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In a world where international travel and global migration have become the norm, it is crucial to stay informed about your visa status, especially when planning a visit or residency in another country. Qatar, a rapidly growing hub for expatriates and travelers, has streamlined this process by introducing an online service that enables individuals to MoI Qatar visa check online by passport number effortlessly.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) in Qatar has made it easier than ever for residents, expatriates, and travelers to stay informed and compliant with Qatar’s immigration regulations.

MoI Qatar Visa Check Online By Passport Number 2023: A User-Friendly Solution

The MoI’s online service has been designed to simplify this process. Here’s how to navigate the MoI Qatar visa check online by passport number:

Step 1: Visit the MoI Qatar Website:

The first step is to visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar. This website is the primary platform for accessing various immigration services and information.

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Step 2: Locate the Visa Services Section:

On the website, you will typically find a dedicated section related to visa services or visa inquiries. This is where you can begin your visa status verification.

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Step 3: Moi Qatar Visa Enquiry and Printing:

Now click on the “Moi Qatar Visa Enquiry and Printing” option. This is the key option you need to access to inquire about your visa status.

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Step 4: Provide Passport Information:

In the visa inquiry section, you will be prompted to enter your visa number, as well as any other required details, which may include your nationality.

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Step 5: Submit Your Inquiry:

After entering the necessary information, follow the instructions on the website to submit your inquiry. The system will process your request and provide you with the status of your Qatar visa.

If you apply for a visa, you will get a visa number. Save the number so that you don’t struggle with Qatar visa number checking.

The website provides a lot of services; you can check them out.

QVC Website Qatar Visa Status Check:

Indeed, here’s a detailed expansion of each step to check the Qatar visa status on the Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) website:

Step 1: Visit the Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) Website:

Go to the official Qatar Visa Centre website. The website is designed to facilitate a smooth and accessible experience for users seeking information about their visa applications.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Language and Country of Origin:

QVC Website Qatar Visa Status Check

You can choose your preferred language and indicate your country of origin. This ensures that the information is presented in a language you are comfortable with and aligns with the specific requirements of your region.

Step 3: Click on the “Track Application” Button:

QVC Website Qatar Visa Status Check

Look for the “Track Application” section on the website. Click on it to initiate the process of checking your visa application status.

Step 4: Fill Out Passport and Visa Number:

QVC Website Qatar Visa Status Check

Once in the tracking section, you will be prompted to enter specific details. Provide accurate information, including your passport number and visa number. This step is crucial for the system to accurately locate and retrieve your application details.

Step 5: Click “Submit” to View the Status:

After completing all the required fields, click the “Submit” button. This action sends your provided information for processing. Subsequently, the system will retrieve and display the current status of your visa application.

This status may include information about whether your application is under review, approved, pending additional documentation, or any other relevant details.

MoI visa Qatar inquiry and printing:

In addition to viewing your visa status online, you can print a copy by clicking “Print.”

Visa number information Qatar:

If you have a Qatar visa, the Visa number information of Qatar should be printed on the visa itself. It may also be listed on your passport, in the section that contains your visa information. If you cannot locate your Qatar visa number, contact the embassy or consulate that issued your visa.

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Or the Ministry of Interior in Qatar for assistance. They should be able to provide you with information on how to locate your visa number. You can also check any documentation or correspondence related to your visa application, as the visa number may be listed there.

Qatar Visa Status Codes And Their Meaning:

While specific Qatar visa status codes may vary, generally, they convey crucial information about the current stage of a visa application. Here are some common Qatar visa status codes and their meanings:

Application Submitted:

Code: AS
Meaning: Your visa application has been successfully submitted and is awaiting processing.

Under Review:

Code: UR
Meaning: Your application is currently being reviewed by the relevant authorities.

Pending Additional Documentation:

Code: PAD
Meaning: The processing of your application is on hold pending the submission of additional required documents.

In Progress:

Code: IP
Meaning: Your application is in the active processing stage.


Code: AP
Meaning: Congratulations! Your visa application has been approved.


Code: RJ
Meaning: Unfortunately, your visa application has been declined. The rejection may be due to various reasons, and you should review the provided feedback for clarification.

Visa Issued:

Code: VI
Meaning: Your visa has been issued and is ready for collection or download.

Visa Expired:

Code: VE
Meaning: The validity period of your visa has expired.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we check visa status online with passport number?

Yes, you can check your visa status online with your passport number. Go to the country’s visa web portal and find the option to track visa application status under Visa Services. The online visa service centre from your desired nation will allow you to inquire from your host country about your visa status.

How can I check my visa status online?

Checking one’s visa status online is very easy nowadays. Kindly visit the official immigration website. Or the visa service centre’s web portal of the country you will visit or work. Then follow the instructions about their visa services on the web page and submit all the required data, mainly your passport number.

Can we track the Ministry of Interior Qatar visa enquiry status online?

Yes, we can track visa status online. Find the traditional paper-based process for visas tedious and complicated. By applying online, you can use the eVisa facility to track your visa status.

Can I visit Qatar now?

That depends on your nationality. Qatar nationals QID holders can enter Qatar now. If you are from a low-risk region, you can enter Qatar.

Do you need a visa to enter Qatar?

More than 85 countries’ nationals can enter Qatar without a visa. This facility is now postponed because of the pandemic.

How long does it take to process a Qatar visa?

If you submitted all your information correctly, It would take four working days. You will get your visa through email.

How can I get a Qatar student visa?

If you get an admission letter from any Qatar university, you can apply for a student visa in Qatar.

How to check a Moi Qatar visa using a passport number?

Visit the Ministry of Interior’s official website from your browser. Then, go to visa services and find the visa inquiry tab to check your Qatar visa. Now, input your passport number and visa type in the required field, enter the captcha code, and submit.


The MoI Qatar Visa Check provides a streamlined and user-friendly process for individuals to stay informed about the status of their visa applications. Through the Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) website or by adhering to the outlined steps, applicants can easily track the progress of their visas, ensuring that all necessary information and documentation are in order. This efficient system simplifies the visa verification process. It empowers travellers to promptly address any necessary adjustments or extensions, contributing to a seamless and stress-free travel experience for those visiting Qatar for tourism, business, or family reasons.

Additionally, you can use the Visa Services tab to contact the relevant embassy or consulate to report the issue if the visa is not found.