Royal Food Al Quoz Restaurant [Address II Cuisine II Some Menu]

There is a lot of stuff to do when you are in Dubai. Whether you are a local or an expat, you surely get twisted between the gorgeous malls, restaurants and parks of this city of joy. Among all these amazing restaurantsroyal food al quoz restaurant is one of the finest food courts that can serve yummy Indian cuisines, Chinese, Italian and fast foods. So, it should be one on your choice list to visit for your culinary adventure while being in Dubai.

Average Food Cost In Royal Food Restaurant:

Royal food restaurant, Al quoz is quite popular for its affordable food prices. 45 to 60 AED is probably enough for two people’s meal on average. Which is very reasonable for food enthusiasts.

royal food al quoz,royal food

Famous Cuisines:

Dubai is a city of vacation. People from many countries come to this city to travel and explore the amazingness of Dubai. No wonder dishes of Dubai are sure to try but sometimes the travellers or expats crave their native food. Serving from morning to late night, this one is one of the most underrated restaurants in Dubai. They have varieties of mouthwatering food items for their customers. You can find the following cuisines on their menu –

  1. North Indian cuisine
  2. South Indian cuisine
  3. Chinese
  4. Filipino
  5. Italian cuisine
  6. Lebanese cuisine
  7. Seafood
  8. Fast food

Available Meal Services:

The royal food restaurant is mostly known as a breakfast restaurant. You can also have brunch, lunch, evening snacks, dinner and midnight meals. Fill your tummy with fast food items like sandwiches, burgers, french fries, tea, juice etc whenever you are in Al quoz and hunger hits you hard.

Serving Facilities In Royal Food Al Quoz Restaurant:

This wonderful restaurant has some amazing service facilities in favour of the food fanatics of the city. People can taste a variety of cuisines in a peaceful ambience. Their services are –

  • Dine-in
  • Takeaway
  • Free delivery service around the restaurant area
  • pick-up options
  • Outdoor sittings
  • Indoor sittings
  • Smoking / Shisha smoking zone
  • wheelchair accessibility
  • Family-Friendly food court
  • Good quality food
  • No parking zone
  • No kid’s area
  • Breakfast sitting place
  • No age restrictions
  • No buffet services
  • Doesn’t serve pork
  • Party orders are accepted
  • Outdoor catering service

All in all, the restaurant possesses both positive and negative reviews by the customers. Their food quality is quite appreciatable but the food serving can be delayed sometimes. 

royal food al quoz,royal food

Language Facilities in Royal Food Restaurant:

Tourists having a meal in this food court while visiting Dubai city can have some selected language preferences like-

1. English

2. Urdu 

3. Malayalam

4. Hindi


The environment of this royal food restaurant is pretty casual.

Clothing manner:

The restaurant doesn’t have any dress code, so you can come here as you are and enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Payment procedure:

Both cash and cards are accepted. But it’s better to keep cash with you.

About Menu:

The longlisted menu of Royal restaurant, Al quoz has varieties of delicious cuisines and food items in different segments including –


Different types of dosa, parotta, poori vaji, idly set, beef, chicken, egg items, executive breakfast etc – 5.5 Dhs to 20 Dhs and these breakfast items are only served up to 11 am.


 chicken & veg fried wonton, chicken wings, French fries, pakoda, spring rolls etc -6 to 16 Dhs.


In this segment, soups like mushroom, dal, chicken, chicken tom yum, beef noodle soup, prawns, palak and veg soups, sweet corn, hot and sour, seafood soups will cost 8 to 13 Dhs.


Chicken items- 13/14 dirhams.


All the vegetable items including Chinese, Indian cuisines – only 13 Dhs.

Friday special items:

Special items including kingfish, math, sehri, chattichor, coconut rice etc – 10 to 20 Dhs.

Kappa Biriyani:

They serve the best biryani that will cost only 11 to 18 Dhs.

Filipino cuisine:

Sarshado, Pakisw, Ginatan, Sinigang, Silog corner, veg, special etc items will cost 17 to 35 Dhs.


Chinese noodles and macaroni – 11 to 20 Dhs; Chinese fried rice, chowmins and chop suey – 12 to 22 Dhs; Chinese Beef- 13/14 Dhs; Seafood – 13 to 22 Dhs.

Italian cuisines :

Club Sandwiches – 12 to 30 Dhs; Shawarma – 18/25 Dhs; Salad, Nuggets, wedges etc – 8 to 20 Dhs; Seafood – 20 Dhs.

Indian cuisine:

Chicken items – 10 to 16 Dhs; Mutton items – 15 Dhs; Beef items – 7 to 16 Dhs; Seafood – 8 to 20 Dhs; Rice pulao – 4 to 30 Dhs; Veg – 7 to 13 Dhs; paratha sandwich – 4.50 to 6 Dhs.

Royal food special lunch:

Combo packs of fried rice, noodles & biryani cost 20 Dhs. 

South Indian thali and other special lunch items – 12 to 16 Dhs.

Fast food:

Burger items – 7 to 13 Dhs.

Lebanese cuisine:

Arabic chicken, mutton & gill special items – 20 to 35 Dhs; Nadan Special, chicken charcoal & grilled hammour – 12 to 35 Dhs.


Milkshake, Ice Cream, Lassi, fresh juice, soft drinks will cost 3 to 22 Dhs.

Some Must Have Dishes:

Among all these delightful dishes and cuisines dosa, biryani idly is favourite to the customers.

However, if you’re looking for a place where you can taste some international cuisines being in Dubai, the Royal food restaurant can be a good choice for you.


The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Grand Hyper Mall which is also known as the grand shopping mall, Al quoz industrial area 1, Road 319, Latifa Bint Hamdan Street, Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Opening Time:

The royal food restaurant, Al quoz starts from 7 am to 12 am at night, on Sunday. And on the other days (Monday to Saturday) the restaurant remains open from morning 7 am to 3 am, serving all day long.


You can call  +9704 338 8977 for further queries or you can also visit their website and Facebook page for the latest offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main cuisine served at Royal food restaurant, Al quoz?

North Indian cuisine.

Does the Royal food al quoz restaurant have a buffet service option? 

No, the restaurant doesn’t have any buffet service option.

Does the Royal food restaurant have any smoking zones?

Yes, the Royal food restaurant has a shisha smoking area.