U.A.E Labour Law: Things To know Important

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The law of any country is different from other countries. Again, one thing is different from another. Every law is different, be it about business or labor. Knowing the law gives an idea of ​​one’s rights or the rights of others.

In today’s article, we will discuss U.A.E labour law. So you must read the whole report, then you will know many unknown facts about this.

Important Features Of The U.A.E Labour Law :

If you are from the UAE, to know the labour laws of the country is crucial. It helps one clarify doubts regarding annual leave, working hours, and several other job-related matters. The laws also spell out details about sick leave, termination of employment, maternity leave, safety standards, employee records, and end of service gratuity payments.

Let’s take a look at some of the important topics.

U.A.E labour law,Uae labour law,Uae labour law registration,Uae labour law gratuity calculation,Basic salary in uae labour law

Leaves:  A man cannot work all day and all night. Besides, people don’t want to work every day. Workers take leave for various reasons, but there are some laws about it. There are so many types of leave people wish to. Such as-

Official leaves and vacations: Only daily wage works daily, even on Friday. But Friday is the official weekend for all. If anyone wants to work on Friday, he/she will be entitled to regular working hours’ pay.

Public holidays: workers are entitled to pay to leave on public holidays. They can take 2days leave per month. If they continue 1year without leave, they can go for 30days.

Compensation for working on official leaves: if workers are required to work on a holiday or leave. He will be granted 50 percent of his basic wage for that day. According to Article 81 of the Labour Law but if he could not be granted a day off, he will get 150 percent on his basic wage

Working Hours And Overtime:

Working hours: according to article 65 of the UAE labour law, 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week of the private sector is normal working hours. The working hours may be expanded to 9 hours a day for hotels, cafes, and businesses.

In Ramadan, working hours were reduced by two hours.

Overtime: Overtime means if the nature of the job demands working more than normal working hours. It will give the employee pay equal to the normal workstation or 25 percent of that pay. But if employees work overtime between 9 pm and 4 am it could be increased by 50 percent.

Uae Labour Law Registration:

Labour law registration is a service provided by the ministry for both employee and the worker. Uae labour law registration is a service provided by the ministry for both employee and the worker.

How To Register:

  • Go This Link
  • Select service “register labour complaints.”
  • Select “complaints type.”
  • Enter “application type.”
  • The unified number and work permit
  • Add “complaints request ” details 
  • Add attachment 
  • Submit

Uae labour law gratuity calculation :

Calculating your gratuity (end of service) is important. The employee has set out between 1 and 3 years; then he will get one third (1/3) of 21 days’ basic salary as gratuity pay. If a worker has served between 3 and 5 years, he will get two-thirds (2/3) of 21 days’ basic salary as gratuity pay.

For gratuity, All labour disputes must go through the Ministry of Labour.

Basic salary in UAE labour law:

There is no provision for minimum wages. According to UAE Federal Labour Law, there is provision for minimum wages, nor has the Emirate of Dubai instituted any such law.

Your basic salary is a negotiated rate of your labour contract. This amount is important because it is the basis of your gratuity pay. When your salary increases, you will receive a formal notice of the increase that will duly notify you.


What is the notice period in UAE?

Ans: under the contract of employment, an employee may leave his job with the contractual notice period within 1 month. Alternatively. according to Article 121 of the law, an employee may resign without notice.

Is UAE rich or poor?

Ans-Uae is one of the richest countries in the world.

Is it better to resign or be terminated?

Ans-It’s best to resign than terminate.


To work in the UAE, it is necessary to know what laws there are for the workers of that country. To know detail about UAE labour law and if you want any help go to a lawyer. because lawyers always ready to focus on safeguarding the interests of clients.

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