Viva Prepaid Recharge In Kuwait

Do you use Viva SIM? Then it’s been a dream for you to have all the possible Viva recharge methods together. We are here to help you Viva Prepaid Recharge.

Viva is a telecom company in Kuwait, which is now known as STC. If you are a viva user, you might often encounter difficulties when it comes to finding a reliable way of viva Internet recharge.

Well, not anymore. We will give you two most comfortable and convenient ways to recharge your Viva SIM whenever you get out of balance. The best part is both the methods are viva online recharge system.

Viva Prepaid Recharge MySTC App System:

Recharge the viva prepaid card online through the STC app.

viva prepaid recharge
  • Install mySTC app.
  • You can install it from google play store or apple store.
  • Then click the registration option and register with your phone number.
  • Fill the customer information form. 
  • Then add money to your account. 
  • Press the sawa recharge button.
  • Enter the mobile number.
  • Press continue. 
  • Choose your desired recharge card.
  • select amount, and then click pay.

That is how easy it is to recharge your viva sim using STC app. 

As for now, you might have got all your answers regarding About viva recharge. But wait, we will offer you more. We will provide you with some frequently asked questions and their response to your betterment.

Viva Kuwait Recharge Website System:

If you are not comfortable with apps, then no worries have you covered. You can directly visit STC’s official website. We will tell you below how you can recharge online your viva SIM using STC’s website.

viva kuwait recharge,viva internet recharge,viva online recharge
  • First, go to their website‘ s prepaid recharge section or
  • Then type your viva mobile number.
  • Then type the amount. 
  • Then select the card you from which you want to pay. 
  • You can choose from five cards.
  • They are K-net,
  • Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club. 
  • Then check the terms and condition box.
  • Click proceed.
  • Finally, your recharge will be successful.

Recharging with this method is secure and safe. You don’t have to go through any extra effort.


1. How can I recharge my STC card ONLINE?

We already gave you the possible ways how to recharge the STC card online. Viva is now known as STC.

2. How to I extent my STC SIM card validity?

The line is actuated upon first use. Legitimate for as long as 60 days from initiation. If not energized and unused for 90 days, the administration will be ended. SIM card legitimacy stretches out as indicated by each revives card picked. To check your Sawa balance, dial *166# or call 1500.

3. How to check STC/viva balance in Kuwait?

To check viva balance type *5553 and call. Simple as that.

 Hopefully, we have been able to satisfy your queries. Thank you for reading the article.