Www.Moi Qatar ID Renewal Tracking [Step By Step]

The Qatar government can provide facilities to renew their ID cards and visas accurately. This service s provided by the “Qatar Post”, which is in partnership with the interior and immigration department ministry. The residents can easily track their ID renewal And Visa status by using their passport number and ID number. If you want Qatar ID renewal tracking for recently updated ID status, you have to follow the instructions given.

Qatar ID Renewal Tracking Steps By Steps:

The process of Qatar ID renewal tracking is straightforward. Here we can discuss a few simple steps to quickly check the renewal status of your ID by following the easy steps given below.

Step 1: Visit the MOI website by clicking on this link to check the Qatar ID renewal status.

Qatar ID Renewal Tracking

Step 2: Choose the English language option from the top corner of the webpage shown on the screen.

Qatar ID Renewal Tracking

Step 3: Choose the inquiry option, a new page is opened.

Qatar ID Renewal Tracking

Step 4: Then, choose the other inquiry option on the newly opened webpage shown on your screen.

Qatar ID Renewal Tracking

Step 5: Then, choose the option of official documents Qatar ID renewal tracking.

Qatar ID Renewal Tracking

Step 6: Now fill up the requirements, such as you have to put your QID number, nationality, captcha code and then click on the search button.

Qatar ID Renewal Tracking

Now you can see the status of your ID. If a new expiry date is shown, it means your ID is successfully renewed.

Update About Expired Qatar ID:

The Qatar residents have a residency permit. Whenever their ID cards expire, they have to renew them. The residents have to pay a fine for expired dated ID cards after a fixed period. During this period, they have to apply for the renewal of their ID. Qatar is the place of expiates and immigrations, so their residency permit validity depends on their visas.

If you want to know the expiry date of Qatar ID, you have an ID number or passport number. Then you should be able to see the expiry date in a few simple steps by visiting the official website of Moi.Gov.QA.

QID tracking through Q-post:

Q-post is sound as Qatar post and is an affordable mailing solution or a standard mail for non-urgent mails. Qatar post is a specialized company with postal delivery services established in 1950. It comes into being in the name of the general postal corporation. Its headquarters are located at the centre of the ministry of transport and communications.

How to renew Qatar ID in Matrash 2:

Metrash 2 is a new mobile app for e-services introduced by the interior ministry (MOI). This app will help the residents of Qatar with the automatic renewal of QID. will be beneficial as it saves them time and effort of residents and keeps them away from paying fine in case of delay in renewal.

How much is the Qatar ID renewal fee:

The residency renewal fee that you have to pay for residency permits is given below on dependents

Per person, for your family, wife, and children, you will be charged QR 500. You may get a discount based on a 3-year renewal. You will be charged QR 1000 as a company’s sponsor. QR 20 will be paid for RP delivery charges.

Residents permits allow the renewal of Qatar ID for individuals and the company’s sponsors. The ministry of the interior (MOI) allows the new resident permit for about three years.

Things to Know about MOI QID renewal:

You must apply in person to the Nationality and Travel Documents

Department of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) to apply for the renewal of a

Qatar ID. A representative can do it to apply for the renewal of ID. For this,

you have to visit its sub-offices scattered in the country.

Provided with an application form through the MOI website.

You have to fill up the required information and attach the documents and the form that includes two passport size photos, the Qatar ID, and one photocopy. Then you have to pay the fee for the renewal of Qatar ID, then your process to renew the Qatar ID will be started. For all these procedures, first, you have to log in to the MOI website.

Qatar ID cancellation tracking:

If any resident of Qatar violates the Qatar Government’s law, their ID, a passport is blocked for about five years. Their resident permit will be cancelled, and he cannot be allowed to enter Qatar. If you want to know the cancellation status of your ID, whether it be cancelled or not, there are a few easy steps to follow. For this visit, the MOI official website uses your QID number or a passport number.

The Qatar ID renewal tracking is essential to know the cancellation status of QID. If the message of cancellation appeared on QID status, then your ID card was blocked already. If there is any such message that the expiry date will be shown on your ID card status screen, then your QID is not blocked.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1- How many times will it take for the renewal of an ID card?

It does not take much time. Your ID may be renewed in a period of three to five days.

Q2- How can I correctly check my Qid? 

Connect with your smart card to the MOI e-services portal Click on “Services at the residence” then on “Payment of fine at the residence” Enter the QID number of the sponsor to calculate the fine incurred on the residence, in case of an offence.

Q3- How much is that the fine for a terminated visa in Qatar?

Well, the visa in qatar expires every day before the come ticket. The penalty is 200QAR for each night you overstay.

Q4- What occurred if I didn’t renew my visa?

Suppose you abide by the tip date of your approved stay, as provided by the CBP officer at a port-of-entry or U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In that case, your visa can usually be voided or deleted.

Q5- When am I able to renew my Qatar ID? 

The service is out there for Qataris, residents, and firms holding Qatar ID Cards. Resident Permits renewal may be done three months before the termination date.

Q6- Can you enter Qatar with an expired ID? 

The Ministry of Labor, Administrative Development and Social Affairs previously announced that “Expats who cannot come to #Qatar due to COVID19 will be able to enter Qatar after the ban is lifted, even if their QIDs have expired or are outside of for more than six months Qatar stayed”.