Work Permit Kuwait [Requirement ll Application]

The work permit in Kuwait is an iqama that is granted under articles 17 and 18 of the immigration rules. The permit is granted for the public and private sector workers. The work visa falls under the resident visa and two other types of visas.

The applicant must first accept an offer for employment before applying for this Visa. This post will talk in detail about the Work Permit Kuwait.

How to Get Work Permit Copy in Kuwait Online?

Individuals do not benefit from applying or receiving a copy of the Kuwait Work Visa online. If they are residents of any country within the Kuwait embassy, they need to go to the Embassy themselves.

If they aren’t a resident within the Kuwait embassy, then they will have to contact their employers for any details regarding their work permit and entry visa.

Work Permit Kuwait

Requirements for the Work Visa:

Every employer needs to have a work permit to work under the Kuwait government. For applying for a work permit, the required documents are:

  1. A valid passport. The validity of the passport should last for at least six months before its date of expiration.
  2. The Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues a properly filled visa application.
  3. One passport size photograph.
  4. An HIV or AIDS test result.
  5. A health certificate issued by a local doctor. The certificate should show that the applicant is healthy and does not have any kind of contagious disease.
  6. Police clearance that shows the applicant has no past criminal records.

Eligibility for Kuwait Employment Visa:

To qualify for travel to the country with a

visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Be a real traveler: You should have a legitimate and positive purpose after

visiting the country.

Sufficient Account Balance: You need to have enough money to support yourself and your

dependents throughout your stay.

Reasons for return: You must have strong obligations in your country to ensure

that you will return after your stay.

Be ethical: You must have a

clean criminal record and be ethical. You may need to provide the PCC (Police

Clean-up Certificate).

Be healthy: You must at least

meet the health requirements of the authorities.

Process of Application for a Work Visa:

Step 1: Suppose the applicant is not a resident of the Kuwait embassy. In that case, the employer of the applicant needs to submit all the required documents to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.

Step 2: After the submission of the documents, they will receive a NOC along with the work permit.

Step 3: The employer will then send the permit and NOC to the applicant who needs to show it to the Interior Ministry and receive the entry visa.

Step 4: If they are a resident of the Kuwait embassy, then the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send a copy of their work permit to the Kuwait embassy.

Step 5: The copy will be sent to the applicant’s residential country’s Kuwait embassy.

Step 6: The applicant will also readily receive a copy of their work permit since they may be asked to show it in the Embassy.

Kuwait Work Permit Validity:

For Kuwait work visas, the validity of the permit lasts for 30 days from the date of issuing the Visa for any applicant. Hence, if applicants need to extend their stay, they will be asked to renew their Visa from the Embassy.

Work Visa for Kuwait Price:


Applicants can pay Visa and such other fees through their Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, or IVR.

The decision for sanctioning or refusing a visa is the sole preference of the Government of Kuwait.

Conditions for Entry:

  1. Applicant must not take up any paid employment during the visit to Kuwait.
  2. Applicants must be able to financially support themself (and any dependents) during the visit.
  3. Passport ought to be valid for the time you will be in Kuwait or the span of the Visa, whichever is longer.
  4. If the passport validity is in doubt, you may be refused entry to Kuwait.
Visa Types  Duration  Normal Value in INR  Express Value in INR Entry
Single Entry 30 Days for Male Applicants 31000 N.A. Single Person
Single Entry 30 Days for Female Applicants 34000 N.A. Single Person

Kuwait Work Visa Age Limit:

Kuwait currently does not contain any authorised working age limit on its regulations page. However, they maintain a hiring limit for foreign employees to the age of applicants who are under 60 years. Hence, the applicants should mandatorily be under 60 years of age to be eligible to work.

As per Kuwait labour law, the lowest age for an applicant to opt for a Kuwait work permit is 21 years.

Kuwait Work Visa 2022:

People with a commercial visit visa can now interchange it for a work permit as foreign nationals in Kuwait. As per the announcements made by the Director-General of the Public Authority of Manpower, also known as PAM, Mr Ahmed Al-Mousa, all foreign commercial Visa holders can exchange their existing Visas with a Work Permit.

The Public Authority of Manpower additionally hopes to meet the increasing request for human resources by companies in Kuwait by making it more straightforward to transform all Visit Permits into Work Visas for foreign citizens.

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This specific article has quoted all necessary and recent data or news about Work Permit Kuwait for applicants to be at ease about the newly formed rules and notices by the Government of Kuwait.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a work permit in Kuwait?

Answer: You need to visit the Kuwait Visa’s official website and apply for a Work Permit. By following the rules and details stated above, anyone can apply for a permit by fulfilling the criteria mentioned in the article.

Is Kuwait issuing work visas now?

Answer: Yes. The ban on Work Visas in Kuwait for foreign citizens has been lifted now. Although the procedure has changed as compared to the previous application process. For further news, applicants must check the official website for any new updates.

How long does it generally take to get a work permit in Kuwait?

Answer: It usually takes 5 to 7 working days for applicants to get their Visa after the application is complete.