Moi Qatar My Visa Check Online By Passport Number [Step By Step]

Moi Visa is just a sticker on your passport. Still, it is one of the mandatory documents for any tourist or visitor worldwide. The abbreviation or the complete form of VISA is Visitors International Stay Admission. However, you will have to obtain a visa to travel or enter legally in most countries in most countries. But how to get done with your Qatar visa check online by passport number is one of the main concerns. Because there are lots of hustles in obtaining a visa as many scam groups are acting like agents nowadays.

Moreover, there could be a mistake, even if the agents are authentic. Thus, it is always recommended to check the visa you have just got, whether fake or actual. This checking will help you to prevent any complications or inconveniences as well. On the other hand, it’s not always possible to visit the visa office www moi gov qa inquiry to check now and then. For this purpose, the moi Qatar made an easy solution on their website. This article will discuss checking your Qatar visa while staying at home using your passport number.

Moi Qatar Visa Check Online By Passport Number:

Step 1:Visit the Ministry of Interior website and click Inquiries with the magnifying glass icon. Click here

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Step 3: click visa services.

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Step 3: Now click on to “Moi Qatar Visa Enquiry and Printing” option with the binoculars Icon.

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Step 4: On the next page, insert your Passport Number and Visa Number.

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Step 5: Type the security code and submit.

On the next page, you can find all the details of your visa and visa status. There is an option to print the hard copy of the visa status. You can print or download it for further use.

If you apply for a visa, you will get a visa number. Save the number so that you don’t struggle with Qatar visa number checking.

The website provides a lot of services; you can check them out. 

Qatar Visa Inquiry Service Original or Fake:

The Qatari immigration department has made the Qatar visa inquiry service more superficial than ever. If the visa company is well known from where your visa was issued, there’s less chance of getting into any trouble. But if your visa got into the hands of a fraud agency you don’t even know about, then it’s a matter of concern. So it is always recommended to cross-check to avoid getting into any trap. Otherwise, you would be lost at the Qatari airport departure, left with no address or contact because Qatar Airways has all the databases of issued visas. The staff continuously checks the fellow visitors’ access if they require any.

So, be careful with these fraudulent acts as thousands of people have experienced this and lost lots of money. That’s why the Qatari government has taken steps to prevent this type of incident. To have your moi Qatar visa checked by passport number is now one of the effortless tasks. You can inquire about your visiting documents on the MOI website and check whether you got an original visa or a fake one.

www, moi gov qa inquiry Qatar Visa Check:

A visa is one of the essential documents authorized by the country you wish to visit. There are different visas in different categories: Qatar business visa, Qatar tourist visa, Qatar student visa, Qatar working visa, etc. No matter what Qatari visa you are applying for, always check the authenticity. To check your visa, you can visit the Qatar embassy located in your host country. And if you want to check it online by yourself, kindly visit the official ‘State of Qatar- Ministry of Interior‘ website. Make your qatar visa status check by passport number on Moi.

MOI Qatar Visa Check:

The Ministry of Interior or MOI Qatar website contains an excellent user-friendly interface. You can efficiently perform your qatar visa status check by passport number on the moi Qatar portal. Yes, by only using your passport number. However, you will find the visa check services are under the inquiry section. Now, submit all the required data in the ‘Visa Enquiry and Printing’ portal. If your visa is invalid or fake, they can not find your requested visa in their database. That means the Qatar eVisa department can not find any record or sign of your ticket. Hence you’ll not be allowed to enter Qatar legally.

But keep in mind, the Ministry of Interior website may sometimes be down because of some internet system error. A text saying, ” Sorry, Requested Visa Not Found… Please try again.” If this happens, kindly submit the whole process a while later. But if it keeps happening constantly, take immediate steps and visit your agent’s office. On the other hand, congratulations if a complete eVisa appears on your screen with all your helpful info. Now you can visit or stay in Qatar without any worry.

My Visa Check:

When you plan to visit a country or nation, you’ll need some specific permission from the nation’s government. Visa is one of them. Some countries offer visa-free travel, and some offer visa-on-arrival facilities to enter. So if you want to check your visa, it’s pretty easy to do. You will need your passport number to inquire about the application process for tracking and approval. One can get the visa service from the MOI Qatar webpage to follow up on the visit or work visa applications. There are lots of other services and inquiry options too in the portal.

MOI Visa:

MOI visa services include visa extension service, visa inquiry, printing, and visa approval tracking service. The MOI website also consists of the QVC service portal for different countries. This site will redirect you to track your application status from your own country in your country’s language. And the option of ‘qatar visa check online by passport number‘ is also there in the visa inquiry segment. Starting from visa extension to visa cancellation, all processes that were once lengthy, time-consuming and complicated are now in the palm of your hand. One can now get it done online without any paperwork.

