Prepaid And Postpaid Viva Internet Packages

It’s great and beneficial for all the people to get all the common, cool, and static Viva Internet packages in one place.

Well, this may be a desire for all the Viva SIM users. Stc Internet packages are too many in numbers comparing other SIMs. Viva users like to use both prepaid and postpaid Internet packages. But to find the packages, you may have to search a lot on a lot of websites.

We heard this kind of suffering and have come here with the solution. We organized both the prepaid and postpaid Internet packages for you. So, don’t make late and read the instructions and codes.

Viva Prepaid Internet packages monthly :

Viva SIM offers users various kinds of prepaid Internet packages. The heavy Internet users of Viva SIM card get some special offers too. But there’re some common and cool offers. You can buy the one you need. You can purchase the packs using the codes.

5GB Monthly Data Pack 5Kd

  • with 100 mints talk time.
  • at 5 KD. To activate.
  • dial 12 and send it to 510.
  • 30 days

15 GB Monthly 3 KD Data pack

  • Send 93 to 910
  • at 3KD.
  • 30 days

15 GB monthly data Pack 3Kd With Bonus

  • with a 3GB bonus at 3KD.
  • Send 33 to 510 and purchase.
  • 30 days.

25 GB Data Pack 8KD

  • with 150 minutes.
  • Send 13 to 510.
  • 30 days.

50 GB Data Pack 15KD

  • 300 minutes bonus.
  • To purchase.
  • send 14 to 510.
  • 30 days.

200 GB Data Pack 18 KD

  • Unlimited free talk time.
  • Send 15 to 510 for activation.
  • 30 days

All these packages of the above are valid for 30 days. You can also buy the weekly or daily packages of Viva prepaid Internet as your need. But to purchase them, you have to install their App. This App will let you notified with the current offers always.

Postpaid Viva Internet packages:

Viva SIM also provides postpaid Internet packages to postpaid users. To purchase them, you need to pay them after using them. But you first need to know the offers and purchasing procedure and codes. All these are given below.

1TB postpaid plan at 10 KD/monthly

  • agree with the 12 months plan
  • to purchase it. You’ll get a
  • Cat 6 Router as free.
  • or a Cat16 router at 2.5 KD
  • and a Cat 19 router at 4 KD offer.
  • 24 months commitment
  • you will get the Cat 19 router at 1KD/monthly. 

2 TB postpaid plan at 13 KD/monthly

  • You’ll get a Cat 6 Router as free or
  • a Cat16 router at 1 KD.
  • and a Cat 19 router at 3 KD offer.
  • with a 12 month commitment.
  • By the 24 months commitment.
  • Cat 19 router at 0.5 KD/monthly.
  • the Cat 16 router free.

3TB postpaid plan at 18kd/monthly

  • You’ll get a Cat 6 Router as free.
  • Or you can use the Cat 16 and Cat 17 router purchasing this offer.
  • But just need to give a 24 month commitment.

Viva Booster Internet packages:

You can purchase the postpaid internet boosters that start from 1KD. You can purchase the

20 GB Internet 1 KD

  • for all social media.
  • sending 116 to 567.

20 GB Internet 1 Kd

  • Sending 118 to 567
  • From 1 AM to 7 AM at 1KD.

You can purchase the

20 GB Internet 1Kd

  • Send 118 to 567.
  • duration 7 Days.

20 GB Internet 1KD

  • For YouTube
  • Dailymotion(HD)
  • 1 Days .
  • sending 114 to 567.

40 GB internet 3Kd

  • For PS4
  • Xbox
  • Online gaming sites.
  • Sending 115 to 567.

15 GB Internet 3Kd

  • With special offers
  • Send 113 to 567 to activate.

15 GB Internet 4kD

  • Plus free WhatsApp.
  • Facebook.
  • Viber.
  • Sending 11 to 567.

Viva SIM offers a

50 GB Internet 7 KD

package with free

  • WhatsApp.
  • Facebook.
  • Viber
  • Send 12 to 567 to activate.

A 2TB Internet 18Kd

  • Postpaid Internet booster offer.
  • Send 13 to 567.

VIva PosPaid unlimited internet plan:

viva internet packages

To get more Stc Internet offer, install the Viva KW or mySTC App, and get their current postpaid Internet packages.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Stc Internet balance?

To check your stc Internet balance, dial *556#. This code may not work for the special offers. If any problem occurs with this code, follow our article on this topic from our website.

How can I buy an Stc Internet package? 

Well, Stc and Viva Kuwait is the same SIM card in different names. Follow our instructions again from the above.


Normally a SIM card offers so many types of Internet packages. The packages are normally of two types. One is a regular Postpaid And Prepaid Internet package, and the other is a bonus or gifting offer for heavy users.

Again SIM companies offer users with some prepaid Internet packages with lower prices to let the customers use their Viva Internet Packages services. Whatever, we tried to point out all the common and static Internet offers here and hope this will help you.