Qatar Postal Code List Bin Omran Doha

Postal codes are essential in countries that have adopted this delivery system. Many countries, especially Asian nations, have postal codes. These codes are necessary to get parcels and mail delivered to individuals. Also, it’s needed on some websites, especially when a person is shopping online.

But does Qatar have postal codes? No, Qatar has no postal codes. Hence, you can never find a Qatar postal code list. But the country has an alternative yet better delivery method: the PO box system. So, how does the PO box work in Qatar, and how do you get it? Here’s all about Qatar postal codes and PO Box numbers.

What is a Postal Code?

A postal code is a collection of characters like numbers and letters. Combined with other punctuation or spaces, these characters act as postal addresses to categorize incoming mail. It’s impossible to mail without knowing the postal code of a specific region. Sometimes, it’s also needed if you’re shopping online. However, here’s a surprising fact! Qatar doesn’t have postal codes. 

How to Shopping Online from Qatar Without a Postal Code?

Many people in Qatar love to shop online from platforms like Amazon. Some online markets require people to share their postal code to ensure they’ll send the product to the correct address. 

Now, what can a Qatar citizen do about it? Don’t worry; you, too, can shop online without a postal code. How? Well, you must have a “PO Box” number. Use that instead of the postal code; if you don’t even have a PO Box number, use 0000 instead. This will work for sure. 

Why Doesn’t Qatar Have Postal Codes?

Qatar is a well-organized modern country. It always tries to adapt facilities that will always benefit its citizens. When I compared the postal code and PO Box systems, I realised that the system of PO Box is way better than the postal code one. 

Although postal code is essential for delivering mail to a physical address, it’s not as efficient as the PO Box since this allows an individual to get their mail directly. This is why Qatar adopted sending mail through the PO Box and the postal code one. 

How to Use a PO Box Number? 

Many online platforms, especially shopping ones, often ask for postal codes. When you’re on such a website, and they ask you to share, for example, give your “postal code bin omran Doha Qatar,” just write N/A or 0000 in the box and proceed with the OK or Submit button. But if you have a private PO box, share its number in the same box to get your mail or parcel directly to your place. 

How to get a PO Box Number in Qatar?

If you don’t have a PO box in Qatar but want to have one soon, know that the procedure to get a PO box number isn’t a challenging task. Although not living in Doha, where the main post office is situated, it’s possible to get a PO box in other areas by taking the help of the post office of that particular region. 

All you have to do is get the application form for setting up a PO box, fill it out, and submit it to your regional post office. Get the form either online or from the post office. Here’s a step-by-step guideline. 

Step 1. Go to this link

Step 2. Fill out the boxes with the required information.

Qatar Postal Code List

Step 4. Pay the subscription fee, which is QAR 500 for a year. 

If you feel the online process is hassling, visit the post office nearby. Find it here, and don’t forget to bring your QID and passport-size pictures to the office. 

How Many Digits Are There in a Qatar PO Box Number?

Although Qatar has no postal codes, it does have PO box numbers. The numbers vary depending on individuals, but one must know that the number of PO boxes can never exceed five or less than two digits. Hence, when applying for one, make sure to check how many digits you have and memorize it well so that you don’t make a mistake while sharing the PO box number. 

Final Words 

Many people who currently live in Qatar but previously lived in countries with postal codes think Qatar also has postal codes. However, even if you Google, it’s impossible to find the Qatar postal code list since there are only PO boxes. So, if you want to get your couriers directly in Qatar, start applying to get one today.

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