Types Of Visa In Kuwait [Work ll Visit ll Tourist ll Bussiness ll Family Etc]

A visa is a provisional permit provided by a government to an outsider to visit, reside within, or exit its jurisdiction. Kuwait, too, has a range of visa procedures before you may visit the nation. Kuwaiti visas are varying premised on the reason for the visit.

If you are planning on visiting Kuwait, you should be particularly familiar with the various types of visa in Kuwait so that you can determine which one best fits your requirements of visit. Many individuals want to pay to visit Kuwait for many reasons, namely work, tourism, commercial business, so on and so forth. We’ve gone over all of the intricacies of the visas available for Kuwait in this article, so you can enjoy a joyful and stress-free trip to Kuwait.

What is visa 18 in Kuwait?

Articles 17 and 18 govern the issuance of work permits in Kuwait. It is issued to employees in the public and private sectors under articles 17 and 18 of the immigration laws, respectively. To secure a Kuwait resident visa on a work visa, you should initially accept an offer of employment.

What is visa 19 in Kuwait?

This article issues residency permits to expatriates who have an investor residency or are a foreign partnership in a commercial enterprise with a stake of at least 100,000 Kuwaiti dinars, subject to the Ministry of Commerce’s restrictions and limitations.

What is visa 20 in Kuwait?

Under this article, a resident expatriate family can request a domestic servant’s visa.

What is visa 22 in Kuwait?

The dependent visa in Kuwait is issued under the norms of article 22. Dependent family members will be prohibited to work unless they switch to a Kuwaiti-sponsored work visa.

Types Of Visa In Kuwait

E-Visa Categorized Under the Types of Visa in Kuwait:

The Kuwait e-visa, inaugurated in 2016, is an online visa that enables suitably qualified individuals to visit Kuwait for a brief span of time for tourism objectives.

The Kuwait e-visa is a single-entry visa that authorizes the visitor to remain in Kuwait for ninety days straight and has a thirty days expiration span from the onset of an approval.

  • The clearance timeframe for a Kuwait online visa is generally 1-3 working days.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the e-Visa for Kuwait is essentially not a work permit and cannot be extended.
  • Strictly avoid overstaying to prevent fines and penalties or being legally barred from applying for another e-visa in the future.

Foreign citizens who enter Kuwait with an e-visa will be allowed to promptly clear border checks. They must provide their passports as well as a photocopy of the e-visa documentation that was emailed to them after their application was fully accepted.

Why Was the E-visa Formulated?

Kuwait’s government developed the Kuwait e-visa application to enable applying for a Kuwait tourist visa faster and easier, effectively removing the necessity to go to an embassy or consulate.

What Are the Minimum E-visa Requirements for the Gulf Cooperation Council (Gcc) Tourists?

Thes citizens of GCC are not essentially required to have a visa in order to visit Kuwait for a short amount of time.

People residing in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can submit an application for the e-visa if they reside in one of the GCC nations (Saudi Arabia-Bahrain-Qatar-United Arab Emirates-Oman).

When considering applying for a Kuwait e-visa, the applicant must pass a series of criteria. The GCC resident must meet the following prerequisites in order to be issued an electronic visa:

When registering for an e-visa, the legality of the GCC residence must be longer than six months, calculated exactly from the date of arrival to Kuwait.

Each e-visa request for all dependents should contain a photocopy of the Sponsor’s GCC residency, i.e. the spouse, children, domestic help, etc.

Upon landing in Kuwait, the main applicant (Sponsor) ought to accompany the dependents.

Per the Gcc Residency the Applicant’s Occupation Should Be Among:

  1. Businessmen.
  2. Consultants.
  3. Diplomatic Corps.
  4. Doctors.
  5. Engineers.
  6. Judges&Members of Public Prosecution.
  7. Lawyers.
  8. Managers.
  9. Pilots.
  10. Press and Media Staff.
  11. System Analysts and Computer Programmers.
  12. University Graduates – Owners, Managers, and Representatives of Commercial Companies and Establishments.
  13. University Teachers.

The entire duration of the trip to Kuwait should not surpass 90 days. The trip must be strictly for the objective of tourism. The applicant must not have a history of serious criminal conduct or acts of terrorism that would throw Kuwait’s security in jeopardy.

You may also be requested to submit the accompanying documentation, according to the nature of your trip:

  • Two passport-size photos with a light background are essential.
  • Ticket for the journey back.
  • Verification of Kuwaiti accommodation.
  • Confirmation of adequate financing.
  • Invitation letter from a family or acquaintance.
  • A letter of sponsorship from a company employee.

