Zain Saudi Arabia Balance Transfer to Pakistan India Philipines

The transfer of balances from one account to another is what we commonly do for our beloved ones. If any relative, family member, or friend has an emergency need for balance, we can help them by sharing the mobile balance from our account to their number.

Zain KSA provides this opportunity to share Zain’s balance from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. Now, you can share your mobile balance with your family members and friends living in Pakistan. In this article, we will discuss the process of the Zain Saudi Arabia Balance Transfer to Pakistan.

What is Zain international balance transfer service?

To take benefit from Zain balance transfer service, you will need to follow the official procedure provided by Zain KSA. Follow the process as mentioned below.

  • *111* Contact number of recipient* amount#
  • After confirmation with “1”, your balance will be transferred to your mentioned number.

How to Transfer balance from Zain to Zain Number:

Transfer of balance from one Zain number to another is an easy process and can be followed by any Zain user. To share your Zain balance with another Zain number, you need to take these steps.

  • Write a Message ” BT (Space) (Mobile number to which you want to send balance) (Space) ( Amount)
  • For example, BT 0591354178 100.
  • Send this message to 702702.
  • Your balance will be transferred to the Zain number you mentioned.

How Can I Transfer Balance From Zain to International:

Zain Saudi Arabia provides this beautiful opportunity to share the balance from Zain KSA with another country. Now, you can share your Zain balance with India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many other countries.

It is a feature that is amazing for those living in Saudi Arabia who want to share their balance from one country to another. You can share your balance internationally with any number by the process suggested by Zain KSA according to the code and details of your mobile number and country.

How to Transfer the Zain Saudia Arabia Balance to Pakistan:

Now, we will discuss transferring the balance from Zain Saudi Arabia to Pakistan.

To share your Zain mobile balance with Pakistan, you can follow the process that we will mention below.

  • You will need to open the dial screen of your mobile phone.
  • Now, follow this procedure as it is;*111*Pakistan’s mobile number* Amount#
  • For example, dial *111*00923085567326*10#
  • After this, a screen will be shown to you for confirmation.
  • Reply with “1” for the confirmation of the balance share.
  • Your balance will be transferred and shared with your mentioned mobile number in Pakistan.

How to transfer Zain KSA balance to India:

To transfer balance to india, follow this method.

Dial *111* Indian mobile Number * amount #

For example:  *111*00915436663432*8#

After confirmation, your balance will be transferred to indian number.

Transfer Zain balance to Phillippines:

Follow this process to transfer balance to Phillippines number.


After the confirmation message, your balance will be transferred.

What Are the Terms and Conditions for the Balance Share by Zain KSA?

  1. Only prepaid customers can avail of this offer to share the balance.
  2. It would help if you had a sufficient balance on your mobile to share And buying internet, services, call minutes etc.
  3. For international numbers, you can share the balance from the above SR
  4. Only SR 50 can be shared with any international number in a single transaction.
  5. In a month, you can share SR 450 with international numbers.


Zain KSA provides its balance share services to any mobile number in several countries. Before, we have discussed all the processes through which you can share your balance with foreign countries. We have also discussed transferring shares of Zain Saudi Arabia’s Balance to Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is a country code required to share the balance from Zain KSA with any international number?

Ans: Yes, it is required to mention the country code before the number on which you will share the Zain balance.

Q2: Can Zain’s balance be transferred to the Philippines’ number?

Ans: Yes, you can also share your Zain balance with the Philippines number.

Q3: Is the balance share service of Zain KSA available on postpaid SIM?

Ans: No, only prepaid customers can avail of this service.

Q4: Is service tax charged for sharing Zain balance with an international number?

Ans: Yes, service tax and the fee will be charged to share mobile balance to any other country number.