New Repatriation Kuwait Gmail Address Introduced For Indians

A numerous of Indian peoples live in Kuwait. They are appropriately 15% of Kuwait’s population. Indian Embassy ensures their rights and tries to solve their problems in Kuwait. They also provide various services to Indians expatriates. Indian Embassy has launched an email ID for repatriation. Any request in this regard should be sent to the repatriation kuwait gmail.

The repatriation kuwait gmail is: repatriation kuwait@Gmaill com

Essential Things To Include In The Mail:

The embassy said when you are mailing to the address your mail must content-

  • Embassy registration number
  • Compelling reasons make clear why you are writing
  • Your contact number.
  • The preferred airport in India.

Usually, you can not leave Kuwait, if you have any violation under process, but there is a chance to leave Kuwait with a violation. Kuwait’s amnesty scheme held from April 1-30 allows residency violators to leave the country without paying any fines. They can come back to the country with proper documents later.

Other Services Of Indian Embassy In Kuwait:

  • If anyone marries in Kuwait, he has to follow a procedure under the Foreign Marriage Act 1969. He must contact the embassy.
  • One has to register his marriage in the embassy.
  • An Indian nationals death must be registered in the Indian Embassy.
  • Embassy provides the Police Clearance Certificated to Indian nationals.

Indian embassies around the world have been registering their nationals stranded, as Covid-19 related travel ban has been there in many countries. The missions are helping those who want to come back to their country because they lost their job.

Since India is also under lockdown from March, a lot of foreigners are also stuck in India.