Visit Visa Transfer to Family Visa Kuwait

Kuwait company or any relative who is a foreign resident staying in the country needs to sponsor a Kuwait to visit Visa. Visit visa transfer to family visa Kuwait generally occurs for the following reasons after the consent of the directors of the Residence Affairs Department.

Step 1: Pupils arriving on family or tourist visit visas, household help, landlords of legal property who lived outside of the state for more than half a year and need to join the country with a visit visa.

Step 2: For those who arrive for work reasons and begin the process to get residence but have to leave the region for one-month maximum and visitors of clergies, civil organizations and those who reach on administration visit visa.

What Is a Kuwait Visit Visa?

Kuwait Visit Visa for tourist purposes is an electronic trip approval that suitable tourists can receive by finishing an immediate application. It has made applying for a visa for Kuwait simpler as it has excluded the requirement to go to an embassy.

Visit visa transfer to family visa Kuwait

Kuwait visit visas are acceptable for entrance within ninety days of issuing. Tourists who arrive in Kuwait on a visit visa are not permissible to work; they need to achieve a residence visa and work consent.

Visit Visa Transfer to Family Visa Kuwait:

Unfortunately, an applicant cannot switch from their previous Visitor Visa to any other visa as per regulations imposed by the Kuwaiti Government. The Visitor Visa is an intention for all applicants to only use it for the visitor as a way of coming to the state of Kuwait.

However, with the new regulations as furnished online on the website about transferring a Visit Visa to Family Visa, it is very much possible to do so if the said applicant meets the following criteria.

Requirements for a Family Visit Visa Kuwait:

It would be best if applicants were prepared with the following copies of the documents before going to the immigration section for transferring visit visa to family visa Kuwait:

  1.  Visit visa copy.
  2.  Passport copies of the visitor.
  3. Certificate of marriage (authenticated by the Ministry of your state, your consulate in Kuwait, and the foreign ministry of Kuwait and extension in Shuwaikh).
  4. Your work approval displays earnings of KD 500 or better.
  5. The civil ID of yours.
  6. The officers at the immigration section are the ultimate judges, and they can choose to either accept or dismiss your petition even if you fulfill all the necessities.
  7. The dependent is needed to give the same copies of the ones given by the sponsor except for the income receipt.
  8. The sponsor’s statement stating that they will protect and assist the dependent while they live in Kuwait is also essential.
  9. The wife is not qualified to sponsor her partner.
  10. Parents cannot fund sons above the age of 21.
  11. Members of the family under the Dependent Visa are not permissible to work until they switch it to a Work Visa Kuwait.

Process of Applying for Your Visa and Details on How to Receive It:

Step 1: Go to the immigration section where the visit visa you were given. You will have to go through the full process of filling the form and other required procedures to fulfill the required modification if there is no disapproval of your proposal.

Step2: Upon reaching the country, the dependent has to stand medical trials, and the authority will take their fingerprints.

Step 3: The dependent has to give the papers as same as the ones given by the sponsor except for the earnings statement.

Step 4: The last statute for this process is the supporter’s statement that he is going to protect and finance the dependent while staying in Kuwait.


I hope this article has helped all readers and aided with understanding the process of transferring a Visit visa transfer to a family visa Kuwait. Therefore, if you are going to transfer a visit visa to a family visa, firstly, know the requirements to make the process simpler and more efficient.

Frequently asked questions

Can I switch from a visitor visa to a family visa?

Answer: Yes. It is possible to switch your Visit Visa to a Family Visa or a Dependent Visa by following the regulations stated in the article. An applicant must follow all the given criteria and possess all the necessary documents in order to be held eligible to apply for the same.

Is a visit visa transferable in Kuwait?

Answer: As said the country’s PAM, the government will allow all foreign residents carrying visit visas in Kuwait to transfer to work visas in the personal sector. The visit visa will then be transferred to an iqama or residency visa after the employee arrives in the country.

Can we transfer a visit visa to a work visa in Kuwait?

Answer: Foreign citizens in Kuwait with commercial visit visas will be able to change it for a work visa as was announced by the public authority for the manpower (PAM). PAM wishes to satisfy the rising request for human resources by corporations in Kuwait.

By making it simpler to convert a commercial visit visa to a work visa, it is believed that foreigners will also join Kuwait’s work crew. Tourists joining Kuwait on a visit visa will be able to switch it to an article 18 work permit effortlessly.