Viva Data Balance Check Code Kuwait

Want to check your Viva SIM Internet balance with codes that work in almost all the packages? Viva data balance check code Kuwait article will help you.

Usually, Viva SIM card offers various types of Internet packages. Several people get several packages regarding their use of the Viva Internet. For gifting those customers, Viva offers them some neat Internet packages. Those offers have their codes for checking balance.

But you can check your regular viva Internet packages by using the codes given below. Or you can use the App given in the article to find out your Internet balance.

So, have patience and keep your eye in this article and get the one you need.

Viva net balance check:

Viva SIM card provides users with various kinds of Internet bundles. Some bundles areas offer, and some areas regular packages. So, checking all the packages and offers in one code is not possible sometimes. The offers provide their codes for checking the net balance where you can check the internet balance of almost all the regular packages using a single code. 

But the smartest way is to check them through the Viva Kw App. Both procedure are given here below:

Balance check via App:

  1. Install the Viva Kw app and open it.
  2. Now, give a tour phone number and email and make an anonymous password for the App.
  3. Now you will get a code, enter it and click next.
  4. You can access your Viva Internet balance now.

Viva Internet Balance Check Code:

  • To check Internet balance using codes,
  • First, open your phone dialler.
  • Now type *556# and make a call from your Viva Kuwait SIM.
  • You can see your Viva internet balance now.

Some FAQs:

How to check my Internet usage in Viva Kuwait?

Dial *556# and call through your Viva number. You’ll be notified about your usage then. If it doesn’t work, then follow our article procedures again.

If all these don’t work, then what to do?

Please call in 102 and sort your problem out.