Qatar Visa Transfer Rules 2023

Every worker of Qatar in every sector should be knowledgeable about the Qatar labor law and visa transfer rules. There were a few obstacles for the foreign workers in the old labor law. That is why the government reformed the new law in 2020 and 2021 after 2016.

However, this article will discuss the new Qatar visa transfer rules 2023. Qatar’s current visa transfer rules will help the immigrant workers facing difficulties while switching jobs. The Qatari labor law is a set of rules and regulations providing and drafting the legal rights, responsibilities, and restrictions of employers, workers, and workers delegations. And all the parties involved in Qatar working segment have to follow and adhere to the law. 

Qatar Visa Transfer Rules 2023:

The basic monthly wage has to be at least 10000 QAR and not less than that. This new law was declared in march 2021. And this rule applies to all the employees from every sector of Qatar, whether they are foreign or domestic workers. The government also stated that the employer must provide monthly accommodation and food costs.

Qatar visa transfer rules 2022On the contrary, according to the Qatar visa transfer rules 2020, all the workers of Qatar can switch their jobs without a No objection letter. And it is applicable in both open-ended contacts and fixed-term contracts. 

New Visa Transfer Procedure:

According to the Qatar labor law transfer of sponsorship, you won’t need any NOC to change your job. The new law also includes that the maximum workers will no longer need an exit permit to leave Qatar. So let’s take a look at the new procedure of changing jobs in Qatar. 

Step1: First, notify the employer through the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs ( ADLSA) system. 

Step2: Then attach all the required documents and files.

Step3: The ministry will send approval to the worker.

Step4: The new employer initiates the electronic employment contract through ADLSA and comes into the picture. 

Step5: Then, sign the new employer’s employment contract.

Step6: The new employer will upload the newly signed employment contract on ADLSA.

Step7: After that, the new employer will submit a new QID request to the MOI ( Ministry of interior).

Step8: The worker will receive a health card and a new QID from the new employer after successfully completing the process. 

Qatar New Rules 2023:

The following labor laws in Qatar new labour law 2022 pdf, has been implemented by the state of Qatar –

Health, Safety, and Welfare:

According to the new law, health insurance is now mandatory to issue or renew Qatar’s employment contract and residence permit. The health insurance law was approved on April 2021 by the Shura Council of Qatar. And this law is necessarily implemented for all visitors and expatriates. 

Minimum Wage:

The government of Qatar has implemented a new labor law that applies a minimum wage of 1000 QAR to all the employees of all sectors in Qatar. Domestic workers are also included in this new law. Besides this pay rate, the employer has to pay additional accommodation and food costs, respectively 500 QAR and 300 QAR. the government formed a wage committee to review the application and impact of this new minimum wage law.

Heat Stress Protection:

The ministerial legislation has extended the legal working hours during summer. The working regulation of summer has been extended to six weeks protecting the employees from heat stress.

No-Objection Certificates:

The new rule states that the employees or workers won’t need the NOC ( No-Objection Certificate ) from their employer while transferring or terminating sponsorship or job in Qatar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to transfer sponsorship in Qatar 2023?

It will take 10 to 14 working days to transfer sponsorship in Qatar 2023.

How much is the visa transfer fee in Qatar?

The visa transfer fee in Qatar is 131 QAR.

How can I transfer sponsorship in Qatar 2023?

Notify and express the reason for your transfer to the current employer and attach all the documents. After the employer initiates the EEC, sign the new employment contract. 

Is NOC still required in Qatar 2023?

No, according to the new 2021 law in Qatar, the NOC is not required for transferring sponsorship or changing jobs.