Zain Internet Balance Check Code Saudi Arabia

Zain Saudi Arabia was the third mobile network launched in Saudi Arabia. Zain is one of the most popular telecom operators. Zain network was launched on 26 august 2008. One of the largest networks is a pioneer across the Middle East and North Africa. After four months of its launch, it enrolled more than 2 million subscribers and provided service to over 48.5 million customers.

Suppose you are a subscriber or planning to subscribe to Zain internet service but wonder about Zain internet balance check code Saudi Arabia. There are various ways to check the internet balance, but in In this article, we will discuss only the codes used to check internet balance.

Zain Internet Balance Check Code Saudi Arabia:

A lot of people found it difficult to check their internet balance status. You can check your internet balance on your sim card through very few simple steps:

  • Go to your dial panel on your phone.
  • Dial *405#.
  • Your remaining internet balance will be on your screen.

How to Check Zain Balance Through Sms:

There is also another way to find out the remaining internet balance, which is also not complicated. You can easily check your balance through SMS by following some steps.

  • Start writing a massage.
  • Type “BC”.
  • Please send it to 700212.
  • Your current internet balance status will be on your screen.

All the above methods will be free. Customers do not have to pay any charger to check their internet balance. So do it without any worries.

How to Check Zain Internet Balance Online:

Another way to check your internet balance check is the Zain application. Zain’s application is unable us to do our activities effectively. Other than this you can check your balance, recharge your SIM, pay your bill, transfer balance, recharge prepaid SIM and automatic cut balance extra services many more through this application.

How to Check Internet Balance Postpaid:

Subscribers can check their postpaid balance in a very smooth way. You can check it by following some steps mentioned below

  • Dial 959 on your phone.
  • Choose your lounge.
  • Dial number 1 for the balance inquiry.
  • Again dial one to check your balance.
  • Listen to your remaining balance.

Zain Sim Number Check Code Saudi Arabia:

To check your SIM you have to follow some basic steps. Which is listed below:

  • Dial *144#.
  • Then call on this code.
  • The message will pop up.
  • You will get your Zain SIM number.

Final Words:

Zain is the leading date service and telecom operator in Saudi Arabia. With best customer service. In this article, we have mentioned all the Zain internet balance check codes in Saudi Arabia above for their subscriber’s help.


Zain is a reliable and safe network?

Zain network is one of the most recognized telecom operators due to its reliability. This company provides services to 48.5 customers and has successfully established itself as a reliable company among them.

Is the Zain network is only available in Saudi Arabia?

Zain network is commercially established in more than eight countries. The countries in which Zain operates are Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, South Sudan, and Mexico.

Is there any other method to check your internet balance other than dialing codes?

Yes, different methods are available to check your internet balance other than code. Such as calling on the Zain helpline to check your balance; you can also check through the mobile app of the Zain network. Other than this, you can also visit their website for inquiries.

Can I call on the Zain helpline easily?

Zain network provides a specific number to their customer where they can call for help, In case of any problem without any hesitation. The number of Zain Customer services is 959 or 0590000959.