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Whatever your need is, we are here to help you know the procedures of Zain Credit Transfer.

Zain To Zain Balance Transfer In Kuwait: 

So you may be thinking of the possible way to transfer a balance from your Zain Number to another Zain number. We will help you here on this Zain To Zain Balance Transfer topic.

zain credit transfer
  1. The first type “ON” in your massage bar and send it to 99998.
  2. This will register you as a new subscriber.  
  3. Now, you’ll get a new PIN. This will be needed in the future. 
  4. To unsubscribe type “OFF” and send it to 999998. 
  5. Type “T”( recipient) [Amount] and send it to 99998 for initializing transfers. 
  6. Now send the PIN you received before, to the 99998 number, to confirm the transfer. 
  7. For cancelling the open transfer, you send “Cancel” to 99998. 
  8. If you want to change the Pin later, type “C” and then type the Old Pin then New Pin.
  9. And send the “C” in 99998 number.  


For transferring the balance, you shouldn’t have a 50KD past due or more in your Post Paid SIM, and it needs to be active within 90 days before the transfer. Your Pre Paid number must have at least 0.001 KD remaining balance. The booty of 100 Files is allowed only. 

Zain Credit Transfer International:

You may be thinking of transferring credit abroad or may in other numbers to your country. For International use, Zain SIM provides chances to transfer balance in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and more countries. To know the procedure follows these constructions. 

  • First, send “TR” to the 94009 number to start the service.   
  • Now you’ll get an SMS. By following it, you can transfer your balance yours likewise.  
  • And Enjoy Purchase Zain Internet.

You also can transfer via installing the Zain app.

zain credit transfer international
  1. First, go to the menu and select “Credit Transfer.” 
  2. Now type the number you want to transfer on the “Transfer Credit To” pad. 
  3. Now select the number of credits you want to transfer. 
  4. Type your Pin here on this page. 
  5. You may reset the Pin. Then a new pin will come as an SMS in your Zain number. 
  6. Then giving the Pin, you have to click on “Transfer.”   
  7. Now, the procedure is done by giving you a Congratulations message. 

If you still don’t understand, you can call 107, Zain’s call center number. For more details, you can call us on +96597107107, which is for International help. 


1. What to do if I forget my PIN?  

If you are transferring credit abroad, then go to the “Reset Pin” option. Then you’ll get a pin in your Zain Number. 

And if you’re following Zain To Zain Balance Transfer In Kuwait, send “ON” again in 99998, and you’ll get the Pin again. 

2. What if I have dues in my Zain Kuwait Number? 

You also can transfer credit when you have less than 50KD in your Zain Kuwait Number. But when you don’t have a balance in your own PrePaid number, then no chance of transferring any. 

3. What is the transfer limit? 

You can transfer the highest 30KD and can make 20 transactions per month. 

4. How much credit should I have to transfer via Zain Kuwait Number?

You must have more than 1KD in your account and must stay 1KD after the transaction. Otherwise, it won’t be sent. 

The 1st telecommunications company in the Middle East is Zain. After the foundation in 1983, it’s working for people to connect people.  

Whether you got an amount by someone’s fault or want to gift a friend abroad or in Kuwait, you can follow our steps of zain credit transfer pin forgot article above.

If any more confusion, then read the article again, and we hope those confusions will be solved then.