Zabeel Park Dubai [Address II Time II Ticket II Facilities]

Dubai is the city of joy. The glory of the United Arab Emirates certainly lies in the heart of Dubai. There is no shortage of entertaining places in Dubai. But green parks are a kind of place where we can calm our mind with complete refreshments. There are lots of them in Dubai, but Zabeel park Dubai stands out from the rest for many reasons.

The park is so big that 45 football fields can easily fit into it. It’s one of the largest public parks in Dubai. The park features lots of attractions. Doesn’t matter what age you are, what taste you have, there are many different things you can enjoy in the park. Barbeque pit, Dance parties, pop-up stores, there is no shortage of joyful activities in the park. That’s why the place is very popular and usually becomes overcrowded in the holidays.

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Address of Zabeel Park Dubai:

The park is located in the Zabeel area, near Al Jafiliya Metro Station in Dubai. The Park has multiple entrance, zabeel park gate 1 is located on the Wastern side of area A.

Timing Of Dubai Zabeel Park:

 Sunday to Wednesday 8 AM to 10 PM.

Thursday to Saturday 8 AM to 11 pm.

Contact Number of Zabeel Park Dubai:

Call +971-4-398-6888 to get any kind of information about the park.

Ticket Price Of Zaabeel Park:

The entry fee is AED 5 per person. Children below 2 years old can enter free.

What To Do In Zabeel Park Dubai?

What can be better than exploring a new place? Especially when you are visiting a park with wonderful activities. Roam around with your friends and family and check out all the places. The park is compared with various edutainment places such as Alternative energy zone, Tecno Zone, Communication Zone, etc. Those centers are the best place to bring your kids, they will learn interesting lessons with enjoyment. Dubai Farm is one of the best attractions of the park where you can mind-blowing views of old and new Dubai. Go through the comprehensive information If the main attraction of the park.

zabeel park dubai,dubai zabeel park,zaabeel park,zabeel park gate 1

1. Children City

What can be a bigger attraction than watching the kids playing and enjoying themselves? Children’s city is kind of a place where kids can play all day long if they find companies. The place is full of fun obstacles, slides, and a lot more. Some of the obstacles are physically a bit difficult. So it’s a good way to make them exercise.

2. Lush green walkways 

The park contains a beautiful path that goes through green surroundings. You can use the walkways to explore the park. Well, it’s tough to cover all the areas of the park as it is the biggest public park in Dubai. If you have time, go for it. If you feel tired, there are good spots to take a rest. But remember Dubai is a very hot place, keep a water bottle in your bag to keep hydrated. If it’s a hot sunny afternoon, avoid heavy physical activities like running.

3. The Dinosaur Park

Dinosaurs are another major attraction of the park. The place contains lots of gigantic dinosaur models. Your kids will surely like the place. Though the dino”saur”s looks alive, tell the kids they are “dinosweets” as they wouldn’t move and scare you. Yup, kidding. There is also a dinosaur museum in the park where you and your kids can learn about those prehistoric giants.

4. Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai garden glow is somewhere you will want to visit again if you visit it at night times. The place comes alive in the winter times.

5. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a 150 meters high and 93 meters long frame-like structure. It’s a landmark structure of Zabeel Park. It’s known as the largest picture frame in the world. If you are visiting the place, why would you miss the chance to click a bunch of pictures with your friends and family to keep the memory alive for life long?

Dubai Frame is open from 9 AM to 9 PM. You will have to come to Zabeel Park gate 4 to visit the place. You will have to buy tickets for watching Dubai Frame. The ticket costs AED 50 for adults and AED 20 for children. Kids under 2 years old can enter for free. If you have any more queries about the frame, call 800900 to contact the administration.

6. Zabeel Park Fela Market

Zabeel Park Fela Market is a much-celebrated event for locals of Dubai. The market is specialized for the various second-hand product. You can find many things for real cheap. The event is one of the main attractions of the park and attracts a lot of visitors. When the market starts, the park becomes overcrowded. So coming early is an easy fix to the parking issues.

The market starts at 6 PM and ends at 10 PM. Entry fees are AED 06 per person. Call +971-55-886-8939 for any kind of query about the market.

Parking Facilities of Zabeel Park.

The park provides free parking for visitors. There are 2323 parking spots in the park, so it needs a very busy day to fill up all the spots. So you don’t need to worry about the parking if it’s not a holiday. On weekends, don’t bring a car or come early so you don’t face any parking issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contact number of zabeel park dubai?

 Call +971-4-398-6888 to contact the authority of the park.

Is Zabeel Park free? 

You will have to pay AED 5 to enter the park. Children under 2 years old or differently-abled people would not have to pay the fees.