zain autopay Method Step By Step

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zain autopay

Are you using zain SIM and looking for Zain autopay? No need to stress here.

Zain is a telecom company in Kuwait. Zain auto pay is a service which allows users to pay their due bill. It gives customers flexibility over bill payment. If you are not familiar with auto pay, let me describe it for you.

What is zain Auto pay?

Zain that allows user to pay their monthly bill directly. It automatically cuts your due monthly bill from your given bank account. So, you don’t have to go through any of the hassles.

Both prepaid and postpaid users can activate. However, the activation procedure is the same. 

Postpaid: Kuwait Zain auto pay is a very convenient service in postpaid because, without any hesitation, your mobile bill is getting paid. 

Prepaid: If your phone’s balance goes less than KD 0.750, then automatically an amount will be paid from your credit card to recharge your sim. The good news is you can choose the amount yourself according to your usage. 

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How to activate zain Autopay?

I will give you the three most convenient ways to activate autopay. You can easily activate autopay service by using this method.

1. Zain KW app Method Activate:

You can activate autopay using the zain KW app. To activate, you need to follow the following steps. 

  • Install zain KW app from the play store or apple store.
  • Open the app.
  • Create an account by giving your zain phone number and creating a password.
  • To verify, you will receive a code.
  • Enter the code and press continue.
  • Find the autopay option in the menu bar and fill up the required information. 
  • Give your bank account number. If you are a prepaid user, you need to choose an amount.
  • Click proceed and wait for the confirmation text.
  • Once you received a confirmation text, your service has started. 

2. Pay Online Website Method:

If you are not comfortable with using the app, we have another way out for you. Just follow these steps below.

  • Go to
  • Select autopay.
  • Sign in by giving the required information.

Select the amount you would like to pay (if you are a prepaid user).

After completing, you will get a confirmation text.

Note: Accept Payment Cards
  1. American express 
  2. K- net cards Local
  3. and International cards

3. Offline Line Method:

We have an option for you. You can activate zain auto pay offline by following steps. 

Go to your phone’s keypad.

Type *2526#.

Simple as that, and you will be subscribed.


How to unsubscribe from zain auto pay?

Just call 107 and tell the customer care that you want to unsubscribe.

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