Zain KSA Internet Packages Saudia Arabia

Like every other person in the world population, you will also be using the internet packages on your smartphones to enjoy the best benefits of the internet in your personal as well as professional life. Are you not using the internet while reading this article?

In this article, you will learn about the Zain KSA internet packages. After reading this article, you will have full knowledge of the internet bundles of Zain KSA  for which you have come to this place.

There are millions of people in KSA and Kuwait who are using the internet for different purposes. So, having the proper knowledge about internet packages will increase your internet capacity and usage, as well as save your money. So here, you will know about different Zain internet packages, their validity, prices, activation processes, and all other details that are needed to be known for using the internet on Zain in KSA. So, let’s start to discuss different internet packages.

Nature and the Types of Internet Packages:

There are two main categories of Zain, the largest mobile data network in Saudi Arabia, the Prepaid Internet packages and postpaid Internet packages. In this article, you will be informed about all the complete details about these two types of internet packages on the Zain Network, including their prices and validity.

Prepaid 5g Internet Packages of Zain:

Zain KSA is the most famous network in Saudi Arabia, and it offers its customers the subscription of their data plans according to their needs on a prepaid internet package basis.

In prepaid internet packages, customers pay before and buy their data from the network Zain KSA, and use and subscribe to their internet packages according to their needs. The amount of data and their prices vary according to their time duration and data Mbs. For example, the 20 GB data of Zain KSA for 15 days will be more expensive than 10GB data for only 7 days.

Below the table, we will discuss the prepaid internet packages of Zain KSA, their prices, and all the required details that are needed to be understood for using the different internet and data packages of Zain KSA.

Price of Package Duration of Package Volume of Package Activation Codes
SAR 113.85 1 Month 25 GB + 25GB Social 408
SAR 184 30 Days 100 GB 411
SAR 189.75 3 Months 30 GB + 30GB Social 409
SAR 228.85 2 Months 75 GB + 75 GB Social 410
SAR 373.7 30 Days Unlimited data + Social 416
458.85 3 months 150 GB + 150GB Social 422
SAR 517.5 3 Months 300 GB 414
SAR 1148.8 3 Months Unlimited Data + Social 417

How to Activate Zain Internet Packages:

For the activation of internet packages of Zain KSA, you need to follow the following process for specific internet bundle activation.

For Zain one month’s Internet Package 25 GB

Write 408 in the message box and send it to 959

For monthly 100 GB

Write 411 and send it to 959

For Zain, three months of internet package 100 GB

Write the message 421 and send it to 959

For three months 150 GB

Write 422 and send it to the number 959

Zain three months Unlimited internet Package

Write a message 417 and send this message to 959

Zain Unlimited Internet for Three Months:

For the activation of Zain three months unlimited internet in SAR 999.

Write “5GUL3” and send it to 959.

Zain Internet Packages 50gb:

For the subscription of 50 GB packages of Zain

Type in message box “50GB2” and forward it to 959

Or, Write “CS50GB” and send it to 959.

Zain Internet Packages 100gb 3 Months:

For getting 100GB for 3 months, follow the mentioned process below.

Write “CA100” and Send it to 959.

The internet package will be activated on your mobile.

Zain Saudi Arabia Prepaid Plans Unlimited:

Zain prepaid Unlimited packages can be activated by this process.

For 1 Day Unlimited: type DUL and send it to 959 = SAR 11

For unlimited 7 Days : Type 420 and send it to the number 959 = SAR 85

For 1 month: Write 415 and send it to 959 = SAR 349

Zain Saudi Arabia Shabab Prepaid Plans Activation:

For Zain Shabab Packages

Type S59 and send it to 959 = SAR 67.85

For 30 GB, Type S149 and send it to 959 = SAR 171.35

For 50GB, type S199 and send it to 959 = SAR 179

Unlimited Youtube Plans of Zain Saudi Arabia:

Activate unlimited Zain youtube Package.