All Types Of Visa In Kuwait:

Everyone definitely needs a visa to enter Kuwait, independent of the cause for their visit. Depending on factors like the duration and purpose of stay, there are a number of variations of visas available.

Before applying for a visa, it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the many categories of visas and decide which one is perfect for you. The primary categories of the visas are categorized as follows.

1. Kuwait Tourist Visit Visa:

The tourist visa for Kuwait is easily accessible to individuals from a variety of countries who intend to pay a visit to Kuwait only for vacation purposes. The Kuwait tourist Visa grants the bearer a singular admittance and authorizes them to remain in the country for a threshold of 90 days.

A Kuwait tourist visa can be received through embassies, the internet e-visa system, authorized companies, or travel agents. It’s straightforward to get one by simply filling out an eVisa online application form. A set of questionnaires must be completed, as well as essential details such as the foreign traveller’s contact numbers and passport number.

A Kuwait e-Visa can actually take ranging from one to three working days to process, omitting weekends (Friday and Saturday) as well as national holidays. The constraints of visiting the Kuwait Embassy or Kuwait Consulate are immediately removed by utilizing the application form online, culminating in a quick and seamless experience.

This visa should only be used for holiday purposes, such as touring, vacationing, and leisure activities. This visa does not authorize any financial business or employment.

2. Kuwait Business Visit Visa

This tool facilitates the issuance of a civil service visa. As a business traveller to Kuwait, you can partake in the activities mentioned here. While this is not a complete checklist, extra added activities that may be deemed business include:

  • Attend business conferences.
  • Obtain items for sale outside of the jurisdiction.
  • Tour a firm’s premises.
  • Visit conferences or trade exhibitions.

Individuals of the Gulf Cooperation Council states are entitled to a visa exemption and do not need a Commercial Visit Visa [Pakistan] to conduct commerce in Kuwait.

3. Kuwait Family Visit Visa

The Family Visit Visa authorizes close family members of Kuwaiti citizens to travel to Kuwait. You will have to produce evidence of a connection with Kuwaiti citizens to actually qualify.

This visa authorizes tourists to explore Kuwait for up to 90 days to meet family members or friends.

This visa is essentially a dependant visa subcategory. This sort of visa usually comes with certain restrictions and limitations:

  • A wife cannot operate as her husband’s sponsor.
  • Boys over the age of 21 cannot be sponsored, but adult daughters and parents may.
  • Family members who are dependent on you are prohibited from working effectively in Kuwait until you obtain a Kuwaiti work visa.

4. Kuwait Multiple Entry Visa

You can enter Kuwait multiple times throughout a one-year timeframe if you secure a multiple entry Visa. These visas are beneficial in the long run for professionals who require to travel Kuwait on a pretty regular basis for their profession.

This is most adapted for foreigners sponsored by organizations; nonetheless, the sponsor must be the Ministry of Defense. Americans, unlike many other westerners, can get multiple entry visit visas for Kuwait with a 10-year legal validity and an unrestricted frequency of visits.

5. Student Visa for Kuwait

A student visa is mandatory before you may commence your academic studies in Kuwait. To go there, you could typically seek an electronic visa. However, this legal authorization is only effective for three months. It’s a fantastic strategy to get a student visa considering you’ll need to remain longer to finish your university degree.

Student visas are simple and straightforward to obtain, specifically if you possess all of the relevant paperwork and other basic terms and conditions. The certification or official acknowledgement that you will be enrolled or accepted to the academic institution you will be studying is the most sizable documentation to obtain.

Following this, other additional credentials necessary to demonstrate your claim to legitimacy and eligibility will be addressed immediately.

Verification of linguistic ability, citizenship or passport, and relevant related documentation such as a birth certificate or a police clearance are also usually required.

6. Kuwait Marriage Visa

You can obtain a Kuwait Marriage Visa if you have a documented relationship with a Kuwaiti permanent resident or citizen before marrying or engaging in a civil partnership with a Kuwaiti resident.

7. Kuwait Temporary Worker Visa

For foreign employees, a temporary worker visa to Kuwait is a license to remain in the country for the length of a business partnership or new placement.

A visa for those who are entering the nation for the primary purpose of earning money in the first place, instead of for personal amusement or to visit family and friends.

