How To Check Zain Recharge Validity In 4 Easy Steps

I’ve been using Zain SIM for years and am so pleased with their service. I know that there are other Zain users like me in Kuwait who are impressed with the superb network quality of this telecom company. But sometimes users need to check Zain recharge validity. Including old users like me, and others new users.

Old Zain SIM holders like me know a lot, but new Zaim number owners only know a little. For example, many need to learn how to check Zain recharge validity. If you’re one such user, let me tell you that dial *142#, and it will show you the validity. There are other methods for Zain validity check. Want to know? Here’s everything explained.

Zain Recharge Validity, Kuwait

Zain recharge validity varies from amount to amount. For example, a zain recharge of 3 KD means it will only be valid for 15 days. If you spend 5 KD, the validity will increase to 30 days. A recharge of 10 KD will keep the validity for 90 days and 20 KD for 180 days.

Zain Validity Check

Check when your Zain SIM expires by dialing *142#. It will not only show the results for Zain validity but also the current balance. You also can visit their website for more.

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Zain Validity Extension Code Kuwait

There are some code numbers through which you can extend the validity of your Zain SIM. Those particular codes need to be sent to a specific number of the company. These are the codes that you must send to “999” to get more validity for the Zain SIM.

Code 1. V2 (to get an extra 60 days validity)

Code 2. V3 (to get an additional 120 days validity)

Code 3. V4 (to enjoy Zain’s validity for 365 days)

Each code costs different. For code 1, the required amount of recharge is 3 KD. For code 2, it’s 5 KD. Code number 3 would cost 13 KD. These are the Zain recharge validity offers.

How to Extend Zain Validity Kuwait?

Zain is undoubtedly one of the best telecom companies in Kuwait. For being affordable and providing excellent network services, its users want to make sure that their Zain SIM retains its validity. However, after a specific time, every Zain SIM will lose its validity unless its user has extended the validation time. There are various methods to extend Zain’s Validity in Kuwait. Here are some helpful methods.

Method 1. By sending an SMS to 999

Step 1. Open the message option on your Android iPhone.

Step 2. Type any code you prefer, for example, V3, for a 120-day validation.

Step 3. Type the number 999 as the receiver.

Step 4. Hit the send button.

Step 5. Wait for the confirmation text from Zain.

Method 2. By Recharging a Certain Amount

Recharge a particular amount depending on how long you want the Zain SIM to be valid. For instance, recharge 3 KD to get 60 days validity.

Method 3. By using the Zain Application

Step 1. Enter the Zain App on your phone using your phone number.

Step 2. Tap on the “recharge” option.

Step 3. Select an amount, for example, 3 KD or 5 KD.

Step 4. Tap on “Confirm”

Step 5. The amount will be recharged successfully, and the validity will be extended.

Method 4. By Checking Zain’s Website

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Select your preferred language, as the default language of the site is Arabic.

Step 3. Tap on “Contact Us”

Step 4. Ask for help and wait for their response.

Step 5. After getting their response, follow as they say.

Zain One-Year Validity Recharge

There is only one offer from the Zain company in Kuwait for a one-year validity extension. That offer is recharging 13 KD. Yes, it was previously 20 KD, but now the amount has decreased. So, it’s an excellent opportunity to use for those who want to get a year of validity for their Zain number.


How to check the validity of Zain SiIM?

To check the validity of Zain SIM, please open your keypad and type “*142#.” Tap the call key and wait for a flash text with the information about your current balance and Zain sim validity.

How to check the Zain sim expiry date?

You can know your Zain sim expiry date by using the “My Zain” application found on the Play Store. By entering the app, you will find an option to check the current balance, where the expiry date of the Zain sim will also show.

How to check Zain sim validity?

Dial *142# and wait for an SMS from Zain, where the Zain balance of your number and validity will be shown.

Final Words

I hope this article was helpful for you as I covered every essential piece of information regarding Zain recharge validity. Generally, the most common way to Zain validity check is by dialing *142# or by checking from the app directly. Now, you will be able to extend the validity of your sim by recharging the mentioned amount or by following other processes I discussed.