Qatar on Arrival Visa Extension After 2 Months

Qatar allowed some specific country’s citizens to travel by visa on arrival. And you can extend your access according to your host nation’s eligibility. Suppose you are a citizen from a country qualified to stay in Qatar via visa on arrival for two months. Then you can extend your visa for another 30 days.

But how to get a qatar on arrival visa extension after 2 months? This article will discuss extending your visa on arrival after two months in Qatar. However, a visa on arrival or VOA means you can issue your travel visas after arriving at the port of your destination country. In addition, a visa extension is a petition or process to make your visa valid for some extra period.

Qatar on Arrival Visa Extension After 2 Months:

Over 95 Nationals of the world are equipped with a visa waiver for entry in Qatar. People from these nations do not need any visa arrangement before visiting Qatar. Among them, nationals from specific countries can have their on arrival visa extension qatar for another 30 days within the valid term. To extend an on-arrival visa, one must meet the terms and conditions required by the immigration department of Qatar. The requirements are given below-

  • Six months validity of Passport.
  • Confirmation of return ticket before extending.
  • Must book a hotel for your quarantined days.
  • Containing a valid credit card or a minimum cash amount of 1400 US dollars.
  • Vaccination must be completed before visiting Qatar.
  • Your vaccination dose must have the approval of Qatar’s Ministry of public health.
  • You must have an electronic registration completed on the Ehteraz platform to get your visa extension approval.
  • Within 72 hours of arrival, you must present a complete PCR test with a negative result certificate.

Online Visa Extension Process:

Travelers can extend their qatar on arrival visa online through the Ministry of Interior website. Individuals can do this themselves if all the visa extension requirements are fulfilled. Follow the given instructions:

Step1: Now, go to Visa Services.

Qatar on arrival visa extension after 2 months

Step2:  Select ‘ visit visa extension.’

Qatar on arrival visa extension after 2 months

Step3: Now fill up the online form, inputting your visa number and passport number.

Step4: Then choose your nationality and write the verification code given on the page.

Step5: Now click on ‘Extend.’

Step6: After that, select the extension period for your visa and pay the fees. 

You will see a visa extension receipt on display for each extended visa.

Qatar on Arrival Visa Extension for India:

Fifty-one countries, including India, have access to visa waivers in Qatar. These nationals can have single or multiple trips to Qatar. You can stay 30 days with a visa on arrival. Indians can have the option of qatar on arrival visa extended process during their travels. They can expand their visa validity for an additional 30 days in Qatar. To obtain these extension facilities, one must hold a passport minimum of 6 months validity with a return ticket. Due to the pandemic Covid-19, Qatar’s Ministry of Public health has added other mandatory requirements.

Qatar on arrival visa extension after 2 months

Visit Visa Extension Qatar Latest News:

According to the new rules, one should require pre-travel approval on the Ehteraz platform. There is good news for those who couldn’t extend and have overstayed their visa. The grace period has been extended till 31-03-2022 to extend visa on arrival in Qatar. This deadline was 31-12-2021 before the new decision.

Qatar On Arrival Visa For Indian New Rule In Covid 19:

According to the new law of qatar on arrival visa 2022 for Indians in covid 19 situations in Qatar, India is a red-listed country. Qatar also added Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Egypt, and the Philippines to this red list. As per the new law, People traveling from India need to be fully vaccinated before arrival in Qatar. The pre-approved visa holders must undergo some days of quarantine in a booked hotel after their arrival.

Visa Extension Fees:

The extension process of qatar on arrival visa open, and it will cost you QR200 for 30 days. You can pay the fees online via the MOI website or the Metrash2 application. If you want to extend your visa under standard processing time, the costs will be 35 USD, including the extension fees. The normal processing period is ten business days. On the other hand, you can have your docs under Rush Processing Time at the cost of 65 USD (in 7 days). The price will include all service fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend on arrival visa in Qatar?

Yes, you can extend your VOA in Qatar. You can stay 30 days with your free visa entry or visa on arrival. And expand your visit visa for an additional 30 days on the 20th day. You will be able to develop the application process online.

How many times can a visit visa be extended in Qatar?

You can expand your visa once for another thirty days if you have access on arrival, valid for 30 days. This condition can be applied on both single and multiple trips for travelers.

How can I extend my Qatar visit visa online?

To extend your Qatar visit visa online, visit the MOI.qatar online portal and go to the visa extension section. Now fill-up the form, click on ‘Extend,’ and pay the extension fees.

How can I extend my Qatar tourist visa online?

Visit the MOi service portal online. Then go to Visa Services and select Visa Extension. Now fill up the online form, and pay your fees.