Qatar Visa Check 2022 App:

Qatar visa check and Apply is an app on Google playstore for qatar visa check online 2022. It is very susceptible to use. This app promises to help you with your visa application for different permits you need to explore Qatar. You can also check your visa from here. Users are delighted with this software. Click here to download the app. Besides, there is another software named MOFA Qatar. This app provides easy access to Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) services. The Ministry of Interior runs the metrash2 app, including visa services. One can quickly get help with checking a visa with these practical, user-friendly applications.

Www Moi Qatar Contact Information:

You can directly contact or inquire with the Qatar e-government sector to check your Qatar visa by your passport number. They offer 24-hour customer service for the inhabitants of Qatar. The citizens can now connect with the Nationality and Travel documents department of www moi qatar, Qatar, via email, phone, and fax. You can mail via this email

Their phone number is 448 90333 & fax number is 444 49481. And if you are an expatriate or a traveller from a foreign country, then the ‘General Directorate of Borders Passports and Expatriates Affairs’ department of the Ministry Of Interior will help you out. You can also reach them via email, fax, and phone number. Email address:; phone number: 448 90333 & Fax number: 448 23777

Travelling To Qatar Moi In Coronavirus pandemic:

Qatar moi is accepting more than 85 countries’ nationals without a visa. The visa-free entry makes Qatar traders easier and less complicated. However, there is some terms and conditions for that.

But now, in the Coronavirus situation, Qatar has temporarily changed its entry policy. Only Qatar nationals and their families hold permanent residency, and Qatar ID holders can enter and exit Qatar. Everyone must follow Qatar Quarantine Policy upon return.

Qatar nationals can enter and exit anytime. But Qatar ID holders need permission to enter Qatar. Although, anyone from a low-risk country can enter Qatar; and they must follow a home quarantine. Some other groups of people are eligible to enter Qatar. They are people over the age of 55, heart disease patients, and pregnant women. 


How can I check my Qatar visa by passport number?

To check your Qatar visa by passport number:

  1. Visit the Ministry Of Interior of Qatar website.
  2. Click the MOI Services option and Inquiries tab inside the MOI services segment.
  3. Therefore select the visa inquiry & printing tab and input your passport number, visa type, and the captcha or verification code from the audio or picture and finally submit. 

Can we check visa status online with passport number?

Yes, you can check your visa status online with your passport number. Go to the country’s visa web portal and find the option that says tracking visa application status under the Visa Services. The online visa service centre from your desired nation will allow you to inquire from your host country about your visa status.

How can I check my visa status online?

Checking one’s visa status online is very easy nowadays. Kindly visit the official immigration website. Or the visa service centre’s web portal of the country you will visit or work. Then follow the instructions about their visa services on the web page and submit all the required data, mainly your passport number.

Can we track ministry of interior qatar visa enquiry status online?

Yes, we can track visa status online. Find the traditional paper-based process for visas tedious and complicated. You can use the eVisa facility to track your visa status by applying online.

Can I visit Qatar now?

That depends on your nationality. Qatar nationals, QID holders can enter Qatar now. If you are from low-risk regions, you can enter Qatar.

Do you need a visa to enter Qatar?

More than 85 countries nationals are allowed to enter Qatar without a visa. This facility is now postponed for the pandemic.

How long does it take to process a Qatar visa?

If you submitted all your information correctly, It would take four working days. You will get your visa through email.

How can I get a Qatar student visa?

If you get an admission letter from any Qatar university, you can apply for a student visa in Qatar.

How to check a moi Qatar visa using a passport number?

Visit the Ministry of Interior’s official website from your browser. Then go to visa services and find the visa inquiry tab to check your Qatar visa. Now, input your passport number in the required field and your visa type, enter the captcha code and submit.

क़तर, वीसा चेक ऑनलाइन २०२१ बी पासपोर्ट नंबर?

MOI की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर जाएँ, “ सही जानकारी के साथ फॉर्म भरें और प्रायोजक की जानकारी सहित नए और पिछले व्यवसायों का स्पष्ट रूप से उल्लेख करें।

क़तर वीसा चेक ऑनलाइन २०२१ बी पासपोर्ट नंबर?

MOI की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर जाएँ, “ सही जानकारी के साथ फॉर्म भरें और प्रायोजक की जानकारी सहित नए और पिछले व्यवसायों का स्पष्ट रूप से उल्लेख करें।

how to check www moi gov qa inquiry?

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