select visa services from your browser. Choose your host country visa type and fill up the online application form. You will get a confirmation mail after paying fees in any given payment method.