Qatar Traffic Police [Emergency Whatsapp Number ll Complain]

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Qatar Traffic Police

It’s been a while since we had a feature on this issue, so here’s one more article.

Qatar Traffic police are the traffic department of Qatar that is responsible for enforcing all traffic laws in Qatar. The Moi manages the department. It was established under the “Public Security Law,” As per its function, it helps regulate vehicular traffic in Qatar and ensure safe passage for all vehicles and people. 

Car Accident In Qatar:

Qatar Traffic police are an elite force whose sole purpose is to keep the traffic in the country moving. The officers have a limited number of road patrols and try to work at the busiest times of the day. As with most traffic police, they’re armed only with radio and their wits. However, despite having a solid traffic control system, Qatar faces many accidents.

Qatar Traffic Police

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged 5 to 25 years in Qatar. On average, there are 30 accidents involving pedestrians, cars, and motorcycles and 19 deaths due to such accidents each year. Car accidents usually occur during the night and when people are most likely not on their guard. The other types of road accidents include speeding, reckless driving, and alcohol-related traffic incidents. According to the data available, the average number of accidents in Qatar is vast.

This is why the people of Qatar should be considering Qatar traffic police and maintaining their safety on roads.

Qatar Police Number For An Accident:

In Qatar, one of the most important numbers to have is 999. This number is the primary means of contacting the Qatar Police. But what happens if you don’t know this number? Here are some ways to get the police when you are in an accident. After a crash or other traffic case of emergencies, the smartest thing to do is phone the rescue services and ask them for advice. This number is used by the police when a minor accident happens, and they are not sure whether there was an accident or not. In case of an accident, these numbers will be called out on loudspeakers to alert drivers nearby of the situation.

All Emergency numbers of Qatar are listed below, and I will tell you when to use those in case of emergency.

Qatar Emergency Number 999:

Qatar Emergency number 999 is available for the public to call for emergency services in Qatar. 999 is a number provided by the state to get emergency help from any place in Qatar. For example, if you have a car accident, dial 999 and ask the person who picks up if they are an ambulance or a police officer. As I said to you before, It is intended to provide people with immediate assistance during unwanted crashes or other incidents.

Qatar Fire Emergency Number:

The Qatar Fire and Rescue Service provide the fire services of Qatar. It is a full-time, professional fire service for the country. The service was established a long time ago and has since grown to become one of the country’s largest firefighting organizations. There are a total of 2,500 employees serving to protect over 1 million people from all around the country. So, what is the emergency number for fire incidents? Well, it’s the same as above, 999.

Qatar Fire and Rescue Services (QFRS) deals with all types of fire-related emergencies, ranging from house fires to forest fires. Qatar fire rescuers will be the first responder if you are in a dangerous situation, such as a fire or an accident. 

They use modern technology to ensure quick and efficient operations by providing communication between different services, enabling rapid response to emergencies.

Qatar Police Complaint Number:

Division of Safety, Police, and Customs emergency contact numbers are – 4890666. 444 80444 – Qatar Weather Call the 800 5000 hotlines for end-user security information and assistance. Environment Violations: (998)

Qatar Traffic Department Official Website:

The Traffic Department is the body responsible for regulating traffic and road safety in Qatar. The department enforces traffic laws, administers permits and licenses, organizes traffic police patrols, provides free information on road safety, oversees road infrastructure maintenance and public works projects, and manages vehicle registration in Qatar. 

Qatar Police Whatsapp Number:

You can now contact the Qatar Police Force through Whatsapp. The department has sent a notification to its Facebook and Twitter accounts, asking to get them through Whatsapp instead of the usual phone number. Complain to the Public Protection Division: Use this number for WhatsApp: +974 6611 1400

Qatar police email address: [email protected]

Safety Tips From a Car Accident:

The National Safety Council estimates that only two out of three people who die in traffic accidents survive them.

Although you may not be involved in a severe car accident every day, you can still become familiar with some safety tips that could save your life in the event of an accident. After a car accident, getting medical attention as soon as possible is essential. However, there are some common misconceptions and bad habits that people need to avoid. Here are five tips on reducing the risk of being in a car accident.

  1. Always wear your seat belt! This is the most important thing you can do to reduce the risk of car accidents.
  2. If you are driving, always be prepared for a possible crash by keeping an emergency kit in your car with items like water, first aid supplies, and jumper cables. These will help you get out of any situation quickly and safely if it happens to you.
  3. Use high-visibility clothing at night so that other drivers can see you more quickly and stay away from distracted driving.
  4. Keep your vehicle well maintained so that there are no potential problems on the road that could cause a crash or get worse due to wear and tear over time. Such as bad brakes or tires worn down from excessive use.
  5. Use a cell phone-mounted mirror so that if there is an accident, you won’t have to take your eyes off the road for long periods in order to use your phone. This can cause fatigue and accidents. Because of distraction when driving also, texting while driving is illegal in Qatar now, which could lead to an even bigger problem than just getting into an accident.


How can I call traffic police in Qatar?

Ans: You can try this +974 489 0666 number to call the traffic police in Qatar. 

How can I report traffic violations in Qatar?

Ans: In order to report traffic violations in Qatar you have to go through the Metrash2 mobile app.

How can I check my driving Licence fine in Qatar?

Ans: You will have to follow my previous instructions. That means the Metrash2 app is needed in this case.

How much are speeding tickets in Qatar?

Ans: QR.500 In addition, the penalty will be enhanced by QR.100 for every ten kilometers per hour beyond the speed limit.

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