UAE Visa Requirement for Pakistani Citizens

UAE is the favourite place for Pakistani travellers due to the few hours travelling away from Pakistan and has the most valuable informative criteria about visa requirements for Pakistani citizens. More than one million Pakistani citizens live and work in the UAE with full facilitation.

Visas are available in UAE airports in which those people include who hold Visas in their passports or entry stamps from other countries and that Visa is valid for a short term, like for a one-month stay in the UAE. If you plan for a long time, you will contact the local immigration office during your stay in the UAE and request an extension.

If you want to visit UAE on a visit visa or business visa in 2021 and are searching the information about the UAE visa requirements for Pakistani visitors, the application process, UAE visa fees, documents requirements, and processing time, then you will find out all these in this article that will be helpful to solve your problems.

Documents requirement for UAE visa from Pakistan

You must read throughout the visa requirements for Pakistanis citizens before planning any travel arrangements for the UAE.

The following are the main visa requirements that I mentioned for the UAE eVisa.

  • Pakistani passports are valid for 180 days minimum on their arrival date.
  • A digital image of the biographical page of the passport.
  • Provide a passport-style colour photograph of the applicant in digital format
  • Use a credit or debit card to pay the UAE eVisa Processing fees.
  • Registration of visa application with an active email address.
  • Nadra issued a card for Visa.
  • Requirement of the Emirates ticket.
  • Emirates, PIA, Shaheen, or any other airline does not allow for travel.

UAE Visa Requirement for Pakistani Citizens

Terms and conditions

There are some rules and conditions that must have to follow before the visa application procedure.

  • Must have to pay the visa fee upon application.
  • Additional fees apply on visa processing.
  • The passenger should be travelling to Dubai on Emirates or codeshare flights only.
  • Visa fees will not be money back.
  • The ticket is also non-refundable in the case of Visa issued and utilized.
  • Visa processed time is approximately 3 to 4 days.
  • Your entry into the UAE depends on immigration approval.
  • 60 days is the validation period from the date of issue for entrance to Dubai, except the 96 and 48‑hour visas valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Main Features of the eVisa for Pakistan

The visa policy or visa requirement for Pakistani citizens, the UAE defines the nationalities that are eligible to obtain an electronic visa and the conditions that must be met. Pakistani Citizens can apply for the Emirati eVisa if their travel plans must follow these features:

  1. The tour will be for tourism and leisure.
  2. They can apply for a single-entry eVisa.
  3. Their visit to the UAE must be a temporary maximum of a 30-day duration.

Important information related to Visa of UAE 

Before to travel the UAE, keep in mind some important points that are:

  • Check the Visa related requirements or information like that to make sure to have a valid visa.
  • Non‑standard passports holders and travel documents may have different ways, find out to need to apply for a visa and other passport documentation or required information.

Required UAE Visa Key Information

  • Type of Visa.
  • Duration.
  • Passport validity.
  • Photos quantity.
  • Photos size.
  • Processing time.
  • UAE visa fee in Pakistan.

Application Process for the UAE for Pakistanis Citizens

Pakistani travellers can submit their eVisa applications through an online form. It is like a simple questionnaire form type in which they will fill in the required information according to the asked questions.

Apply online Visa process according to the Visa type

The Visa process depends on the Visa type that may be a tourist visa or business visa.

  • Tourist Visa requirement from Pakistan to UAE.
  • Colour copy of passport biodata page.
  • The last page of the passport contains full detail.
  • Passport must be valid for 6 months at the travel time.
  • Only a normal passport will be accepted for Visa.
  • Coloured photograph with white background in the size of 4.3*5.5cm, which shows the 80% of your face
  • Round trip tickets will be accepted with Etihad Airway confirmed tickets.
  • Completed/signed Application form.

Business Visa requirement from Pakistan to UAE

Business Visa requirements are the same as a Visit or tourist visa.

Evaluation Process of the eVisa Applications 

The Ministry of Interior of the UAE analyzes all the received eVisa Applications. The Ministry submits a resolution to all petitions that are received during the few working days. We recommend submitting their application forms at least one week before their visit, during the seasonal tourists, and avoid delaying work.

Pakistani passport holders who have filled their visa form correctly and completed the required information will receive an approval email to download the granted eVisa via an access link. After receiving the receipt, I requested them to print out a copy of the receipt and keep it next to the rest of their documents.

Apply online visa procedure for UAE from Pakistan

The Abu Dhabi-based airline Etihad introduced the E-visa or online Visa for Pakistani visitors that solved the problem of visas. Just fill-up the simple online form, pay the visa fee online, buy an Etihad Airways ticket, and receive your Visa by email in the next few days.

There are many situations in which can also be applied for a visa online.

  • If you want a tourist visa for the UAE or want to meet up with family or friends, you will need a visa online.
  • Nationals of those countries requiring a prearranged UAE visa can apply online and pay for their visas through
  • If you are travelling to Dubai or plan to stop in the Emirates, you can also submit an application online and receive your UAE visa without submitting your passport for stamping.

You can apply for your UAE visa online and look after your Emirates flight after VFS processing.


Visa must need going to UAE for Pakistani citizens?

Yes, of course, a visa is required for Pakistani citizens; without visa approval, you cannot go to UAE from Pakistan. You can also apply for a Visa to UAE online that fully facilitates visa requirements.

What are the basic requirements of a UAE visa?

The basic requirements of Visa are:

Visa application form.

A coloured passport size photograph.

A coloured copy of the passport.

A copy of Emirates airline flight ticket or ticket gets from codeshare partner.

How much time is required for Visa approving by online?

Online application procedure for Visa is not time-consuming; it is just a few days working process, then you get the Visa by email and finalize the travelling.

How can I apply for prearranged UAE visa?

You can apply for prearranged UAE visa online. Manage your booking easily, and also available mobile application DVPC procedure that provides all the related information and Application form.

What type of Visa do I need?

The Visa depends on the length of your trip. All fees are shown in UAE Dirhams (AED) that are non-refundable. It takes approximately three to four days to process a UAE visa.

Final Words:

I tried with my full devotions in this informative guide to mention the appropriate information’s about the UAE visa requirement for Pakistani citizens and its related documentation of Visa or online Visa apply procedure, visa approval duration, and Visa receiving processing time of Visa.

I can say surely that all included information in the above lines will be helpful for you and complete support to searching the UAE visa pieces of information.

Before applying for the UAE visa, ensure you fulfil all the visa documentation requirements and safely continue your tour.