Prepaid Stc line Validity Recharge 2023

Oh, fish! Only a few days are remaining of my stc Sim validity!!”

Well, this may happen with us anytime. We may suddenly need to worry about our stc Prepaid SIM validity. This stc Line Validity article will help you know the validity extension procedure with codes here.

So, keep calm and have patience. Read this article. We assure you it will help you with what you need right now.

What is stc line validity?

Usually, every single product is valid. SIM cards are not out of them. But the validity procedure of several SIM cards is several. stc Prepaid line validity means the validity of the sim card, which means when the user can uses the sim as before.

And these are the primary two types. The other type is the chip’s validity and the plastic used on the sim card, which doesn’t fulfil the proper validity word. 

But the actual validity is the SIM card validity. The other main validity is too rare for our needs.

stc Recharge Validity Extension:

 Usually, every package has a validity time. SMS and internet validity is too less sometimes. But the call time validity is much higher than that. However, occasionally we may don’t check our validity and find no balance in our SIM card.

Also, sometimes we don’t recharge for 90 days. Then the SIM  card loses its validity becomes deactivated. It would be best if you renewed once within this time.

To extend recharge validity, you can use the code. The code is *456#. Calling this number, you can extend your recharge time up to 100 days. But this offer usually supports the person over 63 years. Cause they can’t remember. 

Usually, there’s no such way to extend this validity for others. They also need not use this. But to help the aged people, stc SIM  card offers this.

So, recharge your stc SIM within 60 days. And if you can’t, then renew at least within 90 days.

stc Prepaid SIM card Validity Extension

Do you think your sim card validity will deactivate at any time?

Are you finding the codes but still not getting them

No, problem! We have the solutions here. You need to pay some money for the extension of your SIM card. Then you’ll be able to use your balance.

Yeah, sometimes it happens when our sim card loses its validity and then needs to extend it via paying. Here the codes are given below for your help:

  1. Get a 12 months Validity using 13 KD. Type 64 and send it to 510.
  2. You can purchase six months of validity using 7KD. Type 63 and send it to 510.
  3. Pay 4KD and get a three months validity sending 62 to 510.
  4. You also can use the 15 days validity program. It’s from 1KD. To activate type 61 and send it to 510.

Using these codes, you can reactivate your SIM card and also can extend the validity.

Frequently Asked Question:

How can I check my stc validity in Kuwait? 

To check your validity of the stc Sim card, dial *555#, and you will know your balance and validity then.

Does the SIM card expire?

Usually, a SIM card never gets expired. It always provides its services. But if the map is not recharged, then it becomes deactivated.

How do you extend stc validity?

A SIM card is pretty much essential in our everyday life. But sometimes we use free services via our SIM. So, we don’t just recharge, and thus thinking as an unused SIM card, the companies deactivate them. Also, we need to extend our SIM card validity. So, it’s hoped this article with the codes helped you much.