Kuwait Announces New Laws Visa 18 Transfer Rules In Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the rapidly grown countries in the world. They needed a lot of workforces for that. No wonder that Kuwait consists of 70% immigrants in their total population. But recently, the government decided not to be an immigrants majority country anymore.

Now they want to crack down on the expats of the country. They issue new law to transfer residency from one sponsor to another, which is called visa 18 transfer rules in Kuwait. Many laws are changing, which will affect many work visa holders of the country.

Visa 18 Transfer Rules In Kuwait:

Kuwait National Assembly issued new laws to rebalance the population of the country. Kuwait’s Public Authority of Manpower announced new laws banning government workers from visa transfer to the private sector. Transferring dependent visas to private industry is also restricted. Note that, project visa can transfer to any other employers. This was reported by the Kuwait based newspaper Kuwait Times.

The main reason for issuing the law is to control the labor market and keep control of demographics.

Some peoples are exempted from the rules. They are-

  • Kuwaiti woman’s husband and children.
  • Kuwaiti man’s wife and children.
  • Palestinian peoples with travel documents.
  • Medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and technical professionals.

On Sunday, Kuwait’s National Assembly issued a bill to ban certain visa transfer types from limiting the number of foreign workers.

Recently the government announced that expatriates who are aged over 60 and don’t have a university degree. 

I Will not get work visas anymore. The new rule will significantly cut expatriate numbers as almost half of the expats are over the 60s.

So if one has a Kuwaiti family or a graduation degree, will not face any ban in Kuwait, according to The Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, Ahmed Al-Mousa. 

Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah said he wants to reduce the expatriate ratio from 70:30 to 30:70. That means Kuwait will allow only 30 percent of foreign employees in the country. Kuwait administration hopes that visa 18 kuwait laws will effectively reduce the expatriate number of the country.


What is a project visa?

The Project Visa is a type of visa granted to skilled and highly skilled foreign national workers employed in the Power and Steel sector of Kuwait.

Can dependent visa holder work in Kuwait?

Dependent family members can not work on a Dependent Visa without transferring it into a work visa under Kuwaiti sponsorship.

How many types of visas are there in kuwait?

There are three main types of Kuwaiti visa. They are domestic visa, work visa, and dependent visa.