Uae Labour Law Visa Cancellation [Step By Step]

UAE is a nation with 70% immigrants in its population. the majority of the population came to the UAE to find a job. If you are one of them and you want to cancel your visa for some reason, here is a guide to, uae labour law visa cancellation. Please read thoroughly to get a complete understanding of visa cancelation.

Generally, visa cancellation can be done by an employee. Employees will have to visit the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation with an application, employee labor contract documents, and labor card. All the documents and applications must have employees’ signatures. After applying successfully, the employer will have to apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs to cancel the visa.

An employee will have to submit a letter stating that he already received his wigs and end of service benefits to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to cancel his work permit.

Uae Labour Law Visa Cancellation:

uae labour law for cancellation visa states that, your employer can not keep your passport under any circumstances. He can not even ask you to give him your passport without written consultation. An employee is also not allowed to hand over his passport to his employer.

Another thing is an employee must not bear the costs of a residence visa. According to UAE labor law, employers should bear all the expenses of employees’ residence visas. An employee is also not allowed to pay for his residence visa. If your employer asks you to bear your visa cost, the employer will be punished by law. Visa and sponsorship expenses are the sole responsibility of the employer.

Cancellations Process Of Residence Visa:

There are two ways to cancel your residence visa. You can do it online or through a registered typing center.

Register typing center.

The sponsor or employer will have to visit a Register Typing Center and fill the form of cancelation on the behalf of the employee. The cancelation process will be completed within some days and necessary documents can be found online.

Online Visa Cancellation

The employer can process the visa cancelation process online through the GDRFA website or Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Required Documents For Visa Cancellation:

Following documents will be needed to complete the visa cancellation process-

  1. Original passport. Original passport is the most important part of the process. Without it, you can not cancel your visa.
  2. Copy of your work permit, which is called a labor card.
  3. Original copy of E-Signature card.
  4. Copy of trade license.
  5. Labor establishment card copy.
  6. Immigration establishment card copy.
  7. 2 typed applications. One for labor dept. another for immigration.

Charges Of Visa Cancellation:

  • There is no charge to cancel a labour card. But service charge will be applied, the charge is 206 AED. The payment can be completed with e-Dirham.
  • Visa cancelation fees are 103 AED. You will have to complete the payment with Naqoodi Wallet.

Steps Of Visa Cancelation:

Step 1: Go to tasheel center and type a labour card cancellation application. The application must have a company stamp.

Step 2: Pay 103 AED cancelation fees.

Step 3: Make sure that you have no due payment from your company. After signing the labor card cancelation application, you will not get any more payments.

Step 4: Submit the form to the tasheel center and pay 103 AED.

Step 5: Now your visa cancelation process starts. There is two way to complete the process. If you have your companies GDRFA online portal username and password, you can do it by yourself from a typing center by paying 107 AED and typing center fees.

Or you can go to Amer center and cancel your visa by paying AED 230.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days will it take for visa cancellation in UAE?

Generally, it does not take much longer to cancel a residence visa. Mostly, the process takes 1 or 2 days. If you need to cancel your labor card too, that will take another day. So it will take 3 days to complete visa cancelation along with a labor card.

How much is the fine for visa cancellation in UAE?

One can stay 30 days after the cancelation of a residence visa. After 30 days one will be fined 125 AED on the first day. AED 25 will be added for every day you stay without a visa