For 1 Day, type 500 and send it to 959 = SAR 9

For 7 Days, type 501 and send it to 959 = SAR 39

For 30 Days, send 502 to 959 = SAR 99

Unlimited Social Media Plans of Zain Saudi Arabia:

For 1 Day subscription of Zain Social Media, type 310 and send it to 959 = SAR 5

For 7 Days, type 313 and send it to 959 = SAR 35

For 30 Days, type 312 and then send it to 959 = SAR 60

How to Check Zain Internet Packages:

The customers of Zain KSA can also check their remaining internet bundles using different simple methods. If you want to know how much data is remaining in your specific activated internet bundle, you can follow these simple and easy steps.

By dialling the Code:

If you want to check your data balance on Zain KSA by dialling code, you can dial *142*1 hash. The remaining internet data of yours will be shown on screen.

By Zain Application:

  1. Install the Zain application on your mobile phone.
  2. After installation, log in details will be required for your signing up in Zain Application.
  3. You will need to verify your mobile number in the Zain application for the completion of login details.
  4. After the successful login process, your Zain application account will be opened and your name will be shown there.
  5. Now, in this application of Zain KSA, you can easily check your remaining internet data balance.

By Sending a Message:

Do you want to check your Zain internet balance by sending a message to a number? Zain also offers its customers the option to check their data and internet balance by sending a message to a specific number.

To check your internet balance, you should have to write “BC” in your message box and send this message to 700212.

By Helpline Number:

You can also check your Zain internet Balance, by calling their helpline number. For internet data balance information, you need to dial 959, after dialling it person from the Zain call centre will inform you about your remaining internet balance in your Zain Account.

Terms and Conditions for Zain Ksa Internet Packages:

Like in every field of life, Zain KSA also has some terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations that need to be fulfilled by its customers while using and utilizing its different prepaid and postpaid internet packages.

Here, we are going to discuss in this article the specific conditions of the Zain telecommunication network, which you need to keep in mind while using the internet. some customers zain to zain load a money shop, market etc then bring a zain internet packges.

  • Postpaid packages don’t have a limit of less than one month. Postpaid packages can only be activated for one month only.
  • Prepaid internet packages on the Zain network have different time limits and durations. You can activate your internet bundles according to your desired needs for some specific days.
  • The data which is provided by the Zain KSA telecommunication network can only be used for a specific time limit, after that time limit, the remaining data can’t be used further.

Benefits of Using Zain KSA:

Zain KSA also provides this facility to its customers so that they can use Zain KSA in their Hajj and Umrah packages for their facilitation on these occasions.

  • Zain KSA SIM can also be taken from Saudi Airport after complete bio-metric verification and authentication of the buyer.
  • In the new SIM, there will be a 23.4 balance after buying it in 30 SAR.


After reading all these details about the different Zain KSA internet packages. We have come to know and reached this point that Zain KSA is providing the best internet package services in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries. Zain KSA provides daily, weakly, monthly, three-month and six months internet packages services at reasonable prices according to your needs, choices and requirements for your internet usage.

Hence, it can be said that Zain is the best telecommunication network in KSA for its services related to internet packages in KSA. The remarkable internet packages of Zain are also the reasons for its widespread popularity in KSA and Kuwait.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1: Can internet bundles of Zain KSA be subscribed to by sending messages to 959?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to subscribe to internet packages by message to 959, because it is the official number of Zain telecommunication network for subscribing internet packages. But you will need to send the required details of the specific internet bundle to subscribe to it.

Q2: Can the internet bundle be re-subscribed if the internet data ends before its due date?

Yes, why not. You can also re-subscribe to your Zain internet bundle If it ends before its due date.

Q3: Is it possible that the remaining internet data from the previous internet bundle can be shifted to the next internet bundle?

No, it is not possible. The internet data must be used by its due date, after its expiry, the remaining data cannot be used.

Q4: Daily and weekly data internet bundles on Zain KSA are available on postpaid packages or not?

No, daily and weekly internet bundles are not available on postpaid packages. On postpaid internet packages, only monthly bundles can be subscribed to. Weekly and daily internet bundles can easily be subscribed to using prepaid internet packages.

Q5: Are 5G internet packages are available on Zain KSA?

Yes, the best internet 5G bundles are also provided by Zain Telecommunication network. You can subscribe to 5G internet bundles easily through Zain KSA.