Who Accepts Greensky Credit

Greensky Inc. is an American company that provides various financial technology and support. The company is located in Athena, Georgia. The company started its operation in 2006. Throughout the years, Greensky became one of the leading financial services provider companies in the state. There are three sources of Greensky that provide all the services to its customers.

They are State-chartered finance companies, federal, and federally insured. Greensky became so massively popular among the people that they borrowed about 5 billion dollars from the Greensky Credit Program companies. As the services of Greensky are pretty customer friendly and satisfactory, people rated it as one of the greatest financial services provider companies. As a result, It achieved great success in a short time.

who accepts greensky credit

Unlike other financial support companies, Greensky does not use its capital for loans and other services. In this industry, it is not a well-known system to provide this kind of service. Some other companies use their capital to provides financial technology services to their customers such as Social Finance Limited and Lending Club Corporation.

However, a service with its capital is more popular among the customers. In 2016 Greensky started to make partnerships with banks. At first, it started a partnership with 14 banks. Regional Financial Bank and Sun Trap are some big partners of Greensky. Greensky launched its mobile application so that customers easily manage and pay their loans with the app. The application is available for both Android and Apple. The GreenSky Company has 1400 Individual contributors including Home Depot.

Who Accepts Greensky Credit?

Greensky credit can only be used for home improvement expenses. There are many home improvement contractors (almost all good ones) that accept Greensky loan credit. All the home improvement companies and stores should be linked with Greensky and Hardware stores also accept Greensky Credit. Almost anything you want to buy for your home, you can spend it with your Greensky Credit. There are few other things you should keep in mind,

  • Greensky credits can only be used in home improvement projects.
  • Although you can borrow up to 65,000 from Greensky, you can borrow $55,000 if you want to repair your home.
  • You can use your loan with a payment card.
  • You can use your payment card for six months.
  • The loan can be repaid in 90 months.


This was all about who accepts greensky credit. Check out the frequently asked question. You may find some important information there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Greensky Make Money?

The Greensky company started its operation in 2006. Throughout the years, Greensky became one of the leading financial services provider companies in the state. Greensky offers a point go sale solution to connect customers who borrow and the regional bank that fund the lend. This is how greensky makes its most money.

How do I cancel my Greensky loan?

You can close your loan account anytime if you don’t want to use your loan. For closing your loan account, you will have to contact the service dept. by email at [email protected]

How does Greensky credit work?

Greensky does not lend money from their funds. It uses bank funds to provide loans. In simple words, Greensky connects the borrowers and lenders. They also made partnerships with home improvement contractors. Greensky loans contain many customer-friendly features. Such as, if someone pays the loan within a period he will not have to pay any interest at all.

Can you pay off Greensky Loan early?

There are many ways to pay the Greensky loan. You can pay online or from your mobile application. (the application is available for Android and Apple) You can also schedule automatic payments drafted from your bank account. Choose a suitable method for yourself. There is no penalty for paying off your loan before time.

How do I apply for a Greensky loan?

There are several ways to apply for Greensky Loan,

Visit your provider’s office using the proprietary mobile application. The application is available for Android and Apple. There you will bet a link over the internet. You can also contact them by telephone at (844) 810-7713.