Zain Kuwait validity Extension [Line Validity]

Zain is one of the best sim companies in Kuwait. By using the Zain sim, you can get lots of unique beneficial features. Users must know all the SIM information before using the SIM or while using the SIM card. Then it can solve any problem quickly. 

So today, we will present all the facts about the Zain Kuwait validity extension. I hope the users will find it useful. So Let’s, read the whole report without delay. 

Zain Kuwait Validity Extension And Validity:

If the mobile balance runs out when you go somewhere, there is no way to make a call, Or when the internet is over suddenly, then it is a problem. 

So it is good to know about the Zain Kuwait validity extension. If there is any problem, then there is no problem. 

Availability of Recharge And Validity:  

Recharge is a common thing for sim users. But when we ran out of money or balance, we would like to extend our validity. Let’s know zain Kuwait recharge validity details.  

Recharge cards for KD 25,20,10,5,3 and 1.5 are sold, extending service for 20-365 days.

Zain Kuwait’s validity extension service is doing a fantastic job for its users. They always think about their user’s comfort. here is the list of how can you extend your validity: 

  1. For 15 days at KD 1, activation: 1 
  2. For 60 days at KD 3, activation: 2 
  3. For 120 days at KD 5, activation: 3 
  4. For 365 days at KD 13, activation: 4 

Data Features Of Zain Kuwait

  • At KD 5: 10GB data, local calls 100 min (activation 12) 
  • At kd 8 :25gb data, local calls 150min (activation 13) 
  • At kd 12: 50 gb data, local calls 300min unlimited on-net(activation 14) 
  • At KD 18: 200 GB of data, unlimited local calls ( activation 15) 

To activate the above packs, send code to 510.package s will auto-renew. To turn off, dial *161#.  

You can add more data to the base plans; this data add on is offered: 

At KD 3 : 15GB for 30days (activation text 33 to 510).

This offer can only be activated after subscribing to one of the combo base bundles. 

Data-only SIM 

For data devices service, their ‘XPress Internet’ data-only SIM is sold. The starter pack comes with 30 GB valid for 30 days at KD 7. For per 15GB, we can add for KD 3. 

A prepaid SIM card needs only two things to work, balance and validity. Each time you add top-up credit, you will also get additional validity days.  

Zain prepaid validity extension Kuwait details: to check balance dial *555#.  

To extend extra validity, you can add- 

For 15 days : at kd 1,activation :61 

For 3month: at kd 4, activation:62. 

Zain Kuwait Validity Extension Service:

Extend your line validity when you recharge your line using the zain app. 

Will based on recharge data and recharge value.


How can I check the Zain expiry date? 

Ans: To check your balance or subscription expiry date: Send SMS with the code BC to 959. 

How can I recharge the Zain voucher in Kuwait? 

Ans: Call 107 from your Zain number in Kuwait, Call 9710 7107 from any other phone. 

How can I know my Zain number Kuwait? 

Ans: Type *34# or *8#. And you will see your number. 

How can I change Zain to English? 

Ans: Call the free number *273# and follow the instructions. 


We will hope now you know much more about the Zain Kuwait validity extension than before. Using Zain telecom, you can do lots of things, such as transfer money, pay the bill, browse the internet and recharge, and much more.