8. Kuwaiti Transit Visa

People who have a layover in Kuwait are merely required to obtain a visa if they intend on remaining longer than 24 hours or conversely if they wish to depart the airport within the next 24 hours.

Individuals whose citizenship prohibits them from travelling to another location from Kuwait must file for a Kuwait transit visa. The visa enables the bearer to travel to a third nation from Kuwait’s jurisdiction.

A layover is considered as the time interval between any flights. The transit visa that is granted is effective for seven days. After the term has elapsed, you will not be able to stretch your accommodation.

To apply for this, you must simply present your flight ticket as confirmation. If your layover is much more than 4 hours, you should leave the airport. If your layover is much less than 4 hours, you can engage in a variety of leisure events in the airport.

9. Kuwait Residence Visa

Once an applicant has acquired a residence visa, they will be able to reap the benefits of all the positive effects of dwelling and operating in Kuwait. On the other extreme, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) citizens are not deemed necessary to grab a Kuwait residency visa.

An employed man can eventually bring his spouse and kids to Kuwait to live with him after securing residence.

  • To do so, he should gain at minimum 450KD per month (if he owns a 17-visa) and a minimum 650KD per month (if he owns an 18-visa).
  • If both the husband and wife operate in Kuwait, they can sponsor their kids there, but solely if their combined monthly salaries reach 350KD.

The Kuwait Resident Visa is available for ten years on most occasions.

10. Kuwait Work Visa

Overseas individuals can operate in both public and private corporations in Kuwait with a work visa. This category of visa is typically approved for a term of 30 to 90 days, even though it can be extended if your employer reinstates your work contract.

The visa tends to take 2 to 3 business days to process, but excluding holidays.

11. Kuwait Domestic Servants Visa

A full-time domestic servant visa is granted to a resident expatriate’s full-time helper from a country apart from Kuwait. The permanent resident will sponsor this category of visa. In most situations, expatriate families are permitted to hire a maid into the nation.

In case you are a male sponsor, one fundamental prerequisite is that you should have a wife currently living with you if you want to recruit a female servant.

The servants should be between the ages of 20 and 50.

12. Kuwait Entrance Visa

The Kuwait Entrance Visa authorizes government and civil service officials to issue visas to new hires.

A minimum of 400KD is essential to be eligible for benefits. It should not drop below the bare minimum value.

13. Kuwait Newborn Child Visa

When a child is born in Kuwait, expatriates must obtain a visa. For the child, it is a dependant Kuwait visa.

The following are the vital components for a Kuwaiti Newborn Child Visa:

  • The child’s father can compensate for his child’s living expenses.
  • There is no necessity for a basic wage.
  • The child’s original birth certificate.

The hospital where your kid was born will be required to notify you in writing of the birth and provide you with the birth certificate.

The Application Process for Obtaining a Kuwait Visa:

The application is very simple and entails no hassle.

The applicant is required to fill the online application form with all credentials. After successful completion of the form, the payment needs to be confirmed.

The generated e-visa is sent to the registered email id following all the necessary formalities.

  • Residents of the GCC nations can register for a Kuwait e-visa by filling out an online application.
  • When prompted, “Do you have a Residence Permit for a GCC country?”
  • candidates must simply indicate “Yes.”
  • The nation of residency must be specified.
  • the drop-down box under the title ‘Select the GCC country.’

The remainder of the application asks for general details like contact information, passport details, and trip arrangements. There is also a series of questions pertaining to security that need to be answered.

After completing the questionnaire, the payments need to be done, and the approved e-visa is obtained in the registered email id within a short period of time.


Kuwait is a fantastic country to visit, with many prospects for professional advancement. Obtaining visa permission is not a cumbersome process. However, to minimize the possibility of making a mistake, check over all of the types of visa in Kuwait and make your decision appropriately.

If at all possible, renew your visa to avoid unnecessary fines and penalties.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of a visit visa in Kuwait?

Answer: Kuwait visit visa costs a flat KD3.00 Entry permits are free.

What is a commercial visit visa in Kuwait?

Answer: Citizens of other countries going to Kuwait for financial business must typically get a Commercial Visit Visa, also referred to as a Business Visitor Visa, from a Kuwaiti Embassy or Consulate prior to actually travelling.

What is Kuwait Visa Sponsorship?

Answer: If the candidate cannot continue to fund his or her own expenses for academic or tourism objectives for the term of the Types of visa visit in Kuwait, visa sponsorship is strictly vital. A parent or guardian, spouse, sibling, another family, or acquaintance might be a sponsor.